With Marty now graduated from senior year, he sets out to start a new life in college, but when an old buyer comes and shows a mystic cube, it starts to change everything, leaving Marty in an alternate future, and now he and an alternated Jennifer Parker, with an alternated Emmett Brown must change the timeline back to the way it was.


May 2014


  • Marty McFly (Joel Courtney) -in 1994 now a graduate, and his birthday is in one week, and is prepared to go to college, he suddenly ends up in a mixed timeline, and must make things back to the way they were, in the end,
  • Jennifer Parker (Jennifer Lawrence) - Marty's girlfriend, in an alternate timeline, she is second-in-command of a group known as The Will, she dosen't know who Marty is, in the end,
  • Doctor Emmett Brown (Will Ferrell) - Marty's long-time friend, he attends to help Marty return things back to the way they were, in the end,
  • George McFly (Steve Carrell) - Marty's father, in the end,
  • Lorraine Baines McFly (Julie White) - Marty's mother, in the end,
  • Dave McFly (Channing Tatum) - Marty's older brother, who graduated college, in the end,
  • Linda McFly (Emma Stone) - Marty's big sister, who is 2 years older than him, in the end,
  • Justin Yield (Andrew Garfield) - Linda's boyfriend, in the end,
  • Arthur McFly (Michael Caine) - Marty's grandfather and George's father, in the end,
  • Sylvia McFly (Judi Dench) - Marty's grandmother and George's mother, in the end,
  • Kaine Phorbes (Bruce Willis) - leader of the group, The Will, in an alternate timeline, in the end,
  • Orphir Wenx (Giancarlo Esposito) - the main antagonist, he comes to Marty's house, and shows the family a cube, which just altered 1986, so he could become a god, in the end, after Marty destroyed the Cube, he was trapped in the Jurassic Period!



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