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Ben 10 (Ben 10 Re-Imagined) is an American animated series created by Man of Action Entertainment and produced by Cartoon Network and HBO Max. It is a re-imagining of the first 2005 animated series in the franchise and the first of the Reimagined continuity. It retells the origins of Ben Tennyson as he finds the Omnitrix on his summer vacation across the country with his grandfather Max, his cousin Gwen, and his two best friends Julie and Cooper and joined by two alien refugees that were precuring the Omnitrix.

Following the shows' success with positive reviews, Man of Action announced that Ben 10 was the setup of the HBO Max Animated Universe with the reboot of Generator Rex, and HBO Max three originals Metrogirl, Spellcaster and Herculea. The series was followed by the reimagining of Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Omniverse.

The animation style is based on both the Original 2005 series and Omniverse with the character designs based on the style and artwork of Patrick Brown.

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Ben Tennyson, a ten-year-old boy goes on a extended summer vacation road trip with his loathsome cousin Gwen Tennyson, their grandfather Max Tennyson and his best friends Julie Yamamoto and Cooper Daniels. On their first night on May 29 camping in Max's RV, Ben goes for a walk through the woods when he stumbled upon a mysterious pod with a mysterious watch-style device named the Omnitrix. The device then jumps up and permanently attaches itself to his left wrist giving him the ability to transform into a variety of alien life-forms each with its own unique skills and powers. They are later joined by an alien robot nicknamed Zeke along with two Galvans Blukic and Driba. With his newfound superpowers Ben has to learn the responsibilities of being a hero. During their vacation, the groups encounters many supervillains and attacked by various enemies ranging from space aliens to supernatural entities.


Main Characters

  • Ben Tennyson/Ben10 (Tara Strong): The titular protagonist of the series.
    Ben is 10 year old boy from Bellwood who finds the Omnitrix while spending on a summer vacation road trip with his cousin, grandfather and two best friends. Ben usual attire consist black striped white t-shirt with a white ten in the middle and the sleeves have black stripes at the end, military green cargo pants with side pockets, and black and white sneakers with green stripes. Ben wore the prototype Omnitrix on his left wrist. Ben has shaggy brown hair and peridot green eyes. Ben is now semi-well mannered, reasonable, selfless, loyal and more heroic ad respectful. Though he retains his cocky and confident demeanor.
  • Gwen Tennyson (Ashley Johnson): The deuteragonist and Ben's 10-year old cousin.
    In her years, Gwen and Ben have love-hate family relationship, but the always finds a way to get along with him. She often helps Ben using her innate intelligence. She is also a talented martial artist who has received black belts in karate and taekwondo. Later on in her series, her Anodite powers had awakened and learned to use her mana to assist Ben and Grandpa Max in their battles
  • Max Tennyson (Paul Eiding): The paternal grandfather of Ben and Gwen Tennyson.
    He takes his grandson gaining superpowers and super-abilities in stride and supports Ben in any way he can after acquiring the Omnitrix. Max was once in the United States Army, an astronaut program, and was a Plumber. He has been through his share of scrapes; Ben and Gwen did not know of this at first, believing him to have been a literal plumber. They began questioning this after several incidents in which he displayed knowledge and skills that a plumber would not normally have; everything from military-style hand signals to a working knowledge of nuclear reactors. Throughout the first season, it seems that Max knows far more about aliens than he lets on, which climaxes in the season finale, where it is revealed that he and Vilgax are old enemies, with Vilgax even going so far as to call Max "a thorn in his side". Before Ben got the watch, Max tried to keep the Plumbers and the aliens a secret from his family because he wanted to protect them and he did not want this life for his family; however, his plan failed when the Omnitrix and Vilgax came to Earth and he eventually accepted Ben and Gwen's involvement with this life. He begin to train them how to use their skills on the field. Keeping his secret from his sons had led his sons to resent him, and he never gave his sons a chance to learn about his life. He eventually learned the errors of his ways and he begins to realize that Ben and Gwen have what it takes to fight evil.
  • Julie Yamamoto (Christina Vee): Ben's classmate and best friend. Julie is a 10yrs old Japanese decent that has been best friends since the second grade and was allowed by her parents to spend her summer vacation with Ben and Cooper on their road trip but always has to video chat with them. Julie later meets and adopts Ship.
    • Ship: A dog-like Galvanic Mechamorph
  • Cooper Daniels (Jessica McKenna): Ben's classmate and best friend.
    Cooper is a young 10yr old technological genius who is unknowingly an Osmosian with the Technopathic ability to manipulate technology.
  • Lucy Mann (Tara Strong): The Lenopan cousin of Ben and Gwen Tennyson.
    Lucy is a very fun-loving and mischievous girl
  • ZK-G-170/Zeke (David Tenant): A Galvan robot created by Azmuth.
    Zeke was securing the Omnitrix with Xylene, Blukic and Driba across the galaxy when their ship was attacked by Vilgax. He crash landed next to the pod with the Omnitrix inside. He was then found by Max Tennyson while he was investigating the crash site. Zeke is able to repair himself with Galvan based nanotech. After Ben's fist battle with one of Vilgax's gigantic drones, he decide to join Ben, Gwen, Max, Julie and Cooper on their "Summer Vacation" to learn about their planet disguised as a human using hard light hologram technology.
  • Blukic & Driba: A pair of Galvan technicians that stowed away on Xylen's ship.
    • Blukic (Christopher Swindle):
    • Driba (Eric Bauza):

