Take off. Gotham City. 2029. 60 years in the future

Bruce Wayne is physically tired from heroin training a young boy Terry McGinnis. Put on the new Batman 2 hours later Terry McGinnis father was murdered. Goes back to Wayne Manor. Stealing Bruce Wayne Batman suit. Found out it was forbidden for Terry McGinnis. Never step foot in Batcave. Bruce Wayne controls his Bat Suit to turn against Terry McGinnis any brutal fights. Bruce Wayne control bat suit back in line. Young new Batman defeated. Now a new twist of fate villain is back to finish the score. The. Batman arch-nemesis. The Joker.

Johnny Depp as the Joker. Kristen Stewart Mrs McGinnis. Casey Affleck as. Terry McGinnis Batman. Russell Crowe. as the older Bruce Wayne and Batman Tom Hardy. As Derek powers The Skeleton man. Hugo weaving as Commissioner Gordon. Hayden Christensen and Jason Todd Red Hood. Emma Watson. As. Harley Quinn.

BATMAN BEYOND (2017 film)


This movie is a sequel to the Tim Burton/Joel Schumaker Batman films, set. Gotham City 2039 Bruce Wayne inside. His house by his doors closed Terry McGinnis gets beat up by bullies Wayne Manor At the old Wayne Manor what was years ago. Terry McGinnis find the Batcave. Find out Bruce Wayne was Batman he had to become a superhero to know whaving Gotham City. Things are changing even in new Batman defeated the final battle will begin in the battlefield together dangerous. Gotham City is now in A New Nightmare. You were enemies including the new Batman. Jason Todd aka red hood. And returning of Batman told nemesis. The joke. Derek powers. Is a businessman. Laboratory accident happen known as skeleton man. Gotham City Face against a nightmare. Including the. Evil. Warlord Red Skull. A new chapter will begin. Batman Beyond the city. But now things are more little different than ever before the new Batman will arise

Sequel Rumors

There have been many rumors about a sequel. What takes off the events of The Dark Knight Rises Tim Burton Batman trilogy. Joe Shoemaker as Batman and Robin. You take off in 2035 forward into the future Creators of. Batman Beyond the next upcoming film Syfy. Film. 550 directors visionary. Bring you the upcoming Batman Beyond. Brand new chapter will begin. The incredible film. What we do know. Bruce Wayne is no longer Batman anymore he will train you Apprentice his name is Terry McGinnis youngest teenager becomes new Batman.

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