Avengers United is an American animated television series by Marvel Animation in cooperation with DHX Media, based on the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers. The show debuted both on Disney XD and online in the fall of 2021. The series initially features a team based on the roster for the original Avengers, composed of Iron Man, Giant-Man, Hulk, Thor, Wasp, and Captain America. The team is later joined by Nova.  In terms of overall tone and style, the series is based principally on the original stories by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The series also uses material from all eras of the comic's run as well as other sources, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Nova is the newest member of the Avengers. Nova  is the main eyes and ears of the viewer as he fights evil and saves the world with his teammates. The Avengers team consist of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Giant-Man, and Wasp.


The Avengers are a team of superheroes, Earth's Mightiest Heroes, based in New York City. Led by Captain America and including such members as Iron Man, Thor, Giant-Man, Wasp, Nova, and Hulk, they are the Earth's foremost defense against super powered threats. The team is headquartered in the Avengers Mansion.


Captain America: a super soldier from the second world war who was frozen in ice, but defrosted decades later to join the team. He has greater strength and reflexes, as well as wielding an impenetrable shield. He is the leader of the Avengers. 

Iron Man: a billionaire who wears a suit to ensure that the shrapnel that impaled him during an attack would not reach his heart. At the same time, the suit contains various weapons and has various models.

Thor: a thunder-god, a prince, a superhero and a member of the Avengers. He was born in Asgard as the son of it's king, Odin. He is the older stepbrother of Loki. He is also the primary wielder of Mjolnir. 

Hulk: the scientist of the group, and turns into a giant, green superhuman after a gamma radiation incident. He also serves as the main powerhouse of the team.

Giant-Man: a renowned scientist who discovered and later isolated a rare type of subatomic particles that could alter the mass of living things or inanimate objects. He dubbed these Pym Particles, and found a way to create more of them and use them. Also having a bond with ants, Hank developed technology that could allow him to communicate with and influence ants. He then developed a suit that could utilize Pym Particles to shrink and grow, and a helmet that could communicate with ants.

Wasp: a woman who gained powers through a procedure involving Pym Particles. She was the girlfriend and later wife of scientist Hank Pym, who was Giant-Man Van Dyne became a superhero known as Wasp, and alongside Giant-Man, fought crime and super villains.

Nova: a space-faring member of the intergalactic police force known as the Nova Corps, He wears a helmet that gives him access to the Nova Force, which grants him superhuman strength and durability, flight, energy projection, telekinesis, universal translation and the ability to breathe underwater and survive in space.


S.H.I.E.L.D. is a top-secret military espionage agency. Under Nick Fury's leadership, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s primary function is to keeping an eye on super-powered threats.


Nick Fury:  the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., the spy agency tasked with keeping an eye on super-powered threats. He is an ally of the Avengers and a recurring character on the show.

Maria Hill: Nick Fury's second in command for S.H.I.E.L.D.

Hawkeye: an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and an expert marksman.

Black Widow: a special agent/field commander of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Falcon: a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. who uses flight technology to fly and fight with his "wing" projectiles.

Clay Quartermain: a loyal captain to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Jimmy Woo: an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.. 

Jasper Sitwell: an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Mockingbird: a special S.H.I.E.L.D. black-ops agent.

Mandroid Battle Suits: armored battlesuits employed by S.H.I.E.L.D. for heavy firepower-based operations. Its systems and weaponry are derived from Stark Industries technology, whom S.H.I.E.L.D. modifed them after Stark refuses to sell weapons to them.

Eric O'Grady: an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Chris McCarthy: an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Phil Coulson: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.


The X-Men is a group of mutants founded by Professor Charles Xavier.the X-Men was formed by Charles Xavier to save the world from threats that may shatter mutant-human relationship and prevented a catastrophic war that exterminates almost all mutants and humans alike leaving the machines left in the world from happening despite being hounded and hunted down by the M.R.D. (Mutant Response Division) an anti-mutant special US military unit.


Professor X: The founder of the X-Men, a mutant who possesses vast telepathic powers, and is among the strongest and most powerful Earth-born telepaths in the Marvel Universe.

Cyclops: leader of the X-Men who can shot optic blasts from his eyes yet he can only control them when he is wearing his visor or sunglasses. If not when he opens his eyes, he will uncontrollably shoot optic blasts at whatever he is trying to see.

Wolverine: a rebellious loner and a member of The X-Men. His rapid healing ability and indestructible adamantium metal claws capable of slicing through almost any substance known to man make him a fearsome combatant.

Storm: a member of X-Men. She can manipulate the weather undoing hurricanes, causing storms in the skies and causing thunder and lightning.

Beast: Though blessed with the agility and strength of a great ape, the blue-furred Henry McCoy's greatest asset is his keen scientific mind. He possesses a genius-level IQ, with extraordinary expertise in genetics, biochemistry and other subjects. He  is a member of the X-Men.

Nightcrawler: a member of the X-men. He is the team's teleporter and is lovingly referred to as "elf".

Angel: a member of the X-Men. His wings can carry up to twice his weight and can fly him to 29,000 feet at speeds up to 159 mph. His enhanced lungs enable him to breathe at high altitudes and he possesses extraordinary eyesight.

Shadowcat: a valuable member of the X-men. She has the power to phase though objects.

Iceman: the joker of the team. Bobby can create ice from his hands to make ice bridges, statues, shields etc. He can even turn his whole body into solid ice.

Jean Grey: a member of the X-Men. She is a telepathic and telekinetic mutant.

Rogue: a member of the X-men. She has the ability to absorb powers and memories making her one of the best mutants there is.