Omnitrix Aliens

Original 10

  1. Heatblast (Roger Craig Smith): The DNA sample of a Pyronite
  2. Wildmutt (Dee Bradley Baker): The DNA sample of a Vulpimancer. Retain his original design but has stripes on his back and wears a black and white collar with the Omnitrix symbol
  3. Diamondhead (Eric Bauza): The DNA sample of a Petrosapien
  4. XLR8 (Robbie Daymond): The DNA sample of a Kineceleran
  5. Fourarms (John DiMaggio): The DNA sample of a Tetramand
  6. Grey Matter (Eric Bauza): The DNA sample of a Galvan
  7. Ripjaws (Fred Tatasciore): The DNA sample of a Piscciss Volann. Retain his original design. Ripjaws now has a water-breathing device over his gills that allows him to operation on dry land freely.
  8. Stinkfly (Dee Badly Baker): The DNA sample of a Lepidopterran
  9. Upgrade (Mick Wingert): The DNA sample of a Galvanic Mechamorph
  10. Ghostfreak (Steven Blum): The DNA sample of a Ectonurite

Additional forms

  1. Cannonbolt (David Kaye): The DNA sample of a Arburian Pelarota
  2. Wildvine (Keith Ferguson): The DNA sample of a Florauna
  3. Buzzshock (Eric Bauza): The DNA sample of a Nosedeenian
  4. Blitzwolfer (Kevin M. Richardson): The DNA sample of a Loboan
  5. Snare-Oh (Kevin M. Richardson): The DNA sample of a Thep Khufan
  6. Frankenstrike (David Kaye): The DNA sample of a Transylian
  7. Upchuck (Eric Bauza): The DNA sample of both a Perk or Murk Gourmand
  8. Ditto (Rob Paulson): The DNA sample of a Splixon.
  9. Rath (John DiMaggio): The DNA sample of a Appoplexian. His appearance is more tiger-like, added with a tail
  10. Articguana (Jeff Bennett): The DNA sample of a Polar Manzadrill. Redesigned to have a more iguana-like look w/h a tail.
  11. Spitter (Dee Bradley Baker): The DNA sample of a Spheroid from the planet Scalpasc.
  12. Crocduster (Fred Tatasciore): The DNA sample of a Radionuclidile.
  13. Eye Guy (Imari Williams): The DNA sample of a Opticoid.
  14. Way Big (Eric Bauza): The DNA sample of a To'kustar
  15. Humongousaur (John DiMaggio): The DNA sample of a Vaxasaurian. Humongousaur is now standing 16ft tall. He wears a black/white shorts with a white belt containing the Omnitrix symbol.

