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Ben 10: The Movie es una próxima película animada estadounidense de ciencia ficción de 2019 basada en la franquicia de medios de animación estadounidense Ben 10, la película estará dirigida por Man Of Action, Brad Bird, Jay Oliva, Lauren Montgomery y se estrenará en los cines el 12 de octubre. , 2019 por Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Animation Group y Cartoon Network Studios.

Reference To Sonic Forces

Rotten Tomatoes: 90%

MPAA Rating: PG

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Adventure Film, Action Film, Family Film, Fantasy, Drama, Science Fiction, Superhero Film

Running Time: 2h 9m

IMDb Rating: 7,5 45,456 votes

Audience Score: 80%

Mini Movie 1: Ben & The Justice Leauge

Mini Movie 2: Ben's Next Generation

Mini Movie 3: Infinite's Beginning


The movie is about Ben Tennyson, a superhero teenage boy who uses the Omnitrix, the omnitrix is the most powerful weapon in the universe that he can use it to become different alien species from other planets, but something in bellwood is going to change, a bunch of new superheroes are here to take ben's popularity, but a few months later, some ruby fall from the sky at Alaska, a guy named Chester Washington, a special scientist who found the ruby, he took the ruby to his lab and trying to discover info about the ruby, but the ruby created a big explosion full of red energy, chester's lab and his home was destroyed, and sense that explosion, Vilgax, one of ben's evil enemies, found chester's dead body and the ruby, and took them to his spaceship to repair chester's body, after vilgax got done repairing chester, vilgax puts the ruby on chester's chest, and became infinite power, vilgax called chester Infinite, because he has infinite power in the ruby, and infinite is a mutant from transforming into infinite from the phantom ruby so infinite is going to find ben and destroy the omnitrix, But back at bellwood, Ben's Omnitrix is acting strange, so grandpa max is fixing the omnitrix but the fixing did not work, and ben went to azmuth's planet to fix the omnitrix, but it did not work either, the omnitrix is having a infinite malfunction, that means ben's omnitrix can make Ben turn to infinite amount of aliens without touching it, and making ben go to different dimensions and universes, so ben and his friends is now going on an adventure to find the guy who is responsible for this and see how to fix this, but ben is going to be bringing his past and dimension selfs on his adventure.


  1. Yuri Lowenthal As Ben Tennyson
  2. Tara Strong As Young Ben Tennyson
    Reboot Ben Season 2 Pose
  3. Liam O'Brien As Chester Washington/Infinite
  4. Ashley Johnson As Gwen Tennyson
    Gwen Tennyson (Omniverse)
    Gwen Tennyson - ben-10-alien-force photo
  5. Greg Cipes As Kevin Levin
    Kevin X
    Os kevin tabber
  6. Paul Eiding As Max Tennyson/Grandpa Max
    Max standing official artwork
    Max AF
    Max tenyson poses (1)
    Max Pose
  7. Adam Wylie As Max Tennyson (10 Years Later)
  8. Jason Marsden As Max Tennyson (17 Years Later)
  9. David McCallum As Professor Paradox
    Paradox ua full
    Paradox - Omniverse
  10. Bumper Robinson As Rook Blonko
  11. Zendaya As Kai Green
    Kai Official Ov
  12. Roger Craig Smith As Ben 10,000
    Ben 10k ov render
    Ben 30
  13. Yuri Lowenthal As Adult Ben Tennyson
    Ben Tennyson
  14. TBA


