Aw, Legion! is a Loud House based adult animated sitcom on Netflix. It centers on Legion Loud, a fusion of all 11 loud kids. The show premiered on August 6th, 2021.

Other characters

  • Rita
  • Lynn Sr.
  • Clyde
  • Rusty
  • Liam
  • Flip
  • Mr. Grouse

Love Interests

She has all the love interests of her components, though they have a crush on her & not the other way around.

  • Bobby
  • Sam
  • Maggie
  • Benny
  • Ronnie Anne
  • Stella
  • Rocky
  • Darcy

Similarities & Differences


  • Same charm & humor
  • Same outline
  • same type of music
  • same voice actors
  • same sound effects


  • More intense episodes
  • rated TV-14
  • When Legion speaks to the viewers, she sometimes asks them if they want to do something with her or if they have done something before, with Season 1 Episode 4 being no exception.
  • full length episodes
  • more cursing, blood, alcohol, smoking, and sex in episodes, but doesn't over do it.
  • airs on Netflix


Season 1

  • 1: Anti-social - A misunderstanding leads to the others thinking that Legion has high functioning autism and gets put into special treatment
    • Note- this is the first episode to have the same title as a Loud House Episode
  • 2: Land of a thousand Legions - Legion creates a bunch of clones to go on all of her dates while the real one stays home, but soon things get out of hand.
  • 3: Baby Loud - Rusty who thinks that Legion's Lily related traits are disturbing and "not normal", he attempts to find all baby toys & pacifier.
  • 4: Legion the explorer - made as a parody of Dora the explorer, Legion goes out to look for the lost treasure chest.
  • 5: Z is for Zombie - When "the zombie flu" breaks out, Legion wonders whether to take care of them or treat them like actual zombies.
  • 6:

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