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N/A Avengers: The Symbiote War

The transcript for Avengers: Forces from the Infinity.

The Story Script


(logos of Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Comics are presented)
(it all starts with a small prologue about the Infinity Stones)
Black Bolt: (narrating) Before creation itself, there were six singularities. Then, the universe exploded into existence, and the remnants of these systems were forged into concentrated ingots... Infinity Stones, the greatest power in the universe, unparalleled in its destructive capabilities. Each stone controls an essential aspect of our existence. (each Stone mentioned is presented with a individual silhouetted user using its power) Space (the user is travelling into multiple worlds and planets). Reality (the user is transforming his/her enemies into deformed creatures). Power (the user punches the ground with the stone in his/her fists, causing an energy shock wave to obliterate surrounding foes). Soul (the user is entrapping his/her foes' souls into the Stone). Mind (the user is controlling the minds of his/her foes). And Time (the user is reversing time to undo the deaths of his/her allies). He who possesses all six shall have the endless will to either create... (image of a monk with the Stones flying around him creating a planet appears)... or... destroy. (image of a figure resembling Thanos smiling deviously with the Stones in the Infinity Gauntlet appears as scene also shows populations screaming and disintegrating into ashes)
(scene shifts to Present Day; in the Collector's museum in Knowhere, where Taneleer Tivan the Collector is ambitiously inspecting a new part of his collection (which is off-screen))
Taneleer Tivan the Collector: Yes... yes... now this... this of all my collection... is most certainly the most beautiful treasure I have ever paid for. Such power. Such grace. Such voice of which all of Knowhere shall hear from! (scene cuts to the relic, which is revealed to be a 1990s Walkman similar to the one which previously belonged to Peter Quill / Star-Lord; Tivan's new assistant stares at him with a smile and a alien scavenger stares at him confused) Now... where did I put that sound conductor? (he walks by)
Knowhere Scavenger: I still don't get why he spends so much time admiring all this junk he pays for. Including those weird stuff from Earth.
The Collector's Assistant: Well... there is a reason why they call him the Collector. After all, for what good would he go for that name if he didn't collect relics from other worlds.
Knowhere Scavenger: (uninterested) Hmm, if we really wants to waste so many valuable units for nothing but all that, then let him. (leaves)
Taneleer Tivan the Collector: (hears the conversation and acts annoyed) Scavenger fool. (he finds a pair of Sound Boxes) Well... those will do. (suddenly, live broadcasters play across the city) Now... what?! Can a Collector NOT have a private moment of peace and quiet?! If this is from another unsatisfied buyer of mine....
(the broadcasters show a injured Nova trooper contacting the city)
Nova Soldier: Can anyone read me? We are under attack! The Nova Corps Central Base is in chaos! Thanos and his Outriders have broken through. He's coming after the Infinity Stones[1]! We-- (Thanos comes by) Oh, no! P-Please...! Don't-- ARGH!! (Thanos kills the soldier off-screen as the people of Knowhere and a terrified Tivan watch in horror)
Thanos: (he takes the recorder and broadcasts for Knowhere) I know you can see and hear me, Taneleer Tivan. And I know you possess one of the Stones. And I demand you to surrender that Stone immediately or you will have to decide who shall pay for your sacrilege. You or your people in Knowhere. If you care about them, that is.
(transmission ends. Scene shifts to Tivan programming the computers to generate a stone made of an unknown fluid around a box containing the Reality Stone inside it)[2]
The Collector's Assistant: Aren't you going to surrender it to Thanos? He's going to destroy this city if he doesn't have it.