Colossus: a member of the X-Men. He has the ability to change his body's tissue into an organic, steel-like material. This gives him superhuman strength (he can lift at least 70 tons) and protects him from injury. Colossus is also a talented artist, he only reluctantly agrees to use his powers in combat, feeling it is his responsibility to use his abilities for the betterment of human and mutant-kind.

Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four is a group of superheroes consisting of four members imbued by cosmic radiation. They often assist the Avengers in various battles against villains and are often fought by Doctor Doom.


Mr. Fantastic: a genius scientist with an obsession to explore the universe for the unknown. He is the leader of the super-team the Fantastic Four.

Invisible Woman: a member of the Fantastic Four and is Johnny Storm's older sister.

Human Torch: a member of the Fantastic Four and the younger brother of Susan Storm.

Thing: a super hero and a member of the Fantastic Four, He's the main powerhouse of the team.

H.E.R.B.I.E.: the Fantastic Four's robot assistant.

Heroes for Hire

The Heroes for Hire are a small group of superheroes who uses their superhero careers and powers as a way of earning money by working for hire to anyone who needs help.


Luke Cage: a Hero for Hire who has an indestructible skin making him a highly durable ally (as well as a deadly foe) in combat. With his "unbreakable" skin, he can withstand powerful blows and attacks from other foes and is stronger than any super humans but not be as strong as the Hulk or Thor.

Iron Fist: a Hero for Hire who has the ability to focus his chi, and gain enhanced vision and hearing. He can also channel his chi into an iron-powered fist.

Winter Guard

The Winter Guard is a group of Russian superheroes under the Central Command of Russia.

Notable Members

Red Guardian: the leader of the Winter Guard. Red Guardian is shown to be a highly skilled athlete with at least somewhat superhuman physical abilities, enough to go toe to toe with Captain America. Red Guardian used a red painted, circular steel shield similar to that used by Captain America, but with a Russian star on it. 

Darkstar: a member of the Winter Guard. Darkstar has a psychic link to another realm called the Darkforce Dimension. Through this psychic link, Darkstar can draw upon the dark energy of the other dimension and fire shadow-force bolts. She can also use the energy to fly.

Ursa Major: a member of the Winter Guard. Ursa Major is a shapeshifter, capable of transforming into a giant humanoid brown bear. In bear form, Ursa Major posses superhuman strength, durability, claws, and enhanced senses.

Vanguard: a member of the Winter Guard. He possesses enormous strength and durability, and can use his hammer and sickle to generate energy blasts.

Titanium Man: a member of the Winter Guard. He wears an advanced suit of armor made of titanium-iron alloy equipped with advanced weaponry and technology similar to Iron Man's possibly.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy are a group of powerful beings dedicated in protecting the universe from the powers of evil who seeks to conquer or destroy it.

Notable Members

Star-Lord: the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He has no powers but is a skilled fighter and strategist.

Rocket Raccoon: a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He's the marksman gunslinger of the team.

Quasar: a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. She showed remarkable abilities by creating energy weapons.

Adam Warlock: a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He possesses the Soul Gem, which contains a pocket dimension, as well as allowing the carrier to engage other sentient creatures in conversations using the mind, directly.

Groot: a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He is a Flora Colossus from an unknown world. He is shown to have regeneration abilities, even being able regenerate from a completely torn state. He has great stature and strength, although he does not appear to be on par with the Avengers' super-strong members.

Gamora: a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. she has a sword and she use her sword to attack and block approaching projectiles from anyone who's shooting at her.

Drax the Destroyer: a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy  Drax possesses great superhuman strength on a possibly greater level than Thor, and was able to temporarily knock him out with a strong punch. He is far more resilient to damage than most species, being able to brawl with Gamora, Groot, Hulk & Thor without any visible injuries or broken bones.

Other Heroes

A-Bomb: a gamma-powered superhero and a friend of the Hulk.

Beta Ray Bill: a Korbonite hero and guardian, who was assigned to protect his endangered species, the Korbonites. He was given great powers by scientists and genetic of his world, and became very powerful. He's also the only other person who is worthy to lift Mjolnir. He acquired from Eitri his new hammer, Stormbreaker, after finding out by Odin that he was deemed worthy of a noble warrior.

Black Panther: the current king of Wakanda and a honorary reserve member of the Avengers 

Winter Soldier: Bucky was Captain America's partner during World War II. After being brainwashed by the Red Skull, he became an agent known as the Winter Soldier but later broke free and became a freelance mercenary.

Hercules: a god of the Greek pantheon and rival of Thor.

Captain Marvel: an officer of the U.S. Air Force who came into contact with the Kree, and exposure to the energies of a Kree weapon merged her with Kree DNA, transforming her into a Human-Kree hybrid. 

Namor: a superhuman hero and the ruler of Atlantis.

Quake: a superhero who possesses earthquake-producing abilities which earned her hero name.

Quciksilver: a mutant with the ability of super speed. He is the son of Magneto and brother of Scarlet Witch.

Scarlet Witch: the daughter of Magneto and sister of Quicksilver. The Scarlet Witch is a mutant who had the ability to manipulate probability with hex blasts, causing unpredictable and unlikely effects to occur in an area.

She-Hulk: a gamma-powered superhero and cousin of Bruce Banner aka the Hulk.

Spider-Man: a webslinging superhero who is based in New York City. In an argument with J. Jonah Jameson, Tony Stark had mentioned that the Daily Bugle had spread a lot of slander towards the webhead over the years despite the fact that he protected the public from various crimes.

Vision: an artificial superhuman android created by Ultron to be his second in command, who would eventually join the Avengers, serving as their scout.

