Ben 10: Alien Hero is an American animated action-adventure-science fiction television series based on the Ben 10 franchise created by Man of Action, being developed by TBD. It is produced by Cartoon Network Studios and it airs on Cartoon Network since October 6th, 2019.


When Ben Tennyson gains a new variation of the Omnitrix named the Fusiontrix, using it to take down several menaces, learning that the Fusiontrix allows him to fuse aliens.



  • Ben Tennyson (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Strong as a child in flashbacks) - a teenager who has the ability to morph into different alien species through the TBD.
  • Kevin Levin (voiced by Greg Cipes) - Ben's former rival turned close friend who can absorb several materials as he uses such powers to fight TBD.
  • Gwen Tennyson (voiced by Ashley Johnson) - Ben's cousin who is part-Anodite and TBD.
  • Rook Blonko (voiced by Bumper Robinson) - TBD
  • Max Tennyson (voiced by Paul Eiding) - TBD

Ben's aliens





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  • Although the events of Omniverse are canon to it, the characters' designs are reverted back to the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien ones.
  • [being a balance of action-comedy like the original and Omniverse]
  • Here are the new designs:
    • Ben now wears a green hooded jacket with white details, white jeans and a TBD.
    • [Kevin]
    • [keep Gwen's hair loose in a way, obviously taking the glasses off]
    • Rook's design is adapted to the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien artstyle.
    • Max looks essentially the same.
    • [Vilgax]
    • Cartoon Network Studios: [clip like Omniverse and the reboot]
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