Six months after the Vilgaxian Invasion, Ben must stop the vile Inorcat, who has connections to his family past.


November 22, 2013


  • Ben Tennyson (Josh Keaton) - matches Ryan Kelley's tone

Alien playables

  • Blox
  • Swampfire
  • Heatblast
  • Ripjaws


  • Gwen Tennyson (Kari Wahlgren) - matches Galadriel Stineman's tone
  • Kevin Levin (Scott Weigner) - matches Nathan Keyes' tone
  • Serena Daniels (Mae Whitman) - matches Brooklyn Decker's tone
  • Grandpa Max (Tom Kane) - matches Anthony Hopkins' tone
  • Azmuth (Jeff Bennett) - matches Gary Oldman's tone
  • Alar (Stephen Root) - matches Mildew from Dragons: Rider of Berk's tone, he is a galvan, and a stubborn one, and Azmuth's new assistant, he can't stand Ben
  • Alan Albright (Tyler James Williams) - Tyler James Williams uses his likeness
  • Helen Creed (Grey DeLisle) - matches Vanessa Hudgens' tone
  • Helen Wheels (Juliet Landau) - matches Tara Platt's tone
  • Manny Armstrong (Khary Payton) - matches Ogie Banks' tone
  • Cooper Daniels (Chris Pratt) - matches Liam Hemsworth's tone
  • Pierce Wheels (Jim Meskimen) - matches Taboo's tone
  • Otis Blanc (Corey Burton) - matches Michael Caine's tone


  • Inorcat (Charlie Adler) - the main antagonist of the game, and final boss in the final level, his goal is to regain the Omnitrix, he is cruel and insane and comes up with both creating monsters with science and sorcery
  • Dr. Animo (Dwight Schultz) - the secondary antagonist of the game and final mini-boss, he became Inorcat's servant for eternal youth


Level 1:



  • It is published by Activision, which was the creators of X-Men and Marvel Ultimate Alliance.
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