Bahl Zooker is a character in Morphers The Movie, drawing heavy inspiration from Little King John from Rat Boy Genius.


Bahl Zooker was born in a poor family of anthropomorphic rat people with ears the size of their heads and mechanical voices. Zooker went to Norpher University. Zooker wanted to be a rabbi when he grew up but this never happened. In the flashbacks, Zooker was derogated, hazed, head locked, flat footed, monkey scrubbed, shoe laced, and spit balled. As an adult, Zooker purchased a Beretta M99 and started shooting Norphers dead for sport. However, Major heard of this and had him banished to the void. Due to this, Zooker has led himself to using nonviolent methods nobody would suspect, like turning them into a potato knish and eating them. Zooker built machines that made Norphers into potato knishes, potato pancakes into little black squash balls, and little black worms into centipedes. During the Morphers' banishing to the void, Zooker found a battered and bruised Florence Ingrid, knocked out on the ground after successfully killing the Norpher guards with just her fists. Zooker also found a drugged Norpher and brought both of them in. The Norpher had his heart surgically removed and placed into the machine, then made into a potato knish. Florence eventually regained consciousness and found Zooker. Zooker tried to welcome her but Florence called him a dumb hideous. Zooker was depressed by having the truth used against him so he shot himself with a blaster that turned him into a potato knish. The potato knish was later eaten by a rogue Muscle Norpher, who claimed the bakery as his own.


Zooker has a light flesh tone and wears a pink shirt, green shorts, and a golden crown. He is an anthropomorphic rat person and has two ears larger than his head.


  • According to The Morphers Twitter, his suicide is the reason why the film got a "mild thematic elements" descriptor.
  • He is not the only Rat Boy Genius character in Morphers: The Movie, as RBG himself appears in the Void, and Baby is in The Phatom Zone.
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