Babar (2020 film)

Babar is an upcoming 2020 American-Australian-Canadian-French 3D fantasy-family film based on the novel books by Jean de Brunhoff and Laurent de Brunhoff


The story begins with a stork who tells the story of how Babar brought peace to both the rhinos and the elephants.

more details have yet to appear........


  • John Goodman as Babar (young by Jacob Tremblay and Truman Hanks)
  • Linda Hamilton as Celeste
  • Judge Reinhold as Cornelius
  • TBA as Flora
  • Freddie Prinze, Jr. as Pom
  • TBA as Alexander
  • Will Smith as Crocodile 
  • Lucas Black as Zephir
  • Hugh Grant as Lord Rataxes
  • Julianne Phillips as Lady Rataxes
  • TBA as Victor Rataxes
  • Caleb Alexander Cohen as Badou


an elephant never forgets 

Speed Demon 

Get up off of that thing

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