  1. Heatblast
    Heatblast ultimate alien
    Heatblast original
    Heatblast reboot
    Ultimate Heatblast
  2. Diamondhead
    Reboot diamondhead by insanedude24-darydbi
    DiamondHead in AF
    Diamondhead os
    Diamondhead re
    Ultimate diamondhead request for aaron1248 by insanedude24-dapp17x
  3. Wildmutt
    Wildmutt UA Season 2-12
    Ultimate wildmutt action pose by infernalwolf-d62u0hg
  4. XLR8
    Reboot XLR8
    XLR8 by illuminate01
    Xlr8 re updated colors
    Ultimate XLR8
  5. Grey Matter
    Grey matter by illuminate01-d29ees7
    Grey matter profile
    Grey matter re
    Ultimate grey matter
  6. Four Arms
    Ultimate Alien Fourarms by Zimonini-4-
    Four arms
    Four arms re
    Ultimate fourarms by insanedude24-daaejxi.png
  7. Stinkfly
    Reboot stinkfly by insanedude24-darylxh
    Stinkfly os render
    Stinkfly re
  8. Ripjaws
    Reboot ripjaws by insanedude24-daryn0l
    Ripjaws by illuminate01-d29lj0n
    Ultimate ripjaws by insanedude24-daf6tpb.png
  9. Upgrade
    Reboot upgrade by insanedude24-daryrbr
    Upgrade by illuminate01-d29520c
    Upgrade Model
    Upgrade re
    Ultimate upgrade by insanedude24-daey29g.png
  10. Ghostfreak
    Reboot ghostfreak by insanedude24-darys5n
    Ghostfreak ua by infernalwolf-d6ghztb
  11. Cannonbolt
    Updated Cannonbolt
    Cannonbolt re
  12. Wildvine
    Reboot wildvine by insanedude24-dasf998
    Wild Vine by illuminate01
    Wildvine Flors Verdance
    Wildvine re
    Ultimate wildvine by insanedude24-daebqfp
  13. Blitzwolfer
    Reboot blitzwolfer by insanedude24-dasf9re
    Blitzwolfer os render


    Benwolf by illuminate01-d28bb5r
  14. Snare-oh
    Reboot snare oh by insanedude24-dasfb6t
    Benmummy by illuminate01-d28bb2n
    Snare-oh OS
  15. Frankenstrike
    Reboot frankenstrike by insanedude24-dasiaqy
    Ben 10 retrofitting teen frankenstrike os by cartharts-dc83m5p
  16. Upchuck
    Reboot upchuck by insanedude24-dasic7h
    Upchuck Clear
    Ben 10 Upchuck
  17. Ditto
    Reboot ditto by insanedude24-dasjqln
    Ditto Model
  18. Eye Guy
    Reboot eyeguy by insanedude24-dasjrj2
    EyeGuy Model
  19. Way Big
    Reboot way big by insanedude24-dasm6ws
    AF WayBig
    Waybig Model
    Ultimate way big by insanedude24-dagl9v4
  20. Swampfire
    Reboot swampfire by insanedude24-db3yaab
    Swampfire uaf official
    Swampfire os style by elmike9-db4dbz7
    Alien-gallery ultimate swampfire
  21. Echo Echo
    Reboot echo echo by insanedude24-db41qm4
    Ben 10 retrofitting echo echo os by cartharts-dbytw2k
  22. Humungousaur
    Reboot humungousaur by insanedude24-db43fp7
    Humungousaur uaf render
    Ben 10 retrofitting humungousaur os by cartharts-dc04hlx
  23. Jet Ray
    Jetray by insanedude24-db7u2e2
    Jetray os style by elmike9-dc2ko8j
  24. Big Chill
    Reboot big chill by insanedude24-db4atpz
    Big chill render
    Ben 10 retrofitting big chill os by cartharts-dbwkxcg
    Ultimate Big Chill official artwork
  25. Chromastone
    Redesigned chromastone request by insanedude24-dar09v8
    Chromastone Clear
    Ben 10 retrofitting chromastone os by cartharts-dbzg3ng
  26. Brainstorm
    Brainstorm official artwork
    Ben 10 retrofitting brainstorm os by cartharts-dc0sozb
  27. Spidermonkey
    Reboot spidermonkey by insanedude24-db4jt4v
    Spidermonkey official artwork af
    Ben 10 retrofitting spidermonkey os by cartharts-dc0wyk3
    Ult. spidermonkey
  28. Goop
    Reboot goop by insanedude24-db4wyy0
    Goop Clear
    Ben 10 retrofitting goop os by cartharts-dbzm5iq
  29. Alien X
    Reboot alien x by insanedude24-db4wziv
    Alien X- Ben 10 Omniverse
    Alien X 2
  30. Lodestar
    Lodestar ov by derp99999-dbdr5g5
    Ben 10 retrofitting lodestar os by cartharts-dc1gjd9
    Ultimate lodestar by insanedude24-daa9vsj.png
  31. Rath
    Rath earth 27 by upgraderath-dbks4so
    Rath 1
    OS Rath
    Ultimate rath ben s colors by mastvid-d82fkes
  32. TBA