Doctor Stephen Strange: the Sorcerer Supreme.

Ms. Marvel: a high school student who came into contact with the Terrigen Mist and became imbued with Inhuman abilities, becoming a superhero.



HYDRA is a major terrorist organization led by Baron von Struckeron the present day. The organization was originally led by Baron Zemo and Red Skull during World War II.

Their main goal was to conquer the world. They were stopped by Captain America, Bucky, and the Howling Commandos in World War II and then in the present day, the Avengers.


Baron Strucker: one of HYDRA's main leaders. He led the organization for decades. During one of HYDRA's missions to acquire lost relics of the occult, Strucker came into possession of a gauntlet of immense power, the Satan Claw. Although it cost Strucker his right arm, the gauntlet has given him the ability to sap another person's life force, absorbing it into himself and thereby keeping himself young and strong.

Madame Hydra: one of Baron Strucker's lieutenants in HYDRA. 

Baron von Blitzschlag: the lead scientist of HYDRA.

Arnim Zola: a mad German scientist who created horrible creatures and dangerous weapons for Baron Zemo. He even considers Baron Zemo a friend.

Grim Reaper: an elderly super villain who is a cyborg with flexible agility and a dangerous agent of HYDRA.

Crimson Widow:  a Hydra agent trained by Hydra to be their own evil Black Widow.

Crossbones: a Hyrda assassin-turned-mercenary.

HYDRA Dreadnoughts:  combat amored automatons of HYDRA's military forces upgraded with stolen StarkTech weapons. Their immense strength and weapons are almost compared to Hulk and Iron Man in combat.


A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) is a rogue organization that creates deadly and destructive weapons. Their greatest creation is M.O.D.O.C., Mental Organism Designed Only for Conquest, which betrayed and killed his original creators and took control of the organization. A.I.M. usually steal Stark's technology and used them against him or sell them to anyone who has the ability to pay in the highest bidder.


M.O.D.O.C.:  the leader of A.I.M. and the technorganic super villian with tremendous mental powers and advanced weapons.

Scientist Supreme: the lead scientist of A.I.M. the organization. 

Lyle Getz: an A.I.M. scientist 


The U-Foes are a team of HYDRA backed Scientists who stole a spaceship to duplicate the accident that gave the Fantastic Four their powers.


Vector: The team leader who was given telekinesis. he also gains the powers to repel matter with vectors of pure kinetic energy.

X-Ray: a member of the U-Foes who can create radiation blasts.

Vapor: a member of the U-Foes who has the ability to turn into any form of gas.

Ironclad: a member of the U-Foes who Body is made out of a living metal, and can control his weight and density.

Wrecking Crew

The Wrecking Crew is a group of construction themed super villains, all with their incredible strengths to which no ordinary person could compare.


Wrecker: the leader of the Wrecking Crew.  He has enhanced strength and durability, able to fight even the mighty Thor. He has a crowbar that reminds him of his days as a typical criminal and thief. 

Thunderball: a member of the Wrecking Crew. He has superstrength and durability. He also wields a large Wrecking Ball. 

Piledriver: a member of the Wrecking Crew. He has super strength and durability. 

Bulldozer: the bulk of the Wrecking Crew. He has superstrength and durability to hold on his own in battle.He wears an orange costume with a metal helmet that may help him when he is charging at things. 

Masters of Evil

The Masters of Evil are an organization of super villains lead by Baron Zemo. who have clashed with the Avengers numerous times.


Baron Zemo: one of the first leaders of the terrorist organization HYDRA. Later, he becomes the leader of a group of super villains known as the Masters of Evil. He is also one of Captain America's arch nemesis.

Enchantress: an Asgardian sorceress, super villain and a member of the Masters of evil. She is one of Thor's enemies.

Executioner: the Enchantress' bodyguard and underling. He has always been on her side, taking orders from her whatever she wishes. He is armed with an Asgardian axe with tremendous power of fire and ice.

Melter: a Villain who  invents a device which projected a form of energy that loosened the bonding forces between the molecules of substances, causing these substances to change from solid form to liquid form, thereby melting.

Black Knight: a silent Maggia enforcer with a power-lance which fired heat beams, electrical charges, and concussive electromagnetic force beams. He also used a rope as a lasso, steel cables as bolas, red-hot spinning metal discs, and electrical energy-drainers which resembled doughnuts. He carried a paralyzer pistol which fired nerve gas which could paralyze or kill an opponent. He wore body armor made of an unknown steel alloy.

Radioactive Man: a radiation-based super villain. He can absorb and expel radiation across the spectrum, from heat blasts to high-intensity bursts that can rob objects of their inertia (stopping Thor's hammer in mid-flight). He is super-strong, and highly resistant to damage.

Klaw: a human physicist who has been transformed into solid sound, and who wears a sonic emitter on his right wrist as a prosthetic device.

Whirlwind: a rough tempered super villain who uses wind powers for his own evil deeds. Whirlwind can rotate his body at enhanced speeds, creating a small whirlwind around his body. Even though spinning at high speeds he can maintain his senses on the environment around him. It's rotation is powerful enough to cause small gusts of winds.

Crimson Dynamo: Anton Vanko created the Crimson Dynamo armour in the hope of defeating to his rival inventor Tony Stark (Iron Man). He has no powers but has a large suit of armor similar to the Hulkbuster Armor. He has the most dangerous weapons to wield against anyone who stands in his way. He has superstrength and flight from the armor he's wearing. it also has an array of missiles, machine guns and other offensive weapons in concealed in the armor.

