Baby It's Cold Outside is a horror-comedy film based on the 1944 song by Frank Loesser, directed by


A model after in a freak snowstorm wakes up in a manor owned by a generally nice person, until she learns something dark about him.

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  • Aubrey Plaza as Michele Mason, a model who is caught in a snowstorm, being out to find
  • John Krasinski as Lucas Williams, an obsessive man who found Michele during the snowstorm, growing an obsessive crush on Michele and attempts to keep her
  • Ryan Gosling as Joey Anderson, Michele's boyfriend who is currently searching for her.
  • Ben Schwartz as Henry Simpson, a rookie cop who helps Joey find Michele.


  • Michele: It's nice meeting you Mr. Williams but...
  • Lucas: Call Me Lucas.
  • Michele: Lucas, as I said it's nice to meet you but I really can't stay. I have to go back to my home. Joey is probably searching for me right now.
  • Lucas: Michele, it's cold outside. And you'll probably get lost again, but you can stay with me until the storm ends. How does that sound?
  • Michele: Well, okay. I guess I could stay for a while. So, I guess lead me

  • Joey: Officer, I need help.
  • Henry: Okay, what's the problem?
  • Joey: My girlfriend is missing. Her name is Michele Mason. Last time I saw


Baby It's Cold Outside

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