Balto IV: Northern Howl is an upcoming hand-drawn animated musical film, and the 4th movie of the Balto series. Unlike the previous movies which were produced and distributed by Universal Pictures, the 4th film is to be produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures after Disney announced the acquisition of the franchise. The movie is scheduled to be released in 2025, in time for the 100th anniversary of the 1925 serum run to Nome.


It's been almost two years since Balto had saved Nome from the diphtheria outbreak, and life seems like it couldn't get any better. Balto and Kodi have become nation-wide famous sled-dogs (with the rest of their team: Nikki, Kaltag, Star, Dusty, Kirby, and Ralph). Balto has now found a home with Jenna and Rosy, and Rosy has gained an amazing new power: the ability to talk with animals. Aleu has returned, after her wolf pack was reunited with Nava and had found a new home very close to Nome, and has become friends with a young boy. However, Niju has returned with his henchmen Yak, Sumac, and Nuk, and are now working for Balto and Jenna's arch-nemesis Steele. The evil malamute is out for revenge, and will stop at nothing until he has achieved his one goal in mind: Killing Balto and everyone he cares about (of course along with anyone who stands in his way), and taking Jenna for himself. Even if it means wiping the entire town off the map.


  • Balto - The main protagonist, a wolf/husky hybrid.
  • Jenna - Balto's mate/wife. A beautiful red-furred husky.
  • Aleu - Balto and Jenna's daughter. A dog who became the new alpha of a wolf pack.
  • Kodi - Balto and Jenna's son. The second-in-command of Balto's sled team and wishes to one day, become as good a sled-dog as him.
  • Rosy - Jenna's (and soon Balto's) owner. A little girl who obtains the ability to talk with animals. Also the only human in Nome who accepted Balto before the serum run.
  • Dingo - Balto and Jenna's son. A trusted companion of the town sheriff, and a skilled hunting dog.
  • Saba - Balto and Jenna's daughter. An ordinary house pet of a higher-class family.
  • Yukon - Balto and Jenna's son. A sled dog on another of Nome's sled teams.
  • Kiona - Balto and Jenna's daughter. The local mail delivery dog for Nome.
  • Steele - The main villain of the movie, and Balto's arch-nemesis and love rival. A cold, egoistic Alaskan Malamute, and a former lead sled-dog. Despises Balto more than anything for being half wolf, and wants revenge for stealing his fame and Jenna.
  • Niju - Aleu's nemesis. A vicious wolf who attempted to take over the wolf pack as their leader. Joined forces with Steele (despite being all wolf) because of the mutual desire for revenge on Balto, and everyone he cares about
  • Boris - A wise, Russian-accented goose. Balto's caretaker until the latter was adopted by Rosy.
  • Nikki - A sled team-mate of Balto, and formerly one of Steele's followers.
  • Kaltag - A team-mate of Balto, and formerly one of Steele's followers.
  • Star - A team Mate of Balto, and formerly one of Steele's followers.
  • Yak - One of Niju's henchmen. A somewhat intelligent wolf, with an increasing flea problem.
  • Sumac - One of Niju's henchmen. A skittish wolf who seems to laugh very frequently.
  • Nuk - One of Niju's henchmen. A big but dimwitted wolf who prefers eating over thinking.



  • Alaskan Frontier
  • Hero of Nome
  • Northern Love
  • Ice Cold Revenge (Steele's villain song)
  • What's Wrong with Being Different?
  • Hear me Howl
  • Spirits of the Tundra
  • What a Dog's Gotta Do


The OST of the film will be composed by Hans Zimmer with some of the music composed by James Horner in the first film returning.


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