Bad Company Action, Adventure, Thriller, Spy, film..,,, starring by Arley Swaby..,,,

Bad Company
Spy vs. Good Spy Fucker
Directed by

Arley Swaby (director)

Steven Spielberg (co-director)
Executive producer(s)

Nicolas Cage (producer by) Chris Rock (executive producer/"Gunner Killers" comic book) Judd Apatow (executive-producer)

Marc Webb (screenwriter/executive producer, formerly)
Written by

McG (writer)

John Singleston (writer by)
Music by
John Williams (music by/"Bad Company Theme")
Musical score
Elvis Presley(with "Gunner Killers" comic book) Saint Motel (formerly)

Film4 Productions

New Line Cinema

Red Hats Studios (formerly)
Distributed by


|- |Terry Pennyworth as, 5 year old Billy Benjamin Berkins .,,, Troy's son and Ty's nephew..,,,


  • "Bad" written by Micheal Jackson and from : Universal Studios/DC
  • "Stronger" written by performer Kayne West and Performed by Arley Swaby

"Rubberneck'n" peformed by : Elvis Presley and Arley Swaby (Classic Songs)

"Don't Be Cruel" peformed by Elvis Presley and Performer by: Arley Swaby)

"Bad Company (Theme)" peformed by John Williams and Arley Swaby from music Universal Studios/DC/AC (Soundtracks)

"My Type" performed by Saint Motel

"Breathe in, Breathe out" by Arley Swaby by Nelly and Arley Swaby from music New Line Cinemas/DC/AC (soundtracks)

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