Abomination: Emil Blonsky joined the British SAS. Emil gained his powers after receiving a dose of gamma radiation and an imperfect version of the Super Soldier Serum, similar to that of which transformed Bruce Banner into the Hulk. As a result, he was permanently transformed into a massive green-skinned monster whose physical power two times greater than the Hulk. While he was able to maintain his normal level of self control and intelligence after his transformation, he was unable to return to his human form.

Tiger Shark: a record-breaking Olympic swimmer but otherwise an ordinary human. After Dr. Dorcas' experimental genetic engineering process, he becomes an amphibious humanoid with the traits of a human, an Atlantean (Homo mermanus), and a tiger shark. As Tiger Shark, he possesses the same superhuman strength, stamina, water speed and durability as Namor, although he must be immersed in water to achieve his full strength. On land, he must wear his special costume containing a water circulation system which bathes him with a thin layer of water, to retain his strength. Tiger Shark also possesses an innate hunting instinct inherited from his shark genes, as once he locks onto prey he cannot stop tracking it until it has been captured or he has been forcibly repulsed. He has the ability to survive indefinitely underwater, and has gills on his cheeks and razor-sharp pointed adamantium teeth.

Graviton: Franklin Hall was a scientist who worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. to continue the super soldier project. When his secret experiment went wrong, he achieved gravikinetical powers which drove him power-mad.

.Moonstone: a super villain who's powers are derived from a Kree gravity stone (found on Earth's moon) which is charged with unknown energy and bonded to her nervous system. She can use the stone to fly, and to become intangible so as to pass through solid objects (while intangible she is immune even to some magic-based attacks. She can project laser-like energy beams from her hands (able to penetrate steel plates), and has also shown the ability to discharge non-coherent light omni-directionally in a blinding flash. Additionally, her bond with the stone grants her superhuman strength, stamina, speed and reflexes.

Circus of Crime

The Circus of Crime is a travelling circus headed by the Ringmaster, whose carnival acts are perfomed by criminals who use their superhuman abilities to commit crimes.


Ringmaster: The hypnotist, ringmaster, and leader of the Circus of Crime. Ringmaster wields flamethrower gloves, and can vanish in a cloud of smoke.

Bruto the Strong Man: A strongman from Sweden who possesses incredible superhuman strength and easily overpowered the Hulk for at least one time during their fight in the circus, even talking to him while he was doing it. He is superhumanly durable, able to withstand several of strikes from Mjolnir with little injury. 

Princess Python: A snake charmer who is usually assisted by a giant ball python.

Clown: a member of the Circus of Crime who often uses his clown paraphernalia in attacking his victims, such as using his juggling balls and trick canes.

 Great Gambonnos: they are expert acrobats and aerialists. Both have a pair of blunt force weapons on their arms/hands that are powerful enough to phase Thor.

Human Cannonball: a member of the Circus of Crime who wears padded steel armor to protect his head, shoulders, wrists and feet from the effects of his attack. The armor also offers some protection from physical attacks. He also has a Rocket pack that Enables him to fly and shoot laser blasts.

Trick Shot: a member of the Circus of Crime who has extremely well honed archery skills.

Swordsman: a member of the Circus of Crime who is an Olympic level athlete with no superhuman powers, and is a cunning strategist and highly adept at unarmed combat. The Swordsman is a master in the uses of bladed weapons, especially swords and knives, and his main weapon is a sword modified by the super-villain Mandarin from Makluan technology. By pressing one of the buttons on the sword's hilt, the Swordsman can project a concussive force beam, a disintegrating ray, a large jet of flame, electrical energy in a form resembling lightning, or a stream of nerve gas that induced temporary unconsciousness. He also carries various throwing knives and daggers as needed.


The Zodiac is a criminal cartel bent on world domination. It consists of twelve members, which are based on the Zodiac symbols.


Taurus: the leader of the Zodiac. 

Scorpio: a member of the Zodiac and Taurus's right-hand man.

Aquarius: a member of the Zodiac.

Aries: a member of the Zodiacs and is depicted as a super-strong alien that wears a ram-horned helmet.

Cancer: a member of the Zodiacs

Capricorn: a goat-horned green-skinned alien that wields a flail in battle.

Gemini:  a two-headed alien (one male head, one female head) with four arms.

Leo: a lion-like alien.

Libra: a female alien who wields a weighing scale-like weapon

Pisces: a female fish-like alien.

Sagittarius: an alien with a centaur-like appearance where the horse-half is mechanical.

Virgo: an alien with psychic powers.

Serpent Society

The Serpent Society is a team of super villains with snake powers and abilities.


King Cobra: the leader of the Serpent Society. He has tazers on his wrists, and can shoot missiles from his chest. He can form a metalic tail from his belt which covers his legs.

Anaconda: a member of the Serpent Society and is the only female member of the group, Anaconda is an artificially enhanced being who possesses several superhuman powers. She is superhumanly strong, capable of denting Cap's temporary steel shield with a single punch. She is also able to extend her arms like snakes, which allows her to attack from a distance and to crush her foes like a true anaconda.   

Bushmaster: a member of the Serpent Society. Can extend machete blades from his wrists.

Death Adder: a member of the Serpent Society. He uses his tail to lift people into the air or hit them, He also possesses razor sharp claws.

Rattler: a member of the Serpent Society. He has enhanced strength and can shoot bolts of electricity from his tail.

Constrictor: a member of the Serpent Society. He has metal cables which come out of his wrists, and they have the strength to lift a person into the air.

Cottonmouth:  a member of the Serpent Society. Cottonmouth possesses enhanced jaw and neck muscles, and steel teeth enabling him to bite with sufficient force to crush cinderblock or deform metals softer than iron, hang from a rope by his teeth for up to an hour, and to open his mouth larger than the size of a human head.