Supporting Characters and Allies

  • The Tennyson family
    • Sandra Tennyson (Beth Littleford): Ben Tennyson's mother and Carl's wife who loves her son very much.
    • Carl Tennyson (Gary Cole): Ben Tennyson's father and Sandra's Husband who is shown to hard on his son for his mischief and careless attitude. He's a technical engineer
    • Dash Tennyson (Jesse Inocalla): Ben's older brother who's 17 who sometimes like to belittle and pick on his younger brother.
    • Katherine "Kat" Tennyson (Colleen O'Shaughnessy): Ben's older sister whose 16, who sometimes cares a little for Ben and gets little annoyed when he sneaks into her to read her diary. Her friends call her Kat for short.
    • Andy & Mandy Tennyson (): Ben Tennyson's twin baby brother and sister that are both 4yrs old.
    • Digger: The Tennyson's family dog, a very playful and affectionate German Shepherd. He is very intelligent for a dog, able to recognize Ben even in alien form.
    • Frank Tennyson (George Newbern): Gwen's father, Ben's Uncle and Carl's brother, whom works as a lawyer. A hearty and very extrovert person. He can be a bit of a goof, but he is a nice man.
    • Natalie Tennyson (Juliet Landau): Gwen’s mother, who seems to be always serious and rarely smiles, and her voice sounds like she is perpetually bored. She works as an accountant and likes structure in her life. Despite her shortcomings she loves her daughter dearly, even if she puts high expectations on her daughter due to her intelligence and skills. She does realize when she is pushing too far and learns from her mistakes, making her a flawed, but doting mother.
    • Kenneth Tennyson (Will Friedle): Ben's older cousin and Gwen's older brother.
    • Manfred "Manny" Tennyson (Mark Hamill): Ben and Gwen's obscure but enthusiastic and fun-loving uncle whom his brothers Carl and Frank don't talk about due his wild fanatical fantasies and ravings about Alien sightings.
    • Gordon Tennyson:
    • Betty-Jean Tennyson:
    • Timothy Tennyson: Grandson of Gordon and Betty Jean Tennyson and cousin of Ben and Gwen.
    • Joel Tennyson
  • Edward White (John O'Hurley): The Principal of Madison Elementary School in Bellwood and is secretly a Plumber.
  • Gus Enguells: A janitor working at Madison Elementary School.
  • Postman Hawkins: A local postman of Bellwood Post Office
  • Elena Validus (): A 10-year old Latina girl who is Ben's classmate at Madison Elementary School and his primary crush. She wears a red vest jacket with a black t-shirt underneath. She has tanned skin, brown eyes and dark brunette hair.
  • Victor Validus (): The father of Elena Validus who is an Ex-Plumber.
  • Tetrax Shard (Ike Amadi): A Petrosapien mercenary and an ally who's sole mission to retrieve the Omnitrix and keep it from Vilgax. Originally a bounty hunter hired by Vilgax, being lied to by the warlord as Vilgax is responsible for the destruction of his homeworld, Petropia. Most of of his people manage to evacuate in time lived in hiding on another planet. As punishment for his treachery, Tetrax was sentenced to live in exile in shame and was never to return to Petropia II for eternity.
  • U'ru (Troy Baker): A male Viiazator and an ally of Tetrax as they both were on a mission to safeguard the Omnitrix. U'ru's race are very pacifistic fighters. They'll "predict" and avoid all of their enemy's attacks 'til they tire themselves out and eventually fall from near exhaustion.
  • Walker (Michael Wincott): A mysterious alien nomad that watches Ben from the shadows
  • Cash Murray (Roger Craig Smith): A school bully who picks on Ben.
  • J.T. (Scott Menville): Cash's best friend and another school bully who also picks on Ben.
  • Stephanie (Kath Soucie): Gwen's bitter bully and rival
  • Azmuth (John Hodgeman): A renowned Galvan scientist and the creator of the Omnitrix. Azmuth is a thousand yr old scientist an extremely intelligent being, even as far as Galvans go, Azmuth's scientific prowess and achievements have made him a respected scientist even to the other Galvans and other beings.
  • Myaxx (): A female Chimera Sui Generis that is the assistant of Azmuth
  • Xylene (Kristy Wu):
  • Professor Paradox : A mysterious time professor
  • Orvus: A cosmic Eternal that is affiliated with Professor Paradox.
  • The Galactic Enforcers: A team of alien superheroes
    • Ultimos (Tom Kane): Leader of the Galactic Enforcers.
    • Synaptak (Greg Ellis): Second-in-command and smartest of the Enforcers
    • Tini (Vanessa Marshall): A Tetramand and the strongest of the Enforcers
    • Baytz (Josh Keaton): An orange Citrakayah that is the speedster of the Enforcers
    • Shassa: A
    • Viksid (Scott Whyte): The technical savvy and support of the Enforcers.
  • Kevin E. Levin (Greg Cipes): A young Osmosian delinquent who Ben and co met in NYC.
    • Kevin 11's first form: Fourarm's body frame and two left eyes; Heatblast's left upper arm, Diamondhead's right upper arm with lower arms belonging to Wildmutt. He has Upgrades upper back with Stinkfly's wings, Grey Matter's right eye, Ripjaw's lure, jaws and gills, Ghostfreak's eyeline on his torso and XLR's tail.
  • Argit (Alexander Polinsky): A male Acurtian Hog, a possum/porcupine-like alien who is Kevin's partner/associate and to be a notorious con-artist. He came to earth on in a shuttle pod while escaping from law enforcement. He met Kevin after saving him from junkyard guard dogs.
  • Kwarrel (): A prisoner of the Null Void who becomes a mentor and a father-figure to Kevin Levin after teaching him to control his anger. He and Kevin eventually got out and Kwarrel now aids Kevin on his quest of redemption
  • Spellcaster/Xane: A 11 yr old magician-in-training from the magic realm of Ledgerdomain and the good-natured twin brother of Charmcaster. . He helped Ben and Gwen find the way out after they were both sent to the realm after a fight with his uncle Hex and Charmcaster. Spellcaster's goal is find the great sorcerer Bezel to complete his training. Unlike his uncle and sister, Spellcaster relates to his father as being honorable, humble, compassionate, educated, well-mannered, hard-working and sometimes a bit brash and over-enthusiastic.
  • Ignaceous: A stone scribe created by Spellbinder to protect his son as his guardian and protector. As well as his assistant, Ignaceous makes up the brawn to Spellcaster's brains.
  • The Amalgam Gang: A group of human street urchins with various alien attributes and powers.
    • Peirce Wheels (Adam Wylie): A Human/Arcurtian Hog hybrid
    • Helen Wheels (Sofia Carson): A Human/Kineceleran hybrid and the adopted sister to Pierce
    • Manny Armstrong (Khary Payton): A Human/Tetramand hybrid
    • Alan Albright (Zeno Robinson): A Human/Pyronite hybrid
    • Krystella Spears (Diana Kaarina): A Human/Petrosapien hybrid
    • Finn Buzzowski (A.J. LoCascio): A Human/Lepidopterran hybrid
  • Jimmy Jones: A 4yr old boy who grew an interested in the alien sightings in America recently though the summer. Jimmy was first seen during Ben's first confrontation with Don Jamack, Sixsix and Volkanus

