When a sudden time wave alters the course of history, a group of heroes from both Marvel and DC Universe are sent back in time to prevent this from happening. But upon reaching there, they find something wrong. They find that they have been infused with dinosaurs. However, it is a blessing in disguise. The heroes find that the villains are actually mutant dinosaurs. It is a battle on a Jurassic scale.


  • Captain Americeratops - Captain America. He is the leader and is in the form of a Triceratops . His shield is the bony shield of Captain America.
  • Iron Raptor - Iron Man. He is in the form of a Utahraptor and he has armor based on a Iron Feathered Iron.
  • Thorosaurus - Thor. He is in the form of a Ankylosaurus. His tail is shaped like Mjolnir, and gives him an advantage.
  • Hulkasaurus - Hulk. He is in the form of a Brachiosaurus. He is more muscular and more rampant as green rage.
  • Waspraptor - Wasp. She is a Microraptor, and is the only female of the group. She gains insect wings on her back.
  • Antraptor - Ant Man. He is also a Microraptor.


  • Nickorinchus - Nick Fury. He is a Rampherynchus, and lost his eye in a fishing accident.
  • Mariatherium - Maria Hill. She is an Indrickotherium, and is Nickorinchus's body guard.


  • Ultronosaurus - Ultron. He is a Carnotaurus.


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