Badjelly the Witch is a 2022 American dark fantasy film directed by Tim Burton. The screenplay is done by John August and Linda Woolverton and is the adaptation of the 1973 British book of the same name by Spike Milligan. The film stars Emma Thompson as the title character with the voices of Anthony Hopkins, Richard Ayoade, Chiwetel Eijofor, Simon Pegg, Jemaine Clement, Brian Blessed and Jim Carter. The film will be produced by Warner Bros. Pictures and will be released October 5, 2022


Tim & Rose are two children with live with their Mummy (Rose Byrne) & Daddy (T.J. Ramini) in a big log cabin made from trees. Also living with them are their pets Fluffybum the Cat, Pom-Pom the white Puppy Dog who plays the piano with his tail and Lucy the Cow, Tim & Rose's favorite friend and who they collect Milk from every morning.

One day, when Tim & Rose go to Lucy's shed to get Milk from her, they discover that the door is open and Lucy is not in the shed. The children set out to find her but become lost in the Great Black Forest at night. When the children feel tired and need to find somewhere to sleep for the night, Binklebonk the Tree Goblin (Russell Brand) offers to let them sleep inside his tree home to keep them safe the Tin-Lion (Voiced by Jim Carter). Tim & Rose get settled in their own rooms and have a Goblin's supper, containing Nuts, Honey and Dandelion Tea. Before they go to sleep, they ask Binklebonk if he has seen Lucy and the Tree-Goblin tells them that he saw a Cow with a Straw Hat go by his Tree this morning. The Children are glad to learn that it is Lucy and that she's still out there in the forest.

The next day, after biding good bye to Binklebonk, the children learn from a little Robin (Rob Brydon) that they must be careful in the Forest because a Wicked Witch named Badjelly (Emma Thompson) is in there somewhere. The children also learn that Badjelly kidnaps children and turns them into Sausages and sometimes chops children into Boy & Girl Soup. The children soon come across a river stream where they meet Mudwiggle the Worm (Voice of Simon Pegg) who helps the children get to the other side with his tail with a red Top Hat with some Cheese on it. He gets Rose to the other side, but when he and Tim are nearly to the other side, a shark (Jemaine Clement) sees Tim's legs and is about to bite them but Mudwiggle punches the shark's nose, causing him to swim to Shark's Nose Hospital.

The children continue their search for Lucy and pick Apples from an Apple Tree. After picking two apples from the tree, Tim & Rose hear the tree crying. The children soon learn from the tree that he was actually a policeman but was turned into an Apple Tree by Badjelly the Witch. The children then come across a Mountain (also voiced by Jim Carter) with a big white beard. As Tim & Rose ask why the mountain has a beard, a little mouse (Voice of Richard Ayoade) pops out of a hole tells them that the Mountain has a beard because he lost his razor. The mouse introduces himself and Dinglemouse and tells Rose & Tim that he was actually a Banana but was turned into a mouse by Badjelly the Witch. Tim & Rose become more scared when they hear about Badjelly but Dinglemouse tells them to be careful and runaway if they see the Witch, but must remember her name 'Badjelly'. The children and Dinglemouse (who is in Tim's trouser pocket) later climb the Mountain and it begins to snow. As the children start to get cold, a voice behind them say "Hello, Children, can I help you?". The children turn around and the voice happens to be from an old woman dressed in black. The old woman tells them that she can make them warm in a few seconds if they get inside a sack. The children do so, but when they're in the sack, The old woman cackles, ties up the sack and reveals herself as Badjelly the Witch.

Badjelly takes Tim & Rose to her Iron-built castle where she has her servant, Dulboot the Giant (Nick Frost) imprison them in a dark prison room at the top of the tower. In the sack, the children begin to cry after being tricked by Badjelly, but Dinglemouse makes a hole big enough for them to get out. Dinglemouse then goes to find his Eagle friend, Jim (voice of Keith David) to get help. Dinglemouse eventually finds Jim and recruits him to rescue Tim & Rose. Jim agrees to help and arrives outside the children's prison room window just as Badjelly enters their prison room. After seeing the children escape on Jim, Badjelly gives chase on her Broomstick until eventually, Jim, Rose, Tim and Dinglemouse all hide in a cloud and Badjelly flies around it, waiting for Jim to surrender the children to her. God (Patrick Stewart) then appears and orders Badjelly to leave the children alone by telling her "Go Away!". When Badjelly refuses and attempts to scratch God's eyes out, God points his finger at her, causing her to explode into thin air and turns her Broomstick into a sky snake that flies to the Moon.

Jim flies down to Badjelly's castle and the children find Lucy chained to the castle wall. Having finally found her, the children give her a hug and Lucy cries tears of joy and licks Tim & Rose's faces. Jim breaks Lucy free from her chain, but Dulboot the Giant comes out of the backdoor of the Castle and attempts to chop the children's heads off, but Jim interferes and grabs Dulboot by his purple hair, while Dinglemouse nibbles on the giant's belt, causing his trousers to fall down and forcing the humiliated Giant to runaway to Bare Bottom Land.

Jim then takes Tim, Rose and Lucy home. Upon arriving home, Tim & Rose's parents are at first afraid of Jim and run inside the house in fear. But Tim & Rose convince their parents that Jim is friendly and that he and Dinglemouse saved them from Badjelly the Witch. Upon hearing these words, the children's parents decide to thank Jim & Dinglemouse by giving them Jelly Babies and Cream Cakes and allow them both to stay.

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