Future Characters

  • Ben Tennyson/Ben 10,000: This version has no beard
  • Gwen Tennyson
  • Kevin Levin
  • Julia Yamamoto
  • Cooper Daniels
  • Max Tennyson

Guest Staring Characters

  • Rex Salazar: A young
  • Caesar Salazar
  • Rafael Salazar:
  • Violeta Salazar:
  • Ortega Salazar
  • Alicia Danvers


Main Villains

  • Vilgax (Steve Blum): The main antagonist of the series. Vilgax is a Chimera Sui Generis warlord and conqueror aboard his fortified Warship, the Chimerian Hammer. Vilgax's singular goal is to seek the Omnitrix, and use its power and technology to build a transforming super army.
    • Psyphon (Dee Badly Baker): Vilgax's faithful servant and second in command aboard the Hammer. He is the operator of the R.E.D.s (Robot Extermination Devices).
    • MD1156 "The Doctor" (Liam O'Brian): The Doctor is Vilgax's Physician/Technician aboard the Chimerian Hammer and one of greatest minds in the universe in xenobiology, advanced robotics, and cybernetic interfacing. He started out as a basic medical drone but has quickly risen to become Chief Technician and has installed weapons into himself that other drones do not have. He surgically repaired his master and given him cybernetic enhancements.
    • Nacxa (Sumalee Montano): Vilgax's top lieutenants and a deadly skilled assassin. Nacxa is a calculating and ruthless alien with a dark background.
    • Kolar (Patrick Seitz): A savage Vaxasaurian and Vilgax's aggressive general. Kolar has A black/charcoal grey skin.
    • Drones: Robotic minions
  • Dr. Animo (Dwight Shultz): Aloysius J. Animo was a well-known zoologist and scientist close to a break-through in DNA research. Though originally the research would be beneficial for medical purposes, over time Animo lost his mind and the genetic experiments he began to work on became more and more twisted which involves mutating animals, resulting in him being cut off by his sponsors and afterwards being declared insane and committed.
  • Zs'Skayr: An Ectonurite High Ecto-Lord of Anur Phaetos.
  • Captain Nemesis/Charles Nesmith (Troy Baker): A once famed Superhero turned rogue and Ben's former idol. Charles Nesmith is one the most wealthiest bussinessmen on the planet who utilizes a series of advanced battlesuits with built-in weaponry and enhancements to fight crime.
  • Zombozo (John DiMaggio)
  • Circus Freak Trio
    • Acid Breath (Dee Bradley Baker)
    • Frightwig (Cree Summer)
    • Thumbskull (Fred Tatasciore)
  • Hex (Khary Payton): An evil powerful sorcerer from he inter-dimensional world of Ledgerdomain.
  • Charmcaster (Kari Wahlgren): Hex's gifted 11 yr old niece and Gwen's archenemy.
  • Don Jamak (Jeff Bennett): An Pebblian crime boss who is a previous adversary of Max Tennyson for he send him into to the Null Void years ago back when he a common crook stealing alien weaponry from the Plumber vault within Mt. Rushmore. Jamak hires Sixsix, Vulkanus and Ghari-Diles to steal Element X. Jamak as a well-known history and grudge against Max Tennyson for sending him. He'd eventually got out with the help of his close friends. He has a heavyset appearance.

Secondary Villains

  • SixSix (Dee Bradley Baker): A Sotoraggian bounty hunter and mercenary.
  • FiveFive: A Sotoraggian bounty hunter and younger brother of Sixsix.
  • Kraab (Keith Ferguson): A cybernetically-enhanced Piscciss Premann Bounty Hunter.
  • Sunder (): An alien bounty hunter.
  • ???: A deadly Acheronsis bounty hunter from the planet Protus. His appearance is identical to the Alien from Scooby-Doo: Moon Monster Madness.
  • Slezak (): A slim lizard-like alien that is Jamak's right-hand henchman
  • Grooombah (Phil LaMarr): A red-horned alien
  • Vulkanus (John DiMaggio): A Detrovite criminal
