Bailey and Megan 3
Directed by Carlos Saldahna
Allias Salmon
Produced by Chris Wedge
Lauren Faust
Story by Allias Salmon

Tony Goldwyn

Brian Blessed

Gilbert Gottfried

Kevin Michael Richardson

Denis Leary

Eddie Murphy

Harrison Chad

Brenda Grate

Harrison Fahn

Dane Boe

Liam Neeson

Ashleigh Ball

Brian Blessed

Music by John Powell
Studio Walt Disney Animation Studios
Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures
Release dates November 18, 2019 (UK)

October 18, 2019 (USA)

November 6, 2019 (AUS)

Country United States

United Kingdom

Language English



Bailey and Megan 3 (also known as Bailey and Megan 3 : Allias' Adventure in US and UK and Bailey and Megan III in Australia) is a 2019 American/British computer/hand drawn animated adventure film directed by Carlos Saldahnna and Allias Salmon, distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.


In their new home America, Allias was walking in the woods, he also befriends a bear named Boris, Meanwhile in the river, Ryan Burke swored revenge on Allias. Allias asked Mulan if he could marry her, Mulan said yes. Allias was glad he's going to marry Mulan. Manny found a female mammoth named Ellie in his life. Simba meet a female cat named Nala. Samy found a girl in his life. Tarzan talked to Allias about how happy he is.Tarzan Allias takes Tarzan to his house and shows him a picture of his mother.He tells him that she wants him to be happy whatever he decided, and Allias goes back to Italy, Tarzan will always remain his son.

When Allias returns to the ship with Mulan and Samy, they are ambushed by Ryan Burke and his new crew Rashan, Dami, Kamran and Kamil, who reveal themselves to be poachers, intending to capture animals to be sold. Ryan told Allias he wanted revenge for humiliation. Allias flees with the help of his friends,Manny and Simba ran to help Allias, Mulan and Samy, and he races back to his new home. By nightfall, Tarzan and all of Allias' animal friends and family are ambushed by Ryan Burke and his men, who are stopped by the arrival of Allias and his friends. Ryan brutally wounds Tarzan only to sacrifice himself and then engages Allias in a fierce battle across the vine-covered tree tops. Although A spares his life, Ryan is finally killed, when he falls with a vine around his neck, hanging him. Tarzan, only injured on his leg, arm and throat told Allias that he can have a son and marry Mulan, Tarzan only sacrificed himself so Allias wouldn't get hurt. Tarzan gave Allias a nice smile and sadly dies. Allias was sad and mourns over Tarzan's (death).

The next day, as Mulan prepare to leave for Japan, Allias reveals that he will stay in his new home America. As the boat leaves shore, Mulan stays with Allias, Allias sees a very bright light, it was Tarzan limping. Allias was thrilled that Tarzan was alive. Allias marries Mulan. Manny married Ellie, Samy married Roberta, Simba married Nala and Allias reunites with Mulan, Tarzan, Samy, Manny, Simba, Shere Khan, Orange, Boris, Terk and Tantor.

Cast and characters

  • Tony Goldwyn as Allias, A dog and the main protagonist.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Samy, A black Montague and one of the protagonists.A polite, helpful and selfless guy always helping Allias.
  • Eddie Murphy as Manny, a woolly mammoth and one of the main protagonists. He is also Allias' friend.
  • Denis Leary as Simba, a black cat and Allias' friend.
  • Liam Neeson as Shere Khan, a calm Bengal tiger and Allias' friend.
  • Dane Boe as Annoying Orange, A new character of the film.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt as Fa Mulan, A grown up girl that Allias loves. At the end, Mulan marries Allias.
  • Harrison Chad as Tarzan, A 9 year old son of Allias. He sacrificed himself. At the end, he reunites with his dad Allias and his friends.
  • Queen Latifah as Ellie
  • Brenda Grate as Terk, A female gorilla and a cousin of Tarzan. She is nice to Allias.
  • Wayne Knight as Tantor, An elephant and a cousin of Manny, He is nice to Allias.
  • Brian Blessed as Ryan Burke, returns as the main antagonist. He dies by being hung by the vines. He is similar to Clayton from Tarzan also, his death is similar to Clayton's death.
  • John Goodman as Boris, A friendly, vegitarian bear and Allias' new friend. He is nice to everyone (except Ryan Burke).


  • The bear Boris resembles the Bear from Fox and the Hound.
  • The final battle is similar to the final battle from Tarzan.
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