  1. The Ruby
  2. Phantom Ruby War
  3. Enter Chester Washington
  4. Crash Landed
  5. Chester's Lab
  6. Information of The Ruby
  7. Explosion
  8. Vilgax In Alaska
  9. Vilgax Found Chester
  10. Fixing Chester
  11. The New Chester
  12. I'm Infinite Power
  13. Enter Infinite
  14. Welcome To Bellwood
  15. My Name Is Ben Tennyson
  16. Ben 10 To The Rescue
  17. Smoothie Break
  18. Old Friends Returns
  19. I Miss You Guys
  20. Hero Time
  21. Your My Hero
  22. The Ben 10 Convention
  23. Autograph
  24. Road Trip
  25. Best Day Ever
  26. I'm The Only Hero In Bellwood
  27. Aliens Are Awesome
  28. We Have Each Other
  29. Bad Guys Never Gives Up
  30. More Danger Ahead
  31. Attack Of Robo-Mongrel
  32. Garbage Robots
  33. New Aliens
  34. Ben Vs Robo-Mongrel
  35. Boom Time!
  36. Big Bag Of Bolts
  37. Dimension 95
  38. Unknown Alien
  39. Unknown Alien Vs Robots
  40. The Secret Base
  41. Sneaking In
  42. A Rocket?
  43. What Are You Up To Now?
  44. Data Files
  45. Deactivate Rocket
  46. Spotted
  47. Escape The Base
  48. Water Chase
  49. Luke Lewis?
  50. Infinite's Destruction
  51. I Get Powerful Every Second
  52. Reality & illusion
  53. Phantom Blast
  54. Pathetic Aliens
  55. Time For Payback
  56. Galvans Vs Infinite
  57. Too Strong
  58. Maximum Ruby
  59. Infinite's New Power
  60. I'm Coming For You Earth
  61. New Bad Guys
  62. New Superheroes
  63. Who Are You Guys?
  64. Ben's Break
  65. Popularity
  66. What's Up With The Omnitrix?
  67. Undercover Rescue
  68. Going Gray Matter
  69. Teamates
  70. Fight Together
  71. Mission Accomplished
  72. I'm Not The Hero
  73. Night Time
  74. Infinite In Bellwood
  75. Zero & Red Archer
  76. Infinite Vs Zero & Red Archer
  77. Virtual Reality
  78. Worst Day Ever
  79. Cheer You Up
  80. Heroes Destroying Bellwood
  81. Heroes Vs Ben
  82. What's Happening?
  83. Phantom Ruby Prototypes
  84. My Ultimate Masterpiece
  85. A Hero Falls
  86. We Don't Have Time For This
  87. What Was That?
  88. Fixing The Omnitrix
  89. Planet Galvan
  90. Reality Malfunction
  91. Dimensions And Universes
  92. Who Is Responsible For This?
  93. Infinite's Team
  94. The World Is Mine
  95. Lets Go!
  96. Infinite Returns
  97. The Void
  98. White Void
  99. Four Bens
  100. It's You Guys
  101. Aruge
  102. Ben Fight
  103. The Next Dimension
  104. The Abandoned Research Facility
  105. TBA


  1. Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster (First Trailer)
  2. Daft Punk - One More Time (Second Trailer)
  3. Daft Punk - Robot Rock (Third Trailer)
  4. Daft Punk - Face To Face (Fourth Trailer)
  5. Daft Punk - Digital Love (Fifth Trailer)
  6. Daft Punk - Contact (Final Trailer)
  7. White Comic - This Ain't The End Of Me (Ending Credits Music)
  8. The Vaccines - Ghost Town (Opening Music)
  9. The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
  10. LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock
  11. Pharrell Williams - Happy
  12. TBA



  • After the credits of the movie. Young Ben was doing some hero work until some guys saved them. It was The Justice Leauge. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Flash saved Ben from getting defeated by the bad guys, Ben introduce himself to the Justice Leauge, and they introduce to ben. Since Ben got done talking to the Justice Leauge, Superman wants ben to join the justice Leauge, and it ends in black.
  • TBA
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