  • Gha'Ri (Jim Cummings): A Radionuclidile criminal and a henchman/muscle of Don Jamak.
  • Steam Smythe: A steampunk themed super criminal who hates modern life and technology.
  • Deciblimino: A former DJ turned supervillain. Deciblimino takes trance music to a whole new level by hypnotizing the masses with his music. Using his gloves to control sound waves, he can perform different melodies without the use of a wrist-mounted keyboard. His helmet helps not only concealing his identity, but also his ears, acting as noise cancelling headphones.. He is a mix of Sublimino and Lord Decibel.
  • Fahranhyte/Geoff Derksen (Eric Ladin): A former environmentalist
  • Slix Vigma:
  • The Road Crew: A gang of highway bandits that terrorize any drivers for their
    • Baron Highway (John DiMaggio): Leader of the Road Crew.
    • Turbine (Jennifer Hale)
    • Road Rage (John Kassir)
    • Chopper & Kustom (Matthew Mercer & Kari Wahlgren): Twin siblings that ride motorcycles.
  • Carrier Rouge (Jason Spisak): Leon Grange was an illegal street racer who managed to get his hands on a Kinceleran 21-8 OmegaMotor from an anonymous smuggler. It was thanks to this part that Leon upgraded from street racing to high speed robberies, going from 1 to 500 in .7 seconds made him virtually uncatchable. It would take Ben to catch him though he tried turning into XLR8, but got Buzzshock and sped through power lines to catch Leon. Buzzshock zapped the car and caused the engine to overload and explode. Leon survived this and was taken to prison, but that wasn't the end of his story. The combination of the motor's energy and Buzzshock's bio electricity caused Leon to start going faster than ever as he gained superhuman speed and escaped from jail. No longer was he the high speed car criminal Leon Grange, now he was the lightning fast supervillain Courier Rouge. Capable of outrunning some of Ben's fastest aliens.
  • Queen Widow/Daphne Willow: A mentally and sadistic Osmosian with the ability to control, and communicate, with black widows. Daphne is born from a long line of women who have a symbiotic kinship with black widows for her great-grandmother, MaryAnn Willow built a grand hotel. Years went by and Daphne was the only relative alive after her parents were killed in a tragic car crashed. The hotel was closed down
    • Deloris: A giant monstrous mutant black widow that is the loyal pet and protector of Queen Widow.
  • Tarboy (Keith Ferguson): A former construction worker, Ford Caldwell turned into a large living mass of malleable tar after being covered in toxic waste while sinking in a tarpit. . Tarboy's unique cellular structure also capable of shapeshifting, enabling him to could extend his limbs a considerable distance, and could also control his size and density, granting him some level of superhuman strength. Because of this, he was able to fashion blades, spikes, hammers and massive blocks out of his form. Finally, his amorphous body was able to absorb various objects, which he'd use to suffocate opponents.
  • Blitzraider: A mercenary for hire
  • Yenaldooshi: A Laboan that was mistaken for the Beast of Bray Road.
  • Scarogus (): An evil Thep Khufan criminal that was tasked by Viktor to collect Corrodium fragments for their master plan
  • Skelefiend (Phil LaMarr): A evil Vertebroid working for Zs'Skayr and Viktor.
  • Dr. Viktor: A Transylian
  • Weather-droids
    • S.A.M. ()
    • Gust-O
    • Rain-O
    • Hail-O
    • Solar-O
  • Snap Dragon: A plant-like alien that was released from the Null Void by Phil
  • Fowl Four: A group of bird themed villains utilizing flights equipped with advanced cybernetic wings based on human and alien tech.
    • Blood Eagle
    • Hawk
    • Falcon
    • Cuervo