Taneleer Tivan the Collector: The Asgardians said it was unwise to have two Infinity Stones together. It is better this way. This Terrigen Fluid should keep the Stone camouflaged. Lord Black Bolt would have my head if he ever knew I discreetly borrowed this experiment from him. (his assistant tries to electroshock him in his back, but Tivan stabs her stomach with a dagger) I'm sorry, my dear. But my choices are limited. (the machine forges the rock with the box concealed in it and rockets it away. Then, a pack of Chitauri spawns appear to confront Tivan) My sincere apologies, Gentlemen. But I'm afraid I no longer own the Stone you master has sent you for. So please... you may -- (he is hit by a electroshock shot in his back by his assistant with her last strength)
The Collector's Assistant: (weakly) Take him... but spare... my people. (she passes out succumbing to her wound and dies as the Chitauri take Tivan to their ship. A girl sees everything and uses a communicator. Scene shifts to Peter Quill / Star-Lord's ship the Milano II, where Groot answers the Girl's calling. Gamora also overhears the conversation and sees footage of Xandar being ravaged by Thanos, reacting to this disappointed)
(as scene shifts to the rock across space, the opening titles are presented)

Walt Disney Pictures presents... in association with Marvel Comics... Avengers: Chronicles of the Infinity

Paragraph 1

(scene shifts to the rock flying towards Earth and crash lands on a hill near Queens in New York. The impact causes a large Terrigen Cloud to spread across the Globe. Kamala Khan is walking by until she is affected by the cloud and is enveloped by a Terrigen Cocoon. Scene shifts to next day, in which Peter Parker is swinging around New York as Spider-Man)
Aunt May: (phone call) So, Peter? How are you doing in the new suit Tony gave you?
Peter Parker: (he is shown in his second Stark-Tech suit) I'm doing pretty good actually. Had a hard time mastering those Spider-Legs, but I'm doing well. Oh, and I just went to the area that meteor crash-landed last night... and I found something in it. I don't know what it is, but had the same markings on that artifact.
Aunt May: (scene shifts to Aunt May inspecting a unknown mystical artifact) You think maybe it could be like... the key? The key to unlock its power?
Peter Parker: (swings towards his home) Only one way to find out. (scene shifts to the two with the artifact as Peter opens the box with the Reality Stone inside it) Shall we take any chances?
Aunt May: Depends. Your "Spider-Senses" aren't detecting anything dangerous about it. Are they?
Peter Parker: (approaches the Stone to the artifact. He stops at the moment, but feels nothing) Don't feel my bones vibrating. Don't feel any voice saying: "No, Peter! Don't do it!". Nothing. (Aunt May just stares at him) Yeah. I think it's safe. (he approaches the Stone to the artifact. The Stone shakes and quickly attaches itself to the hole in the artifact. The artifact ignites a massive light as a light-wave spreads across the Globe. The light clears out and Peter and Aunt May find themselves unharmed) Are we dead?
Aunt May: (looks around and sees that apparently, nothing happened) Nope. I don't think so. (scene shifts to the two in the cave the artifact was found) I really don't know what kind of power this thing just unleashed. But...
Peter Parker: Yeah. I know. It's better to leave it where we found it. (he puts the artifact in a wall it attaches itself into. He tries to remove the Stone, but it is stuck) I can't take it off.
Aunt May: Maybe it's also where it's meant to be. We can't take it off. (suddenly, the walls ignite light and show them visions of unknown worlds and dimensions) I feel we're on the cusp of a real breakthrough.
Peter Parker: I know. But I feel like this is just the beginning.
(scene shifts to Kamala breaking out of the Terrigen Cocoon as her eyes ignite energy light)

Paragraph 2

(next scene, Spider-Man is swinging around New York until he overhears news about people cheering on the Avengers)
Spider-Man: (sees images of Captain America among the Avengers who are worshiped) Funny. I thought people started hating him when he voted against the Accords. What's happening? (approaches a newspaper man) Excuse me. May I...?
Newspaper Man: On the house, Spidey. (hands him a Newspaper)
Spider-Man: Thanks. (he swings away, lands on a rooftop and reads the Newspaper, which says that Captain America and his faction of Avengers have been pardoned by the President and the Sokovian Accords were shut down) Well, it's about time. Never really liked the Sokovian Accords Idea anyway. And I'll admit it. I never really thought Cap was a criminal. Maybe a bit off-limits, but that didn't prove he could be evil. (from the distance, he sees Steve Rogers and Tony Stark meeting at the Avengers Tower) Huh oh. (swings towards the Tower) Please, don't fight. Please, don't fight. Please, don't fight. Do NOT fight. (he makes it closer and, after a suspenseful moment, Rogers and Stark smile and shake hands and hold their fists in the air for the people, who cheer) (relieved) Didn't fight. What a relief. (sees Ross come by) But here comes the party pooper. Which's not a good thing.
