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Series 1

Episode 1- Bruce Wayne is being trained in India by Lady Shiva and the League of Shadows while he remembers how his parents were shot. In the end when Lady Shiva asks Bruce Wayne to execute a criminal, he refuses and runs away.

Episode 2- Few months after the first episode, Bruce Wayne has already established himself as Batman. He has to fight against the corrupt poice force lead by the corrupt Gillian Loeb who is funded by the Penguin and the head of Arkham Asylum Hugo Strange who secretly preforms experiments on inmates turning them to monster men by injecting them with the blood of an undead zombie called Solomon Grundy who was discovered in a mysterious swamp.

Episode 3 and 4- few weeks after Batman defeats Hugo Strange, a new villain emerges out of nowhere who calls himself the Joker and plans to cause anarchy in Gotham

Episode 5-


Tom Ellis - Bruce Wayne/ Batman

Larry Lamb- Alfred Pennyworth

Colin Morgan- Dick Greyson/ Robin/ Knightwing

Jenna Louise Coleman- Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

Mark Gatiss- James Gordon

Danny John Jules- Lucius Fox

Sophie Okenedo- Catwoman/ Selina Kyle

Julian Bleach- The Joker

Rita Simons- Harley Quinn

Reece Shearsmith- Dr Jonathan Crane/ The Scarecrow

David Suchet- Oswald Cobblepot/ The Penguin

Roger Lloyd Pack- Dr Hugo Strange

John Simm- Edward Nigma/The Riddler

Karen Gillan- Pamela Isley/ Poison Ivy

Nigel Lindsey- Bane

Goldie- Waylon Jones/ Killer Croc

Laila Rouass- Lady Shiva

David Walliams- Jervis Tetch/The Mad Hatter

James Nesbitt- Harvey Dent/ Two Face

Christopher Ecclestone- Roman Sionis/ Black Mask

Peter Capaldi- Sal Maroni

Matt Lucas- Julian Day/ The Calender Man

Kara Tointon- Talia Al Ghul

Anthony Head- Ra's Al Ghul

Marc Waren- Victor Zsasz

John Challis- Carmine Falcone

Benedict Cumberbach- Victor Fries/ Mr Freeze

Billie Piper- Katey Hagen/ Clayface

James Corden- Arnold Wesker/ The Ventriloquist/ Scarface