Diamondback: a member of the Serpent Society. an athletic woman with no superhuman powers. She has skill in gymnastics, and at pitching small ballistic objects with great accuracy, and at piloting small aircraft. She also has knowledge of general street-fighting techniques, and some jujitsu. Leighton wears a costume of synthetic stretch fabric backed by Kevlar weave, with two biceps-belts and two thigh-belts for carrying throwing diamonds, concealed pockets in the boot tops, boot-heels, glove tops, and brassiere for other throwing diamonds, and throwing diamond earrings. Her personal weaponry consists of throwing diamonds, which are actually 4-inch (100 mm) hollow zirconium octahedrons (though not made of diamond, they are shaped like diamonds) containing various substances; spent uranium, plastic explosives, nitric acid, tear gas, smoke, curare-derived narcotics, etc.


The Skrulls are a shapeshifting and technologically advanced alien race. They are the Kree's sworn enemies in centuries-long war, the Kree-Skrull War.


Veranke: the queen of the Skrulls  and the supervisor of the Skrull infiltration.

Skrull Commander: an unnamed Skrull leading the Skrull invasionary forces in the Secret Invasion.

Skrull Interrogator:  a Skrull doing brutal interrogation process on prisoners of war.

Super-Skrull: a Skrull possessing the powers of the Fantastic Four

Super-Skrulls: For the Skrull Empire military are a handful of Skrulls that are genetically enhanced with the powers of several superpowered and technical advanced people from Earth. 

Skrull Avengers: a group of Skrulls posing as the Avengers.


The Kree are a scientifically and technologically advanced militaristic alien race who have been at war with the Skrulls for galactic domination for centuries. The Kree are ruled by the Supreme Intelligence, an supreme artificial intelligence formed by the finest Kree minds throughout history.


Supreme Intelligence: the sentient AI leader of the Kree Empire.

Yon-Rogg: a Kree Commander of the Kree Imperial Army.

Kalum-Lo: a commander of the Kree military.

Ronan the Accuser: a warrior and a public Accuser of the Kree Empire.

Sentry-459:  a colossal Kree Sentry sent by Yon-Rogg to destroy Earth and pave a way for the Kree to take Earth before the Skrulls do first.

Lethal Legion

the Lethal Legion are a team of super-villains who have clashed with the Avengers numerous times.


Red Skull: one of the arch-nemesis of Captain America and his partner Bucky, second to Baron Zemo and one of the feared commanders of HYDRA during World War II. He is now the Leader of the Lethal Legion.

Absorbing Man: an ex-convict who had gained the ability to shift his body into any substance he touches. He is one of Hulk's enemies.

Titania: the wife of the Absorbing Man. Titania possesses immense superhuman strength that originally enabled her to match individuals such as the Thing, but later increased after performing rigorous prolonged weight-lifting training, Titania's muscles produce considerably less fatigue toxins than the muscles of an ordinary human, granting her superhuman levels of stamina. Titania's body is also highly resistant to physical injury. She can withstand high caliber bullets, temperature extremes, falls from great heights, and severe blunt force trauma without sustaining injury. Titania also possesses extensive experience in street-fighting techniques.

Batroc the Leaper: a mercenary and criminal of France.

Living Laser: a super-villain with the ability to change his corporeal body into living light.

Goliath:  Hank Pym's research assistant. It transpires he has a grudge against Hank and a crush on Janet van Dyne, and when Janet tells him she's not interested, he grows to giant size and dons a version of the Goliath costume.

Beetle: An engineer who invented a battlesuit that enables flight and has other functions.

Man-Ape: One of Wakanda's greatest warriors who performed a forbidden ritual that gave him superhuman strength.

Grey Gargoyle: an ordinary man until he exposed himself to an experimental compound and gained the ability to turn people into stone.

Black Mamba: a super villain who  has limited telepathic abilities that allow her to scan the minds of others nearby. The extent of her telepathy is unrevealed; it is unknown if she possesses other abilities possessed by most telepaths, such as mental communication. She uses this power to extract and project illusions of loved ones into her victims' minds while placing her target in a sedated trance-like state in which they are fixated upon the mental image she has created. She also has the ability  to generate a cloud of tangible Darkforce energy that she uses to ensnare her victim, constricting them with potentially fatal force. The victim, however, is unaware, and views the Darkforce energy as the loved one she has projected into their mind. Trapped in Mamba's ecstatic trance, the victim is completely unaware that they are being strangled and can die in minutes. Mamba can generate Darkforce without first using her telepathic power on an opponent, but with much less efficiency as the target is aware and can avoid the relatively slow-moving Darkforce cloud easier. The full extent of Mamba's control over Darkforce energy has not been revealed. She can also use her Darkforce to surround herself, disguising herself as whomever she wishes to look like. She can use this ability on others, though the field begins to dissipate when it leaves her sight.

Chemistro: an average super-villain armed with an "alchemy gun" that disintegrates and corrodes anything, and anyone who stands in his way.

Blizzard: an old foe of Iron Man. He has an arsenal of cryogenic weaponry to do the job.

Whiplash: Anton Vanko possesses a suit of armor equipped with two energy whips built into the wrists. The whips are shown to be powerful enough to slash through a metal staircase, as well as deflect a barrage of gunfire. He is also a skilled athlete and possesses a deep understanding of robotics, enough that he was able to fashion his suit from a destroyed piece of Stark technology.