Secretary Ross: Why are you making peace with him, Stark?! He's supposed to be in prison! He and his metal armed henchman! He killed your parents! Don't you remember?!
Tony Stark: I know. But after the big visions I just had this morning... and after accepting the fact that Bucky never really meant to do what he did lately as one of Hydra's pets, I decided that Cap and I should continue things the way they were like the old times. Shame you didn't have that vision too.
Secretary Ross: If this is the way you want, Stark... so be it! (policemen arrive) Why it's about time! Will at least you people do this favor for your kind?
Police Man #1: Sure, we are. (surprisingly handcuffs Ross)
Secretary Ross: What?! What do you think you're doing?! You should be arresting them! Not me!
Police Man #2: Yeah? But the way we see it, I say you don't have any authorities around here anymore, Monster Maker.
Secretary Ross: "Monster Maker"?! How dare you?!
Betty Ross: (coming in) They're doing what has to be done. Unlike you, who only did what you wanted to do so desperately for the sake of your career. Without even caring about any innocent life you could've endangered.
Secretary Ross: (shocked) Betty?! W-what's going on? Why are you...?!
Betty Ross: For a moment, I thought you changed your ways. And your heart after that fight you brought on Bruce. But the way I see it, you still aspire to be that same obnoxious overbearing tyrant who cares more about weapons than people. Even his family! And I only asked myself: "Why should I think that tyrant is really my father?". (tears of anger slide from her eyes in her face)
Secretary Ross: Betty, please! I... I did this for you! I... (she brutally slaps his face as Rogers, Stark and Spider-Man only watch stunned)
Betty Ross: You don't get to lie to me like you always did! Not anymore! Or, as I should say... don't ever talk to me again! (Ross is brokenhearted as the policemen take him in)
Policemen #2: Okay, people. Nothing to see. The show's over. Time to go home. (they leave) Sorry, Mr. Stark. Just trying to make things private.
Tony Stark: Nothing to worry about. They only wanted to hear of the reassembling. Nothing else. (approaches Betty) Are you okay?
Betty Ross: Yes, It's just that... I'm sorry. I...
Steve Rogers: It's alright. We get your point. If I heard right, he was the one responsible for what Doctor Banner had been through. Right?
Betty Ross: Aside of disrespecting what you learned and taught us in the WWII. That a war is not won by weapons, but by the men who wield them. Right?
Steve Rogers: Yes.
Tony Stark: Well, we should see it at the bright side. At least with him out of the way, Banner won't be called a fugitive anymore. None of the Avengers will.
Betty Ross: I'm really pleased to hear this. Although I wish Bruce was here to know about it.
Steve Rogers: We promise you. Wherever he is, we'll find him. We have to. (pauses) And it's not just the three of us talking here. Is it? (they eventually notice Spider-Man) How much have you been listening?
Spider-Man: Well... The whole conversation actually. I came here to be sure you two wouldn't have that big fight you had in the Airport and... Err... Sorry if I got in this talk without getting called. I just...
Tony Stark: No problem. Nobody's forbidding anyone of anything. You're welcome to join the talk. As much as you're still welcome to join the Avengers.
Peter Parker: (relieved) Thanks, Mr. Stark. (unmasks himself) It's actually really good to be invited somewhere. Either I'm wanted or not. You know what I mean?
Betty Ross: Such an awfully young man. (to Tony) Where'd you find him?
Tony Stark: In Queens. He got his powers after some lab spider in school field trip bit him... well... it's a long story.
(Scene shifts to Kamala Khan walking around while phoning her mother)
Kamala Khan: I'm fine, ammi. I just felt strange for a while. But nothing wrong happened. I swear. (her mother continues speaking) Yes. Sure. I'll do it. Okay, ammi. Love you too. Bye. (she ends call. Then, she enlarges her fists) Okay. That was a fair start. I just need to concentrate more. I can do this. I know I can. (she enlarges her hands and stretches her arms towards two large boulders and, without walking, she puts them in a nearby abandoned building; amazed) Wow. I'm getting pretty good in this. With some practice, who knows how far I'll go?
