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The battle is on.
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Battle for Dream Island: The Movie is an upcoming American animated reality comedy-adventure drama film based on the Battle for Dream Island franchise by Cary and Michael Huang and is being directed by Nathan Potter, James Sharp, and Tanner Goethals, with Mr. 64 and GlideFan C. Mikkelson serving as co-directors. The film will be animated using Adobe Animate, Blender, and TVPaint Animation. The film entered production in 2018 and was slated for a 2019 release, which was delayed to 2023, until being pushed forward to its slated release date of October 18, 2022, by Harmonic's studio Fredbear Studios.


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Firey is an average flame who lives in a fireplace in his own house. One day, when he's watching TV, a television commercial for Dream Island appears on the screen. The commercial is actually a TV trailer for a new reality TV show hosted by the Announcer, who is a speaker box that plans to sell Dream Island to the winner by the end of the show. Firey is interested in going on a vacation at Dream Island, so he packs his bags, and goes on a flight to Dream Island where he meets Leafy and other anthropomorphic objects that will be competing on a battle for Dream Island. Meanwhile, Leafy's evil clone, a red leaf named Evil Leafy, is planning to steal Dream Island and cancel the competition, so Firey and his friends must save Dream Island before it gets stolen.


  • Tanner Goethals as Firey, an average and optimistic flame who lives in a fireplace of his own house. He's the main protagonist of the movie.
  • Samantha Smith as Leafy, a friendly leaf who is Firey's love interest. She's the main deuteragonist of the movie.
  • AT&T Mike as the Announcer, a speaker box who is the host of a reality television show, Battle for Dream Island.
  • LeafytheLeafBFB as Evil Leafy, a red leaf who is Leafy's evil clone created by Evil Dr. Trash. She is the main antagonist of the movie.
  • TBA as Evil Dr. Trash, a trash can who is the creator of Evil Leafy. He is the secondary antagonist of the film.
  • Elric Timothy Atchison as David the Cafeteria Worker, a red building block who is the show's chef, caterer, and co-producer. He helps Rolling Pin bake cakes for the Cake at Stake elimination ceremony. He also makes food for the contestants and the Announcer.
  • Mythic TV as Rolling Pin, a baker who bakes cakes for the Cake at Stake elimination ceremony.
  • TBA as Pencil, an anthropomorphic pencil who is Match's best friend.
  • TBA as Coiny, a penny who has problems with Firey, but ends up becoming friends with him.
  • TBA as Eraser, a tough and grumpy anthropomorphic eraser.
  • TBA as Snowball, a competitive snowball who wants to win BFDI.
  • TBA as Flower, a female anthropomorphic flower who likes natural things.
  • TBA as Bubble, a girl who looks and feels a lot like a soap bubble.
  • TBA as Blocky, a red building block full of mischief.
  • TBA as Woody, a timid slice of balsa wood.
  • TBA as Pen, a male anthropomorphic pen who is cool, yet nice.
  • TBA as Golf Ball, a bossy woman who looks a lot like a golf ball.
  • TBA as Four, the main host of Battle for BFDI who makes a cameo appearance as a judge for the Yoyle Stew contest and the pizza contest.
  • TBA as David the Stickfigure, a stick figure who is the show's cameraman.
  • TBA as Match, an anthropomorphic match with the personality of a typical teenage girl.
  • TBA as Pin, a red pin who considers herself to be a heroic leader.
  • TBA as Tennis Ball, an anthropomorphic tennis ball who is smart at solving problems and creating innovations.
  • TBA as Rocky, a small anthropomorphic rock who barfs randomly.
  • TBA as Spongy, a fat sponge who smells bad.
  • TBA as X, the co-host of Battle for BFDI who makes a cameo appearance as a judge for the Yoyle Stew contest and the pizza contest.
  • TBA as Ice Cube, a fairly quiet and vengeful ice cube who has problems with Flower.
  • TBA as Needle, a female anthropomorphic needle who is straightforward, quick, and generally nice when she isn't being called “Needy”.

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A video game based on both the film and the original YouTube cartoon the film is based on is in development by Sharpness Knight Interactive and will be published by Fredbear Games and will be released on PC, Mac, Linux, and WebGL on the same day as the film's release, with console ports coming in 2023.


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