"Join Banjo, Kazooie, as well as Cuphead for a Game Show of a Life-Time!"

Banjo-Live is a Party Game spin-off of Banjo Kazooie. Featuring Iconic Banjo-Kazooie characters, as well as Cuphead Characters!


King Dice and Grunty is hosting a game show of a lifetime, and is forcing Banjo and Pals (As well as Cuphead and the gang) through one "hell" of a time! Its up to Banjo and Cuphead to figure out whats under this game showbiz before Grunty and King Dice rig the gameshow!

The Gameplay:

The game is clearly based off of Mario Party, but with some (By some, we mean, a lot) of changes to the game. For starters, Banjo - Live has a Triangle Dice, unlike normal Mario Party where it has a normal dice. Unlike Mario Party, The maps are like a Turn base map, or like a race. Each side of the dice has a Two, Three, or a Five on the dice. Getting a Five is hard, so you're normally gonna be stuck with Two or Three. There are Sing-Shot cannons around each map, letting you shoot at another player if there higher up on the map. There are also Mumbo Huts, in which you can buy quicker ways up to the top.

The Minigames are all new, and seem to be based off of some of the missions you'll have to do in the actual Banjo - Kazooie games, and bosses straight ripped from Cuphead and Banjo Tooie!

Each character can have a special move. NOTE: These moves aren't god modded moves, there more a less like a upgrade to the Slingshot cannons, except each character can only do it for one game or one round (Depends on the time you'll have with the game)


Banjo and Kazooie

Bottles The Mole





Beppi The Clown

Grim Matchstick



Baroness Von Bon Bon

Cala Maria


Captian Blubber

{DLC} Bomberman

{DLC} Sonic The Hedgehog

{DLC} A Creeper from Minecraft

{DLC} The Battletoads

{DLC} Lucky from Super Lucky's Tale

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