(scene shifts to Peter in the training room of the Avengers Facility, where he is practicing more about the use of the Iron Spider suit and training with Doctor Stephen Strange, Vision, Bucky Barnes / White Wolf and T'Challa / Black Panther)
Steve Rogers: So, about that maniac, the Vulture... I heard he tried to throw an entire plane into the Tower. Was it true?
Tony Stark: Yeah. He was looking to get revenge on the D.O.D.C. for ruining his salvaging company and went on smuggling and selling weapons made of Chitauri technology. From all the scrap he and his guys kept after we fought Loki.
Steve Rogers: And about those Chitauri... we still don't know so much about them. And even less do we know who commands them.
Tony Stark: We'll figure out. We have to.
(they hear ringing bells; Peter had succeeded on the training and the other heroes training with him congratulate him)
Steve Rogers: So... from Queens. Isn't he?
Tony Stark: Yep. And I'll tell you. He's got a pretty attractive aunt.
Betty Ross: You better not be flirting with her, Tony. Pepper might bite your head off.
Peter Parker: (his cellphone rings) Pause for a minute? Thanks. (he answers the call) Yeah, Ned? (he continues listening) Yeah? Mmm-hmm. Uh-huh. Okay. I'm going in. (ends call) I gotta go. My friend just met a girl who got her powers yesterday. And he said she might need my help about it.
Betty Ross: (to Stark) Is he sure about this?
Tony Stark: Well, he did prove himself when he stopped the Vulture from blowing up the Avengers Tower with that plane full of Arc Reactors.
Steve Rogers: Not to mention that he also saved him from killing himself in that armor's explosion. After all that... I'd say he's ready for this. (he and Stark nod at Peter that they agree)
Peter Parker: Thanks. (he walks by and approaches the other heroes and, as he speaks, he shares a hand shake with Vision, a fist bump with Bucky, a Wakandan salute with T'Challa (similar to the one he shares with Shuri) and a taekwondo salute with Doctor Strange) Oh. And, by the way, it's been a pleasure to train with you guys. Maybe we should do this again sometime. What do you think?
Vision: Indeed, we could.
Doctor Stephen Strange: You're one spirited young man, Peter. It will be a pleasure indeed.
(Peter thumbs up and swings away)
Bucky Barnes: Always like this. Isn't it?
T'Challa: What is like this?
Bucky Barnes: A teen rushes off like this if there's a girl involved...
T'Challa: It's either for this kind of private moment you may be thinking about or... because he really is needed.
Vision: (sees Peter swinging) But this may be just the beginning. Something more will happen after this.
Betty Ross: (to Stark) I know it's not much of my business, but... He didn't happen to tell you where he got bitten by this lab spider. Did he?
(before Stark can answer, scene shifts to Ned and Kamala in a Baseball Camp)
Ned: (seeing Peter coming; to Kamala) Here he is. (Peter lands in and they share a fist bump) You sure you can handle this one?
Peter Parker: As sure as I'll ever be.
Ned: Well, I'll go see if we got what we need for that new invention we've been talking about. You two enjoy the day. And good luck. (Peter thumbs up as Ned takes the bike and rides away)
Kamala Khan: (seeing Peter in his Spider-Man suit) My... Now I see why there was this rumor in Midtown that you're a "friend to Spider-Man".
Peter Parker: I know. You're not upset about it, are you?
Kamala Khan: No. I'm actually pretty happy to know about it. I'd only be upset if I were like those people who don't understand a real thing about real heroes. (they smile at each other)
Peter Parker: (he then looks around) So... shall we see what you can do?
Kamala Khan: Yeah. I did learn a few tricks, but... I could really a few more with someone like you. (they hold each others' hands and stare at each other with shy smiling faces)
(scene briefly shifts to the Dimensional Cave, where the Reality Stone starts igniting light)

Paragraph 3

(scene then shifts to the Statesman, the Grandmaster's stolen vessel, where Thor and the people of Asgard are enjoying themselves as Thor speaks to Loki)
Loki: Do you really think it's a good idea to go back to Earth?
