Hatsune Miku: Can you see me now? I think I'm in the beta zone for some reason.

Ruby: My, oh, my, I've never had crossover souvenirs in my life before. It's very amazing!

Gumi Megpoid: I can put on my goggles with ease. Watch closely. *starts putting her goggles over her eyes* See? No matter how I change, I'll always be myself.

LOLA: Wow... this headset makes me feel like an angel in heaven. Isn't that really pleasant?

Miriam: That's not all there is to it. I've got my own one too, only it is kind of grayish. Let's make that two angels in heaven, shall we?

Luo Tianyi: So, you're looking at my neck? Oh. I see why my collar's invisible. It's because I have my first American master.

MEIKO: Hmm, this is funny. If I'm moving, then why aren't my fingers wiggling? I think they need some joints.

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