Jean-Paul Valley also known as Azrael was the wrath of the sacred Order of St. Dumas, working as their protector and personal warrior as the Angel of Death Azrael. Eventually, Jean-Paul joined Batman and his allies on the fight against evil in Gotham City.

Powers and Abilities

Peak Human Conditions



Hand-to-hand combat (Advanced)

Reflexes (Advanced)



Suit of Sorrows: An armored suit made out of golden tech and magic combined.

  • Enhanced Durability: The armor is bullet and fire resistance.
  • Super-Leaping: The armored suit can allow Azrael to leap beyond 20 feet high.
  • Heat Beam Emission: The armor allows Azrael to generate and project beams of heat energy from the palms of his suit. The lasers are powerful enough to melt bricks.
  • Projectile Blades: If Azrael doesn't have his sword, he can summon sharp blades that are telescoped to the sleeves of the gauntlet.

Flaming Sword: A golden sword that can be ignited and set on fire.

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