Thor: Yes, of course. People on Earth love me, I'm very popular.
Loki: Let me rephrase that. Do you really think it's a good idea to bring me back to Earth?
Thor: Probably not, to be honest. But, much on Earth changed through these days. I wouldn't worry, Brother. I feel like everything's gonna work out fine.
(scene cuts to Heimdall navigating the ship. He hears the song "The Rubberband Man" by The Spinners playing)
Heimdall: Is there anything like those song conductors from Midgard in this ship? Or is it...? (radars detect an incoming ship, which is where the sound is coming from. Scene cuts to Thor and Loki) (radio voice) Thor? There is a ship incoming. Shall I allow its entrance?
(they see the Milano II approaching, a close-up reveals Groot and Rocket piloting while the song continues playing in the background)
Background Lyrics: "Hey ya'll prepare yourself for the rubberband man
You've never heard a sound
Like the rubberband man
You're bound to lose control
When the rubberband starts to jam
Loki: (unamused) Am I really seeing a spaceship piloted by some talking mammal and a living tree?
Thor: Those must be the Guardians of the Galaxy as I heard of. (radios Heimdall) Heimdall. Let our guests in.
(Heimdall opens the Hangar Doors and the Guardians land the Milano II before they salute to Thor)
Loki: (to himself, frustrated) I knew I should've stayed on Sakaar.
Thor: So what brings you here, Guardians?
Mantis: Only that we must be prepared, Thor Odinson. We must unite.
Gamora: The people of Xandar were attacked. Thanos has begun his hunt for the Infinity Stones.
Thor: How many did he collect so far?
Peter Quill: With our luck, only one so far. But we still gotta stay ahead of him before he gets the other five.
Thor: It will be done. We will do it. Together.
Groot: (looking at Thor, noticing the light armor, the missing left eye and the absence of Mjolnir) I am Groot. ("But we don't know how you can.")
Rocket: He's right. How ya gonna help take him out like that?
Thor: (walks next to a sword) He may be one of the most powerful beings in the Universe as they say he is. (he takes the sword) But if he believes that he can have what he wants... even with one of the Stones in the Gauntlet, (ignites lightning in his eye, body and sword) he'll see the price for his mistake. (the alarm blurs as the Sanctuary II approaches) Valkyrie! Take the citizens to shelter! Korg! Hulk! Prepare yourselves!
Valkyrie: I'm on it. Everybody. Follow me. (she goes on and the citizens follow her)
Peter Quill: You go with them, Mantis. We got this. (Mantis nods for yes and goes on)
Korg: We're gonna do this. We're gonna do this. We can do this. Right?
Hulk: Just keep your heads up.
(the Sanctuary II gets closer as Ebony Maw makes his announcement)
Ebony Maw: Hear me, and rejoice, people of Asgard. You have had the privilege of being saved by the great Titan. You may think this is suffering. No. It is salvation. Universal scales tipped toward balance because of your sacrifice. Smile, for even in death, you have become... children of Thanos. (he and the Black Order teleport to the Statesman)
Thor: You can tell your master... the people of Asgard will not wield to his will!
Thanos: (comes out of the Sanctuary II and faces the crew) Your dedication is quite inspiring, Odinson. Yet, futile if you believe you can stop me. Even without your faithful hammer. So I ask... what hope do you possibly offer to your kind?
Thor: One I hold until I draw my last breath. Because this is what heroes do.
Thanos: And before I decide to take your entire people instead of just half of them... like it's my mission to do wherever I go... Surrender the Tesseract and I may let you and your people live.
Thor: You're wasting your breath here, Titan. The Tesseract as you seek has been destroyed in Asgard. You will not find here or anywhere else.
Rocket: Err... Thor?
(they stare at the Tesseract in the base. Thor stares angrily at Loki)[3]
Thanos: (chuckles cruelly) Just amusing. Such confidence like yours, which betrays you today, Asgardian. (he walks towards the Tesseract, but Thor backhands him with Odin's staff powered by Thor's lightning)
Thor: If you really want it, you will have to get through me! (he and Thanos fight ferociously)
Corvus Glaive: We must get the Tesseract! (he and the Black Order rush towards the Tesseract)
Peter Quill: Not at our watch!
