Batman: Dark Justice is an American superhero film based on the DC Comics character Batman, distributed by Warner Bos. Pictures. It was intended to be the eighth released installment in the DC Extended Universe. The film was directed by and starred Ben Affleck. The movie also starred Jeremy Irons, Eric Bana, Logan Lerman, Toby Jones, Terry Crews, J.K Simmons, John Goodman, and Alice Eve. The film was released on Thanksgiving Day, 22 November, 2018. In the movie, an aging Batman adopts a young orphan named Jason Todd, while also pursuing crime boss, the Penguin.


  • Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman: A billionaire who fights crime on the streets of Gotham City by night. In the movie's timeline Wayne has held the mantle of the Batman for close to a decade.
  • Eric Bana as Rex Mason/Metamorpho: A Security Guard who Becomes The Element Man.
  • Jeremy Irons as Alfred: Wayne's loyal British butler and father figure.
  • Logan Lermanas Jason Todd/Robin: A young orphan adopted by Wayne, who becomes Batman's sidekick.
  • Toby Jones as Oswald C. Cobblepot/Penguin: A disfigured cockney crime kingpin who's goal is to kill Batman.
  • Terry Crews as Waylon Jones/Killer Croc: Born with a rare condition that caused his skin to be coarse, and scaly, Jones works as the Penguin's enforcer.
  • J.K Simmons as Police Commissioner Jim Gordon: Police Commissioner of the GCPD. Gordon holds a secret partnership with Batman.
  • John Goodman as Det. Harvey Bullock: A coarse detective who holds a strong dislike for the Batman.
  • Alice Eve as Vickie Vale: A news reporter and Wayne's girlfriend.
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