A Together Meeting

(Boy is watching on BabyTV and he put on hand in TV screen with a magic when she fall down)

Boy: Whoa! (Grunts)

Baby Butterfly (Echo): Is Bigger,

(Flower bouncin')

Boy: (Grunts)

Baby Butterfly (Echo): Is Better.

(Flower bouncin')

Boy: (Grunts)

(Rain a Cloud and Balloon in the Sun)

Baby Butterfly (Echo): Boys and Girls is, Too little, The Little Boy! Whoaha, Whoa!

Baby Butterfly: It's finally ready! You-You know I went for a quite a few Babies to get a worth it if I you? But man. It was a good enough?! After chance a want it, If you want to you, Sure, it was difficult, but you are worth it. I mean, after all... I am grow out of caterpillar.

Boy: (Gasps) Bug?

Baby Butterfly: My name is not Bug!

(Boy falls down into a grass)

Boy: Oof! (Grunts)

Baby Butterfly: And it's not caterpillar either! That so exhausted.

Yo Gabba Gabba Crossovers: Television War

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