Batman: Arkham Legends is a video game idea set to come out in 2014. It takes place about 4 months after the DLC, "Harley Quinn's Revenge". The story takes place in Gotham, which is completely falling apart as new villains, led by the mysterious Prometheus and the new Red Hood, attempt to kill the Batman to claim the city as their own.


This game takes place in Gotham City, 4 months after Harley Quinn attempted to kill Batman in a maniacal rage. Batman, Robin and Azrael mostly stay in Gotham, however during the Crocodile Trap side mission, you travel to the neighbor city, Bludhaven. There are also missions where you must travel to Arkham Island, to the defunct Arkham city, and to the villains island hideaway, Scum Rock.


The story takes place during April, when Mayor Quincy Sharp, as his last act in office, is putting criminals back into Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Penitentiary. But when Garfield Lynns, AKA Firefly breaks the villains out of custody, Batman needs to come out of hiding and take them down before they bring destruction to the city. But while Batman hunts for the criminals, he calls on Robin to maintain the rest of the city, and Azrael to save the city from burning to Hell. Will Batman be able to save the city, or will the new villain Prometheus be too skilled for the Dark Knight to bring down?


You can play in multiple modes during this game. You must start in normal, playing as the Batman. After completing this mode, you can choose easy, where you play as Robin, or hard, where you play as Azrael. After completing all 3 modes, you can play New Game Plus, which is similar to the normal mode, however it lets you switch between the 3 characters during the game, through the Batcave. After completing New Game Plus, you can play Arkham mode, where the default player is Red Hood. By completing challenges and doing missions, you start to unlock more villains. This mode shows how the criminals see things during the night that this game takes place. After beating this mode, you unlock Firefly, Prometheus, and the Joker for challenge maps only.