Squadron Supreme

Squadron Supreme is a group of alien superheroes from a distant world similar to the Avengers. They chose to solve their planet's problems by taking control of the planet, because they felt partially responsible for the chaos ravaging their planet. As the new authority they took on more than just crime fighting and super-villains, they tackled poverty, hunger, the environment, and public health. 


Nighthawk: the cruel, ruthless, sinister, ego maniacal, calculating, arrogant, narcissistic and wrathful leader of the Squadron Supreme. Nighthawk is a superb athlete who, courtesy of an alchemical potion, possesses mild super-strength and increased agility and durability from dusk till dawn. He has also used several costume aids, such as a jet-powered artificial wing system, artificial claw tips, lasers and projectile weapons. Possibly psychopathic, Nighthawk prides himself on being one step ahead of his enemies and has a massive superiority complex over the Avengers. Throughout the series Nighthawk acts very much like a chess-master, carefully planning his every move and is a brilliant strategist, with an ego matching Iron Man's, Nighthawk is incredibly overconfident and his arrogance will sometimes blind him however given the abilities he has shown this could be justified. Nighthawk has great pride in his team, the Squadron Supreme however unlike the Avengers, Nighthawk only cares for his teammates as means to an end and considers them as pawns to fulfill his goals. While he was power-hungry, Nighthawk was also incredibly deluded when he considered that enslaving the Earth was beneficial to the planet.

Hyperion: a corrupt superhero and a Squadron Supreme member. Hyperion possess superhuman strength, stamina, speed, durability, flight, and in a few cases powerful breath. He  also has greatly enhanced sensory perceptions, which extends to being able to perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum (IR, UV vision; radio hearing and radar) and "atomic vision" - the equivalent of x-ray vision. 

Power Princess: a member of the Squadron Supreme who has similar physical abilities she shares with Hyperion, such as supersonic flight, super-strength, greatly enhanced reflexes, superhuman senses and nigh-invulnerability, her powers also include some life-force based healing abilities; Zarda wields a mystical Sledge sharing many similarities to Mjolnir.

Doctor Spectrum: a member of the Squadron Supreme. He derives his abilities from an alien gem called the Power Prism. It bestow on a host the ability to project and manipulate light energy in various colors; create light energy constructs of various shapes, sizes and colors; flight; protection from the rigors of space and the ability to become intangible. The Power Prism is vulnerable to ultra-violet light.

Speed Demon: a member of the Squadron Supreme. He is able to channel the electrical force into his cellular structure, thereby increasing his movement speed, reaction times, mental processing speeds, thinking speeds & metabolic speed to an extremely potent level and he can go fast even supersonic speed.

Nuke: a member of the Squadron Supreme He can generate radioactive energy from inside his cellular structures & bend it to his will for a variety of effects.  He can project heated energy attacks for offensive purposes. He can project heated radiation blasts from his eyes & mouth. He is also able to fly at high speeds. He is capable of massive superhuman strength, enough to match Hyperion's normal strength in combat. He was even confident in defeating the Avengers without Nighthawk's or Hyperion's help.

Other Villains

Loki:  an Asgardian super villain and the adopted brother/arch-enemy of Thor. He is also one of the Avengers' greatest foes.

Ultron: an evil self-aware artificial intelligence and an enemy of the Avengers.

Dormmamu: an inter-dimensional Lord of Chaos and creator of the Mindless Ones. He is the archenemy of Doctor Strange.

Attuma: an Atlantean warlord

Vlad Dracula: the legendary King of the Vampires.

Blood Brothers: a pair of alien mercenary's.

Ulik: a member of the race of Rock Trolls

Annihilus: a insectoid being from the Negative Zone.

Leader: Once a menial laborer, Samuel Sterns was working as a janitor in the lab where Bruce Banner was working on a gamma project, and it was there that Sterns was exposed to gamma radiation. And while weak but brilliant scientist Banner was transformed into the Hulk, the low-functioning Sterns was transformed into a superhuman genius.

Mandrill: a super villain mutant who can control women with his pheromones.

Magneto: a mutant terrorist, arch-enemy of the X-Men and leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants. He's the father of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

Typhoid Mary: an enemy of the Avengers.

Kang the Conqueror:  a time-travelling conqueror from the 41st century and an adversary of the Avengers.

Zzzax: an electromagnetic intelligent being.

Mojo: a galactic television host from the Mojoverse.

Justin Hammer: the CEO of Hammer Industries and a rival of Tony Stark.

Bi-Beast: a two-headed super villain who is an enemy of the Hulk.

Madman: a gamma-mutated super-villain

Technovore: a nanotech A.I. in the form of a large mechanical parasite that consumes any data, machinery and energy itself.

Mandarin:  a super villain who fought with Iron Man.

Mad Thinker: He has amazing intellect which allows him to think at a fast rate which earned him his name.

Red Ghost: a super-villain who can turn intangible at will. He is accompanied by his Super-Apes who have enhanced abilities of their own.

Griffin: a chimeric super villain. 

Thaddeus E. Ross: a four-star general in the U.S. Army, the commanding officer of the Hulkbuster Unit, and one of Hulk's arch nemesis. He later became a mutated superhuman known as the Red Hulk.

Purple Man: a super-villain with purple skin. Purple Man has the power to take control of people within a small radius of his presence.

Wendigo: a supernatural creature, created when a human consumes human flesh and is cursed thereafter. Over time, multiple people have been afflicted with the curse ever since.

Hypno Hustler: a super-villain with mind control abilities.

Paste Pot Pete: a super-villain with a "paste-gun"

Juggernaut: the step-brother of the Professor X, and enemy of the X-Men .

Malekith the Accursed: a Dark Elf sorcerer who, along with his people, was destroyed by the Frost Giants ages ago.