Hulk: Let's smash!! (he and the other heroes fight the Black Order members off)
Proxima Midnight: (fighting Gamora) Look at you. Our father saved us all. And this... this is how you repay him?!
Gamora: He didn't "save" me! He never did! He only slaughtered my people! Took me away from them! And made me pay the price for his crimes. Just like he did to all of you.
Proxima Midnight: I once admired you as a warrior. One who saw mercy as a weakness. But I see... that your emotional care for these pathetic creatures proves the truth about you. So flawed and weak! Just your people! Just like... (darker tone) Nebula. (she and Gamora fight more ferociously)
Thanos: (he and Thor continue fighting until Thanos gains the upperhand) Now if there are no further interruptions... (he approaches the Tesseract, but suddenly, he senses something in the Gauntlet) What...? (scene shifts to the Reality Stone in the Dimensional Cave igniting hard light. Back in the Statesman, the Power Stone and the Tesseract ignite at the same level and Thanos begins to feel pain as the Gauntlet burns his arm and a blast wave knocks him away from the Tesseract. The Black Order members watch in disbelief and the heroes are confused) How?!
Ebony Maw: I know this is a coward's thinking, father. But...
Thanos: Yes. We must go. (to Thor) This isn't over.
(Thanos and the Black Order teleport back to the Sanctuary II, which departs to far away)
Peter Quill: Is it just me or did the Tesseract somehow become unstable for him?
Groot: I am Groot? ("What happened?")
Thor: I don't know. I never saw this happen before.
Gamora: (inspects the Tesseract) But I think I did.
Hulk: You did?
Rocket: Well, she was raised by Thanos. She probably saw it and knows.
Peter Quill: How did this happen? Why couldn't Thanos get the Tesseract?
Gamora: The same thing which once stopped him from destroying half of the universe with the other Gauntlet before... and is about to do so again with this one soon enough. The bond between a human and a... Inhuman.
(most of the heroes are stunned, except Hulk, who is confused)
Hulk: Huh?

Paragraph 4

(scene shifts back to the Avengers Facility)
James "Rhodey" Rhodes: (to Rogers and Stark) You guys up to find Thor? Radars say he's coming to Earth with a massive crew following him.
Steve Rogers: And Hulk must be with them. Doctor Strange? Can you get us to them?
Doctor Stephen Strange: Of course.
(back in the Statesman, as the other Asgardians feel relieved, Thor and the crew discuss with the Guardians)
Thor: A Human's bond with a Inhuman? Are you sure about this? If I heard correctly, they dissociated themselves from Earth long after this unknown war.
Gamora: Yes. But the Inhumans had also left descendants on Earth. Numerous descendants. Their powers are awakened by exposure to an ancient Kree experiment known as the Terrigen Mist. It has been like this... for decades.
Peter Quill: And, just to recap the question, Gamora... When did it happen before? The destruction of the first Gauntlet?
Gamora: Like I said: during the bond between a Human and a Inhuman. (flashback plays. We see Attilan, then, the Inhuman Royal Family inspecting the Power Stone with their human associate Louise) It was a normal day in Attilan, when the members of the Inhuman Royal Family were having plans about how they could keep the Power Stone contained. Their experiment was being overseen by this young human woman who formed a close friendship to them. Until Thanos attacked. (scene shifts to Thanos and his Outriders attacking Attilan) Thanos believed that having the Space Stone in the Gauntlet would grant him access to the Power Stone and obliterate all Attilan with just a snap of his fingers. He was wrong. (Louise, Medusa and Crystal embrace to comfort each other as Black Bolt, Karnak and Gorgon hold their own against Thanos. Then, we see the Power Stone and the Space Stone powering up and Thanos feeling pain as the Gauntlet begins to fracture) The bond was so powerful, that even Thanos couldn't fight it. And less than that, could he save the Gauntlet. (Thanos screams as the Gauntlet's cracks ignite hard light and the Gauntlet explodes. Scene shows Thanos laying down fallen in the ground and the Gauntlet broken to pieces and the Space Stone released. Thanos stands in the mercy of Black Bolt) He paid the Ultimate Price for his mistake. And with it... he suffered the wrath of Attilan's king Black Bolt. (Black Bolt's crown powers up)
Black Bolt: BEGONE! (he lets out a powerful sound wave from his voice, sending Thanos and his armada away from Attilan. From the Sanctuary I, Gamora observes with a secret smile)
Gamora: (flashback ends) Ever since then, Attilan has become, of all places on the galaxy, the only world that Thanos never got to conquer or destroy. Because he knew... that if he ever went that way again, even if one of the Stones with him... he wouldn't come back. Ever again.
