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Bakugan is a upcoming 2020 American science fiction monster film based on the franchise of the same name, directed by Guillermo del Toro, and Shawn Levy, written by Travis Beacham, and Ehren Kruger. The film will be released in theaters on August 3, 2020 by New Line Cinema, Village Roadshow Pictures, and Warner Bros. Pictures.

From The Producers Of Pacific Rim & Transformers

Rotten Tomatoes: 15%

Audience Score: 33%

Genre: Action Film, Adventure Film, Drama, Monster movie, Science fiction film, Thriller, Fantasy, Comedy

Filming Locations: California, Los Angeles, Florida, Hollywood

Budget: 190 million USD

Box Office: 1.130 million USD

Running Time: 2h 45m


The film is about three teenagers named Dan Kuso, Hollywood Lopez, and Fortune Kelly, founded some monster like creatures called Bakugan. They came from a another dimension called Vestoria, a planet in a alternate dimension where the Bakugan initially live, since the bakugans came to earth, the bakugan can now learn salty languages, they learn the foul languages from the world wide web. After the Bakugans went down to earth, dan met a dragon like bakugan called Dragonoid (drago for short) and he is the leader of all bakugan, dan and drago became partners and fight together to defeat a guy named Hal-G with his guardian bakugan called Naga, a rogue bakugan who tried to control all the power in Vestoria, so it's up to the battle brawlers to save earth and vestoria from hal-g and naga.


  1. Dylan Sparyberry As Dan Kuso (Pyrus Brawler)
  2. Justice Smith As Marucho (Aquos Brawler)
  3. Chloë Grace Moretz As Runo (Haos Brawler)
  4. Tom Holland As Shun Kazami (Ventus Brawler)
  5. Coco Jones As Julie (Subterra Brawler)
  6. G Hannelius As Maxie (Treetress Brawler) (New Attribute)
  7. Teddy Sears As Masquerade (Darkus Brawler)
  8. Jayma Mays As Alice
  9. Ed Harris As Hal-G/Michael Gehabich
  10. Jason Deline As Dragonoid/Drago
  11. Tim Roth As Hydranoid


  1. TBA


  1. Theme
  2. Vestroia
  3. Hal-G
  4. The Silent Core
  5. Naga
  6. TBA

Trailer Music

  1. Thunderstep - Orbital Conflict (First Trailer)
  2. Thunderstep - Artificial Worlds (Second Trailer)
  3. Thunderstep - Planetary Splendor (Third Trailer)
  4. Thunderstep - Story Of A Soldier (Fourth Trailer)
  5. Thunderstep - Battlespace (Final Trailer)
  6. TBA


  1. Dragonoid
  2. TBA


  • Pyrus (Fire)
  • TBA
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