Nightmare: a demon and ruler of the Dream Dimension.

Wizard: the master of anti-gravity.

Crossfire: a super-villain who steals tech and equipment from super-heroes (including Ant Man) for profit from those who will pay him handsomely. 

Thanos:  an evil intergalactic Titan overlord and an enemy of the Avengers. 

Doctor Doom: a power-hungry mastermind. He has a genius-level scientist, who specializes in advanced robotics, and often employs his own battle robots, called Doombots, to achieve his goals. He is the tyrannical ruler of the country of Latveria.

Galactus: a cosmic being who is known as the Devourer of Worldsbecause of his huge appetite for worlds around the universe. He has heralds to proclaim his arrival on each targeted world he chooses to consume.

Other characters

Edwin Jarvis: a butler to the Avengers.

Abraham Erskine:  the scientist who created the Super Soldier Serum that transforms stick-thin Steven Rogers into battle-physiqued Captain America during World War II.

Balder: an honourary Asgardian warrior and stepbrother of Thor.

Betty Brant: a reporter of Daily Bugle and a friend of Peter Parker.

J. Jonah Jameson: the head of Daily Bugle and an employer of Peter Parker.

The Warriors Three: (Volstagg The Valorous, Fandral The Blade, and Hogun the Grim) are Asgardian warriors and Thor's most trusted allies.

Howling Commandos: an elite combat unit of Able Company consisting of Allied soldiers used for special, high-value black ops missions behind enemy lines in World War II, often against HYDRA.

Aunt May: Peter Parker's aunt.

Jane Foster: a paramedic who works in New York City.

Heimdall: one of Thor's allies in Asgard, and the Guardian of Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge. He is the brother of Sif.

Odin: the ruler of Asgard, the father of Thor and the adoptive father of Loki. He sleeps once a year to regain his strength in a sleep cycle known as the "Odinsleep" to protect his kingdom from invaders like the Frost Giants.

Robbie Robertson: the Daily Bugle's city editor.

Sif: a female shield maiden and warrior in the magical kingdom of Asgard. Her skill in battle is second only to Brunhilde the Valkyrie among Asgardian females. She has a great dislike of Amora the Enchantress for reasons that remain unknown.

Brunnhilde: the leader of the Valkyries.

Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes:  Tony Stark's best friend who is well aware of what he is doing and an officer of the US Armed Forces. He is Iron Man's partner as War Machine.

Pepper Potts: Tony Stark's secretary of Stark Industries. She also keeps track of the Avengers Mansion, and its house guests. She was best friends with Tony and James Rhodes.


Avengers Mansion: originally the Stark family manor, until their only son, Tony Stark, inherited their fortune and soon took on the guise of Iron Man. He donated the mansion to the Avengers and had it financed through the charitable Maria Stark Foundation. It was primarily looked after by the Stark family butler Edwin Jarvis who not only took care of the mansion but also catered to the needs of the Avengers team.

Baxter Building: the home and main headquarters of the Fantastic Four located in New York City.

Grayburn College: a university located in New York City.

Stark Tower: the main building of Stark Industries.

X-Mansion: the home and headquarters of Charles Xavier aka Professor X and his X-Men. It is also a special school for young and gifted mutants.

Yancy Street: a street in New York City.

New York City: a city of Manhattan, USA.

The Raft: one of the four original super villain prisons. Located deep in the ocean near New York City and known only by Nick Fury and a handful of high ranked S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, this prison contains the most dangerous super villains ever captured regardless of being tech or radiation based or genetically altered. Various prison cells are desinged to each specific villain and shuts down their powers if they have any at all.

The Vault: one of the four original super villain prisons operated by S.H.I.E.L.D.. It was built by Tony Stark and designed for technology based villains and as a storage facility for the villains' gear and weapons. HYDRA and A.I.M. have the most people locked up in the vault, along with their leaders.

The Cube:  one of the four original super villain prisons. Located in the Nevada desert, it is designed to hold super villains that were created via radiation from any source. Most of these villains originated from the gamma formula that turned Bruce Banner into the incredible Hulk.

Big House: a miniturized prison located inside the Helicarrier, designed by Henry Pym to lock up super villains inside in a miniturized form. The super villains locked in this prison are just the general mass of everyday super villains. To ensure the villains are kept in line, each inmate is equipped with a device that cancels their powers and are modified for every villains conditions.

Nevada desert: the hottest region of Nevada state in the USA.

Statue of Liberty: a large statue of a woman and is a symbol of democracy and freedom of the world.

Pentagon: the main command center of the U.S. military in the United States of America. 

Washington, D.C.: the capital city of the United States of America.

Las Vegas: a city of the state of Nevada

West Coast: a coast somewhere in western North America.

Hydro-Base: a floating seacraft disguised as a natural island floating off the coast of North America outside US territorial waters.

A.I.M. Headquarters: a secret base of operations of A.I.M..

Doctor Doom's Castle: a personal home of Doctor Doom which is located in Latveria.

United Kingdom of Great Britain: a country off the coast of Europe. It consists of four countries; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The capital city is London. 

Latveria: a European nation and is the home of Doctor Doom.

Russia: a large European nation that reaches near Asia and the Middle East.

Norway: a country in Europe.

Subterranea: a region located beneath the Earth's surface.

Wakanda: a small African nation located at the center of Africa, and home of its king T'Challa, the new and current Black Panther.

HYDRA Island: an island fortress of HYDRA located somewhere in one of the world's oceans.

Negative Zone: a parallel universe made completely of anti-matter where cosmic beings dwell.

Skrullos: homeplanet of the Skrulls. 

Hala: home planet of the Kree species.

