Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond is a new upcoming animated series that draws from Batman's many stories and tv shows

Background Information

When a 50 year old Bruce Wayne was killed by Clayface 25 years ago the city was thrown into a disaster but a 35 year old Dick Grayson took up the cowl and became Batman until then 12 year old Damian Wayne became old enough but he became ruthless and murderous. Dick Grayson and Tim Drake took the cowl back by force.


Tim Drake- a 52 year old Batman in semi retirement because he can no longer handle being Batman. He is the majority owner and former CEO of Wayne Industries and also lives in Wayne Manor.Time as Batman (2064-2075)

Dick Grayson- 60 year old former Batman and now is Bludhaven Police commissioner. Time as Batman (2052-2057-2059-2064)

Terry Mcginnis- a 17 year old kid who spent three months in juvie. After the death of his father and brother He stumbles upon one of the Bat-suits hidden throughout the city and defeats the villains responsible. 

Season 1

Name  Description Notes
A New Knight Terry Mcginnis comes home after being out all night to find his Dad and Brother dead. His only finding a jump drive with a new Wayne Industries file. While out looking for clues he finds a mini Batcave in a alley.
A New Knight Part2 After finding the suit, Terry Mcginnis goes to shake the answers out of Wayne CEO Derek Powers. Terry stops an illegal arms deal instead of stopping his father's killer. 
New Jobs  Terry accepts a job as an aid to Tim Drake and his family. Meanwhile he is contact over the phone by a man claiming to be the Batman and offering him a chance to be the new Batman.
Shadows are my ally? Terry receives a call from his mysterious employer about a tech- raid on Fox Technologies the same night as his school dance. 
Royal Pain When the Royal flush gang comes back to Gotham City looking to steal the Emerald Water Lily they run into the new Batman. Batman stops the gang but fails to capture a single member of the gang.
Cold Front  A freak cold storm comes into Gotham and Batman has to stop the source Mr. Freeze.
One Shot   Terry comes upon a vigilante who uses trick arrows named One Shot. He and One Shot have to stop a muderous vigilante named the Red Hood.
New Girl Batman runs into a teenage thief who escaped him earlier. At the same time a new girl named Melanie arrives at Terry's school. 
Unstoppable A new villain ,Armory, seems to be uncatchable luckily Terry gets some advice from an unexpected source Melanie.
Unavoidable Terry has decide if he wants to date Melanie or stay with Dana. Meanwhile Batman has to stop a seemingly runaway robot called a Golem.
Unseeable Terry fights a new villain who is invisible calling himself the ghost meanwhile Terry begins to wonder if he really is working for the former Batman as he's never met him.
Blind Sided Terry faces off against the Royal Flush gang and is shocked by the news that Melanie is really ten. Now Terry must decide if he wants to take her down too.