Rocket: Okay... so... how powerful is this Black Bolt?
Gamora: Almost as powerful as Thanos, if he doesn't have the Gauntlet. And it's because of his power that he's not much of a talker.
Peter Quill: Yeah. Let me guess. He creates like sound waves with his voice?
Gamora: Exactly. With even the slightest whisper, with which he could level an entire mountain and also obliterate an entire city in the blink of the eye.
(the others react to this stunned, but amazed)
Drax the Destroyer: How can a king like this one speak with his people if he cannot literally speak?
Gamora: Now this... some say he... (alarm blurs)
Rocket: Grr! Another invasion?! Gimme a break!
(Thor senses something)
Thor: Calm yourself, Rabbit. It is no threat of invasion as I sense this time.
Rocket: (angered) Rabbit?! Why you...! (a light ignites as a teleportation portal opens) Okay. What's with the light show?
(from the portal, comes Doctor Strange)
Thor: (pleased) Doctor. (they shake hands) Quite a pleasure to see you around again.
Doctor Stephen Strange: Likewise, Odinson. You changed your hair by the way.
Thor: Unintentionally. But I'm still me.
Loki: (displeased) Not him again. (approaches Strange in a threatening fashion) Now if you even think about making a large hole beneath me and get me to fall this long height for 30 minutes like before, I promise you. I will personally...! (interrupted by Groot, who enlarges his arm and taps Loki's mouth shut)
Thor: Thank you, Groot. (to Strange) So? Is anyone else with you?
Doctor Stephen Strange: You might say.
(from the portal, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Sam Wilson and Vision emerge)
Sam Wilson: (noticing Thor's new look) New haircut... New eyepatch... Not bad.
James "Rhodey" Rhodes: Assuming that he traded his hammer for all that...
Gamora: (to Quill) A chance you'll be seeing your old world again.
Peter Quill: My old world, yes. Only hard to think of my old home.
(Thor greets his old comrades as Hulk and Romanoff share a smile)
Natasha Romanoff: The Sun's getting low now, big guy.
Hulk: About time.
(Romanoff touches the Hulk's hand and he slowly and peacefully reverts to Bruce Banner)
Natasha Romanoff: How are you, Bruce?
Bruce Banner: Been really tough days, Nat. But... it's good to be back.

Paragraph 5

(scene shifts to Midtown School of Science and Technology in Queens)
Peter Parker: Now, all it takes is this core and... (he carefully puts a small Arc Reactor prototype in a device he and Ned are working on. The device powers up safely) (smiles) Excelente! (Italian for "Excellent")
Ned: Just what the Doctor ordered. (they high five and fist bump)
Betty Ross: (checks the device's status, indicating it is operational) The stabilizer's working. Nice job you two.
Both: Thanks.
Betty Ross: So, what do you plan to use it for, Peter?
Peter Parker: Request from a friend. The one whom Ned told me about. And I went to see.
Betty Ross: That's a lot sweet of you. For real. (Peter makes a shy smile and Betty looks at a manual to build the device) Bruce will love having this. It'll be most useful for what he wears. Because... you know what happens when changes to the Hulk. Right?
Peter Parker: Needless to say that twice.
Principal Morita: Excuse me, Doctor Ross?
Betty Ross: Yes?
Principal Morita: There are some students in the second floor in need of a Biology Teacher. And if I heard correctly, they're great fans of your work. You wouldn't mind doing them this favor. Would you?