Arctic: a cold continent of Earth located in the north. It is inhabited by only some Eskimos. It is where Captain America and Bucky went last, when they chased after the Red Skull. Bucky died, and Captain America froze in the water. The Avengers later found Captain America frozen in the ice, and thawed him back to life.

Bifrost Bridge: the main gateway of Asgard to all of the Nine Realms. The guardian of the Asgardian bridge is Heimdall. It was used by the Asgardians to travel in and out of Asgard and to visit other realms they have never seen before.

Asgard: one of the Nine Realms where immortal Asgardian gods and godesses reside. The kingdom was ruled by Odin, the father of Thor the Thunderer and Loki the Trickster.


Quinjet: an advanced aircraft used primarily by the Avengers for transportation purposes. It has weapons, shields, and auto-pilot modes. It can fly into space, water, and sky too. 

Thor's chariot: a chariot used by Thor to travel along with other people into vast reaches of space. The chariot is pulled by the magical goats Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder.

Sky Cycle: Hawkeye's flying motorcycle.

Captain America's Motorcycle: well, Captain America's motorcycle.

Helicarrier:  S.H.I.E.L.D.'s command ship, carrying many agents, and Nick Fury. 

Hover Car: a flying car equipped with advanced flight and hover systems. It was used by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Quinjets: variant of the Avengers Quinjets used by S.H.I.E.L.D. used for transportation and combat.

Damocles: Kang's time warship. Kang used it to travel through time, and to different planets to conquer them in case his future gets wiped out.

Hulkbuster Attack Chopper: a special type of attack helicopter designed to combat the Hulk.

Hulkbuster Command Vehicle: General Ross's mobile command HQ of the Hulkbuster Units. It was heavily armored and armed with powerful weapons to combat the Hulk.

Hulkbuster Tank:  a special type of assault tank that is quite more powerful than a regular Army tank.

Wakandan Assault Walker: a vibranium-powered ground assault vehicle used for Wakanda's defense.

Hydra-Bot:  HYDRA's only assault multi-purpose walker equipped with advanced technology but were possibly upgraded with Stark's tech.

Armada Ship: a futurist warship of Kang the Conquerer. It houses Scarab fighters for launch and dock. It is equipped with a time drive that serves as its anchor in its targeted timeline. It is armed with laser weapons for offense and defense modes.

Javelin: a medium-sized version of the Avengers Quinjet.


Captain America's Shield: a very unique and powerful shield that can withstand any blow or blast and can be thrown very hard at the target then bouncing to other foes before going back to Captain America, the main user.

Iron Man Armor: an arc-powered sophisticated high-tech armored battlesuit designed and built by Tony Stark. The known wearers are Tony Stark and James Rhodes, their respective hero names being Iron Man and War Machine. The armors Tony Stark has created are very unique and powerful. Many of them have a different purpose in the field.

Avengers ID Cards: identification cards for the Avengers.

Avenger Space Armor: a special armor designed by Iron Man to survive the harshness of cold space.

Mjolnir: the magical Asgardian hammer wielded by Thor. Mjolnir can only be picked up by those it deems worthy. It was created by Eitri. Its magical properties are made of Uru metal, which ignites lightning.

Hawkeye's Bow and Trick Arrows: the main weapons of the archer 

Satan Claw: a mechanical arm-like device that absorbs the youth of the victim making the wearer younger and stronger. It was found by Baron Strucker after World War IIwho used it as his greatest weapon.

Ant-Man's Helmet: a cybernetic helmet created and used by Hank Pym to communicate with insects.

Pym Particles: a special particles discovered by Dr. Henry Pym that can shrink or expand almost anything.

Nova Helmet: Nova’s powers derive from the Nova Force, which is channeled through his helmet.

Bloodaxe: the Executioner's main melee weapon.

Stormbreaker: the magical Asgardian hammer of Beta Ray Bill. It was created by Eitri after Bill was deemed worthy to weild Mjolnir.

Growth Manipulation Suit: a special suit created by Hank Pym that alters the wearer's size into a large giant or a tiny ant through the use of Pym Particles in the belt whenever he activates it.

Crimson Dynamo Armor: he armor created by Anton Vanko to fight Iron Man. It is larger and tougher including powerful weapons and advanced computer systems.

Alchemy Gun: Chemistro's special weapon that spews out dangerous chemicals which may be lethal to anyone who fight him. It contains chemicals which might be very dangerous upon contact.

Sonic Disruptor:  Klaw's main weapon that utilizes vibranium produces it into a deadly sonic weapon.

The Leader's Battlesuit:  a gamma-powered armor created by The Leader

Casket of Ancient Winters: an ancient Asgardian artifact that contain the infinite cold from Niffleheim, the realm of the dishonored dead. It was hidden by Odin long ago in Midgard, where no one knew where it is. Once it is unleashed, it will not stop for all eternity until it's closed by someone who's brave enough to stand the extreme cold.

Cosmic Cube: a powerful item that is said to make the world in the image of the one or make a wish in heart's desires by simply touching it.

Cosmic Control Rod:  Annihilus' powerful cosmic weapon that control swarms of Bugs.

Staff: Mockingbird's powerful steel weapon used in melee combat. It can extend his height and size to make it more deadlier but non-lethal.

The Zodiac Key: an artifact of great power. Its wielder can use the key to throw energy blasts, as well as open and close dimensional portals.

Black Panther Suit:  a cat-like Wakandan ninja suit used by the king of Wakanda as the Black Panther to battle and take down foes. It is coated with Vibranium to absorb and withstand radiation and attacks and is equipped with vibranium weapons in melee and ranged combat.

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