Forever Knights

An organization of knights that are dedicated to collect and study alien technology, usually in illegal ways. Any aliens they captured along the way were dissected and studied.

  • Forever King Driscoll (Richard Doyle): Leader of the Forever Knights and an Ex-Plumber. Driscoll was once a veteran Plumber who was stealing Alien technology for his own benefit. As a result for his treachery, Driscoll was expelled from the Plumber and was never seen or heard from again.
  • Enoch (Richard Doyle): A lieutenant of the Forever Knights.
  • Black Knight (Kevin M. Richardson): A high ranking Forever Knight who is both a Bodyguard and enforcer of Driscoll.
  • Joseph Chadwick (Tim Curry): Chief Scientist and the director of technology of the Forever Knights
  • The Executioner: The silenced member wielding a powerful laser ax.
  • Mech-Dragon
  • The Forever Five: A group of five elite Forever Knights. They were soon summoned by Driscoll in his efforts to destroy the Tennysons.
    • Sir O'Conner (Crispin Freeman): Leader of the Forever Five and a master of swordsmanship. He's equipped with a plasma energy sword that could slice through almost anything and an energy shield that is equipped with a grenade launcher and a grappling hook. His Armor is silver/gold
    • Sir Bowen (Troy Baker): Bowen is a master Bowman and the most accurate and cunning of the Forever Five. His weapons of choice are His long bow, hidden Knives, and twin mini crossbows that shoot energy arrows. Bowen is also equipped with quiver filled with array of special arrows each with their own capabilities. His Armor is silver/red
    • Sir Lancelot (Robin Atkin Downes): The swiftest of the Five. Lancelot is a master lancer who relies facings his enemies on a horse. His weapons of choice are a shield and powerful lance that shoots energy bolts and coats itself with an energy shield. The lance could also be fired like a rocket launcher, revealing a hidden spear he could use for quick combat. His steed is a cybernetic robotic Horse which was created from scavenged alien technology. His Armor is silver/blue with a horse seal
    • Sir Dagonet (J.B. Blanc): The mightiest of the Forever Five. He wields a plasma weapon that can change into a Mace, an Axe and a Hammer. Dagonet sometimes relies on brute strength when the situation becomes dire. He also can deploy a set of robotic dragon-wings for flight. His Armor is silver/forest green with a dragon seal
    • Lady Cassandra (Wynn Everett): The wisest, elegant and beautiful of the Forever Five and the sole female member. She wields a energy flail. Her Armor is silver/violet
  • Soldiers (Various voices)

Feudal Samurai

An organization of Shogun and Samurai. They are similar to their rival faction, the Forever Knights, operating from the Far East in Japan. The Forever Samurai are a divided bunch, and they seems to share their Knight equivalents’ thirst for power and greed of alien technology.

