Bear Quest Is A 1992 Film.


Voice cast

Henry Corden as Berries Bear (character)

Russi Taylor as Judy Bear

B. J. Ward (actress) as Balloon

Frank Welker as Scrub Huck

Don Messick as Panda Bear

Michael Bell as Night

Mark Schiff as Sheriff Huckleberry, Comedy Huck and Roger Huck

Tom Hanks as Bull Terrier

Pat Fraley as Socks, Shoot and Eye

Charlie Adler as Ghost 1, Ghost 2 and Ghost 3

Greg Burson as Huckleberry Hound and George Huck


Taking You Home

Who Are You

The Grand Design


Randy Edelman


March 12, 1992

Home media releases

December 9, 1997 VHS February 19, 2002 DVD

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