Beast Wars: Transformers is a 2019 Live Action/CGI Animated movie based on the Transformers toy franchise and 90's animated series of the same name. It is one of the many planned spin off movies to the Transformers movie franchise. The movie is shot in live action and the characters are brought to life by CGI and motion capture.


The movie revolves around 2 groups of Transformers from the planet Cybertron called the Maximals who are descended from the Autobots and the Predacons who are descended from the Decepticons that came from many years in the future decades after the events of Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) and have crash landed on prehistoric Earth in the past before the events of Transformers (2007). The two sides discover the planet is filled with Energon which is they're power suppl, however it also weakens they're robotic forms, so the Maximals and Predacons take on the forms of the animal lifeforms that inhabit the planet. The Predacons led by Megatron will use the energon to rule their home planet of Cybertron and then the universe, so the Maximals led by Optimus Primal must stop them.



Optimus Primal - Andy Serkis

Dinobot - John DiMaggio

Rattrap - Steve Buscemi

Cheetor - Chris Pine

Rhinox - Jess Harnell


Megatron - Patrick Stewart

Tarantulas - Keith Szarabajka

Terrorsaur - Reno Wilson

Waspinator - Tom Kenny

Scorponok - Mark Ryan

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