Ben 10 Live Action Movie Logo in 2018

10 Year Old Ben Tennyson Finds the Omnitrix and Turns Him into Many Aliens and Uses them to Fight Evil and Protect

the City with His Cousin Gwen and His Grandfather Grandpa Max They'll Fight Evil Aliens and Ben Will Use his Power to Defeat Vilgax in Vilgax's Ship

Paramount's Production


  • Directed by Steve Wang
  • Produced by Terry Klassen
  • Written by Matt Mullins
  • Screenplay by Arsenio Hall
  • Sound Effects by Frank oz and Steve Wang
  • Stunt Corandtors
  • Bonnie Morgan Reuben Langdon Ilram choi
  • Based on the Series by Man of Action


Febuary 15, 2018


Chapter 1: The Beggining

Ben Finds the Omnitrix

Chapter 2: Activating It

Ben Turns into Heatblast

Chapter 3: Vilgax works with the Alien Vilians

Chapter 4: Mission to Area 52

Chapter 5: Alien Invasion

Chapter 6: Kevin Kidnaps Grandpa/Time to Get Awnsers

Kevin Got Grandpa with Diamondhead Shards

Chapter 7: Welcome to Area 52

Ben and Gwen go to Area 52

Chapter 8: Kevin Turns Good

Kevin Dosen't Want to be Evil so He Joins Ben Gwen and Grandpa Max

Chapter 9: Ben vs Dr Viktor

Ben Turns into Heatblast and Fights Dr Viktor

Chapter 10: Ben Discovers his Past

Ben Goes Back in Time to Where he Found the Omnitrix

Chapter 11: Saving Gwen

Ben and Grandpa Save Gwen From Bugsy

Chapter 12: Time Travel

Ben and the Gang time Travel to 22 Century

Chapter 13: Using the Omnitrix

Ben Turns into XLR8 and Gets to The Race Track so Fast

Chapter 14: Rust Bucket

Ben Gets some vilgax info For Grandpa Max

Chapter 15: It's Hero Time

Ben Turns Into Big Chill for the Final Battle Agianst Vilgax

Chapter 16: Gwen vs Zy'skayr

Gwen Takes On Zy'skayr

Chapter 17: Ben vs Vilgax

Ben Turns Into Four Arms and Takes On Vilgax

Chapter 18: Vilgax Gets The Time Crystal

Vilgax Gets the Time Crystal and Goes Back in time to 2003

Chapter 19: The Chase

Ben Gwen Kevin and Grandpa Max Chase Vilgax Through Time 

Chapter 20: Alan Joins the Team

Alan Joins Ben's Team In the Fight Agianst Vilgax

Chapter 21: Ben Tennyson to the Rescue

Ben and His Team had to Save Alan in Bellwood

Chapter 22: The Final Battle

Ben Takes on Vilgax in Area 52

Chapter 23: Vilgax is Down and Out

Ben and His Team Take Down Vilgax

Chapter 24: It's Up to Us

Ben and His Team Stands on the Rooftop

Chapter 25: Ben and His Team Saved The Day Agian

They Did it Together


  • Man in the Dark (Man of Action Cameo)
  • Old Man (Sab Shimono)
  • Vilians: 
  • Vilgax (Tom Hardy)
  • Rojo (Selena Gomez)
  • Zy'sskayr (Steve Blum)
  • Yeanoldooshi (Frank Welker)


  • 1959
  • 2003 
  • 22nd Century
  • Farm
  • Area 52


Cartoon Network

1. Ben Tennyson

2. Gwen Tennyson

3. Grandpa Max

4. Kevin Levin

5. Alan Albright

6. Vilgax

7. Yenaldooshi

8. Zy'skayr

9. Heatblast

10. Wildmutt

11. Upgrade

12. Ghostfreak

13. Four Arms

14. Grey Matter

15. Ripjaws

16. XLR8

17. Diamondhead

18. Stinkfly

19. Humongasaur

20. Big Chill

21. Nanomech

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