  • Gyozen: The Rōnin Shōgun and leader of the Samurai, also a former Plumber.
  • Oroku

Neo Spartans

A rival organization in opposition to the Forever Knights and the Feudal Samurai. They based on both ancient Rome and Greek empire for they wear gold armor

  • Lucius Solarius: The Spartan Emperor and the leader of the Empire, as well the CEO Spartek Multinational.
  • Gylon
  • Marius
  • Soldiers

Future Villains

  • Vilgax
  • Psyphon
  • Dr. Animo
    • Exo-Skull
  • Charmcaster
  • Zombozo

The Negative 10

Original lineup
A team of 10 Supervillains formed by Solarius and Overlord
  1. Solarius (Leader)
    • Gladiator (unofficial)
  2. Captain Nemesis (Second-in-command)
  3. Dr. Animo
  4. Steam Smythe
  5. Charmcaster
  6. Tarboy
  7. Rojo
  8. Queen Widow
  9. Deciblimino
  10. Carrier Rouge


  • Bellwood: The home town of Ben Tennyson
  • the Rust Bucket
  • Ledgerdomain
  • Null Void


  • Susan Blu - Voice director
  • Man of Action - Writers
  • Greg Weisman
  • Patrick Brown - Art Director, lead character designer
  • Greg Gular - Character designer
  • Jae Kim - Character designer
  • Derrick Wyatt -


Season 1 (26)

  • Aliens used - Heatblast, Wildmutt, Fourarms, Greymatter, XLR8, Upgrade, Diamondhead, Ripjaws, Stinkfly, and Ghostfreak.
  • Main Season Antagonist - Vilgax
  1. And then There were 10, part 1: Ben's
  2. And then There were 10, part 2: After finding the Omnitrix, Ben realizes that it can turn him into 10 different aliens
  3. Washington B.C.
  4. The Krakken
  5. Hunted: Vilgax hires bounty hunters
  6. Permanent Retirement
  7. Tourist Trap
  8. Permanent Retirement
  9. Steampunked
  10.  ?
  11. Kevin 11
  12. Clanks n' Bolts
  13.  ?: Julie meets Ship
  14.  ?
  15. The Alliance
  16. Small Problem
  17. Last Laugh
  18. Lucky Girl
  19. Side Effects
  20.  ?
  21. Tar Begone
  22. Fast Lane
  23. Attack of the R.E.D.s:
  24. ?
  25. Secrets, part 1:
  26. Secrets, part 2:

Season 2 (26)

  • Aliens used - Heatblast, Wildmutt, Fourarms, Greymatter, XLR8, Upgrade, Diamondhead, Ripjaws, Stinkfly, Ghostfreak, Cannonbolt, Wildvine, Buzzshock, Rath
  • Main Season Antagonists - Vilgax (first half), Captain Nemesis/Overlord (second half)
  1. Partners
  2. The Big Tick
  3. Framed
  4. Uncle Manny
  5. Grudge Match
  6. The Galactic Enforcers
  7. Ultimate Weapon
  8. Camp Fear
  9. They Lurk Below
  10. Ghostfreaked Out
  11. Fusion Unleashed
  12. Back with a Vengeance, Part 1
  13. Back with a Vengeance, Part 2
  14. Gwen 10: Ben travels to a a parallel time where his cousin Gwen finds the omnitrix
  15. Tokyo Town:
  16. Con of Rath:
  17. Speed Limit
  18.  ?:
  19. Lights, Camera, 10!
  20.  ?:
  21.  ?: Ben meets a young Rex Salazar
  22. Never Meet your Idols...:
  23.  ?:
  24.  ?:
  25. Overlord Rising, Part 1:
  26. Overlord Rising, Part 2:

Season 3 (20)

  • Aliens used - Heatblast, Wildmutt, Fourarms, Greymatter, XLR8, Upgrade, Diamondhead, Ripjaws, Stinkfly, Cannonbolt, Wildvine, Buzzshock, Articguana, Rath, Blitzwolfer, Snare-Oh, and Frankenstrike
  • Main Season Antagonist - Zs'Skayr
  1. Ben 10,000, Part 1:
  2. Ben 10,000, Part 2:
  3. Watch the Megawatts:
  4. DJ Mayhem
  5. A Change of Face
  6. Merry Christmas
  7. Ben-Wolf
  8. Game Over
  9. A Big Fat Alien Wedding: At the end, Lucy joins Ben and Gwen's road trip for the rest of the summer.
  10. Under Wraps
  11. Weather Bots
  12. Omni-Kix Start, Part 1
  13. Omni-Kix Start, Part 2
  14. S'winter
  15. Welcome to Bermuda
  16. Dem Bones
  17. The Unnaturals
  18. Monsters Amongst Us
  19. The Return
  20. Be Afraid of the Dark

Season 4 (23)

  • Aliens used - Heatblast, Fourarms, Wildmutt, Greymatter, XLR8, Upgrade, Diamondhead, Ripjaws, Stinkfly, Cannonbolt, Wildvine, Buzzshock, Spitter, Frankenstrike, Rath and Sandbox.
  • Main villain(s) The Forever Knights
  1. Perfect Day
  2. The Visitor
  3. Mind your Mana
  4. Ye Olde King's Fair.
  5. Super Alien Hero Buddies
  6. Zombozo's Revenge
  7. Musical Terror
  8. Dungeons and Dragons
  9. Kevin's Gambit
  10. Sands of Oblivion
  11. Secret of the Omnitrix, Part 1:
  12. Secret of the Omnitrix, Part 2:
  13. Secret of the Omnitrix, Part 3:
  14. The Living Machine-Boy
  15. Forever V, Part 1
  16. Forever V, Part 2
  17. Along came the Widow: Queen Widow and Dr. Animo join forces
  18. Three's a Crowd: Steam Smythe, Tarboy and Carrier Rouge team up
  19. What Lies Ben-eath: Azmuth visits Ben to check on his progress
  20. Fowl Feather Fiends
  21. Storming the Castle
  22. Rising Kingdom (Part 1)
  23. Fallen Kingdom (Part 2)

Season 5 (26)

  • Aliens used - Heatblast, Wildmutt, Fourarms, Greymatter, XLR8, Upgrade, Diamondhead, Ripjaws, Stinkfly, Cannonbolt, Wildvine, Buzzshock, Blitzwolfer, Spitter, Articguana, Rath, Eye Guy, Ditto, Way Big, and Humongousaur.
  • Main Season Antagonists - Vilgax and The Negative 10
  1. Divided We Stand
  2. Food for Thought
  3. Don't Drink the Water
  4. Ben 4 Good Buddy
  5. Wild West Hero
  6. Ledgerdomain Bound: After a heated battle with Hex, Ben and Gwen are sent to the realm of magic, Ledgerdomain
  7.  ?
  8. Ready to Rumble:
  9.  ?
  10. Ken 10:
  11. Mall Terror
  12.  ?
  13. Shipwrecked
  14. Tayden Island
  15.  ?
  16. Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10, Part 1
  17. Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10, Part 2 (Flashback): This tells of how Solarius formed the Negative 10.
  18. Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10, Part 3
  19.  ?
  20. Supersize
  21.  ?
  22.  ?
  23. ?
  24. Last day of the Summer
  25. Goodbye and Good Riddance, Part 1:
  26. Goodbye and Good Riddance, Part 2:

Differences between the reimagined reboot and the original series

There many differences seen in this series that are different from the original

  • Ben Tennyson isn't an only child in this series for he has an older brother and sister and young twin siblings.
  • Julie Yamamoto and Cooper Daniels join the Tennysons on their summer road trip followed by Zeke, Blukic and Driba
  • Kevin starts out as a villain first but eventually forms near the end of the series.
  • Charmcaster is now at the age of 11.
  • Vilgax gets new followers.
    • Kolar is reintroduced as a Vaxasaurian instead of a Tetramand
  • Clancy and Sublimino don't exist in this continuity, therefore Queen Widow and Deciblimino take their roles
  • The Reimagined Continuity introduces new characters, new villains and new alien races
    • Tarboy, Carrier Rouge, Solarius, Queen Widow, Deciblimino are new villains introduced
    • The Neo Spartan and the Feudal Samurai are rival equivalents to the Forever Knights
    • The Galactic Enforcers are a group of six


  • The Rust Bucket is a hybrid RV based off a 2006 and 2012 New Mountain Aire.
  • The reimagined continuity will have five season
  • TBA
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