Betty Ross: Oh, that... would be a pleasure. Of course. (to Peter and Ned) More about your project next time? (they two nod for yes)
Principal Morita: (before he leaves, he addresses to Peter and Ned) By the way, you boys... you two did a great work with your stabilizer. (thumbs up) Keep it up. (leaves and Peter and Ned fist bump) And one more thing, Peter?
Peter Parker: Yes?
Principal Morita: Just in case you get to meet Mr. Stark again... Could you convince him to have an appointment with Professor Modell? Just to supervise one of those Arc Reactor prototypes which Adrian Toomes stole. Hmm?
Peter Parker: Sure. I'll see what I can do about it. (Morita thumbs up and smiles. Scene shifts to Peter presenting the stabilizer to Kamala in her bedroom in her home) Okay, so... first, you put this (the bracelet) on our arm. It'll analyse your blood and DNA to duplicate your powers. Then, you use this (the costumizer gun) to modify and transform your suits into what you made in the customization system. It's easy. With just some willpower, and you'll have your superhero suit well done in no time.
Kamala Khan: That's quite of a advanced tech. Mr. Stark shared it with you?
Peter Parker: Yeah. He's been sharing tech with me after I earned more of his trust since my last battle with the Vulture. And... part of that tech also belongs to Princess Shuri. She also shared a bit of her tech with Stark Industries after her brother decided to reveal to us the big truth about Wakanda... and its great treasure.
Kamala Khan: And you know what's unbelievable? Most of these people's heroes have been having little secrets to hide from everybody. Well... all except for you, that is.
Peter Parker: Yeah. And I'm still not sure if I'm ready to show my real self like Tony did when people asked about who Iron Man was. Not yet. (Kamala puts her hand on his shoulder with a supportive smile) By the way, do you...?
Kamala Khan: Yep. Everything you just said about the stabilizer... I got it all in mind. Also, Peter... before you go... I just want to thank you for your big support, your humble care, and... (she hugs him)
Peter Parker: Anything for a friend in need. Especially a pretty one like you... (immediately after hearing this, they pause with a slowly shy smile in their faces) Well... (chuckles nervously) ...slipped out. Didn't it?
Kamala Khan: (chuckles happily) It's okay. You can say that as much as you like. Because I appreciate that. (kisses his cheek and passionately embraces him)
Peter Parker: (hears a Police Car siren outside the bedroom) So, you got this one? (Kamala nods for yes) Okay, then. (kisses her hands) Good luck. (the Spider-Man mask attaches itself to his head as he jumps off the window and swings away to chase the criminals. Kamala continues watching him and sighs passionately, appearing to now have a crush in him. Scene shifts to the Dimensional Cave, where the Reality Stone again ignites with light)
(scene shifts back to the Statesman. Stark, Rogers and Thor are discussing about rebuilding Asgard on Earth)
Tony Stark: I'd say that big area where Sokovia was located in should do pretty well.
Steve Rogers: Even though we do have to think about what to do with that big hole. Which's still in there after that battle with Ultron. You ever think about it?
Tony Stark: Well, Pepper and I were planing to build a Geokinetic device which should empower and rise up the debris and stabilize the area. Although we only have the Vibranium, which won't be enough.
Steve Rogers: Maybe if we could use the Tesseract as the core, the device may have enough power.
Thor: Perhaps. The Stone was never used for such purposes like this. It was primarily used for transportation. But it could be possible. (Wong clears his throat to call Thor's attention) Yes?
Wong: My apologies if I may be rudely interrupting this conversation, Odinson. I just went to inform you... You have a visitor. (he reveals Jane Foster (in her Asgardian dress) coming in and smiling innocently at him)
Thor: You two wouldn't mind if I...? (Rogers puts a hand on his shoulder with a smile like he agrees before he, Stark and Wong walk away. Then, Thor addresses to Jane) Before I hear anything else, I know what you're gonna say. I've had a new haircut.
Jane Foster: (giggles happily) It's still nice that way. Like it was before.
Thor: (in a look of regret) I'm sorry, Jane. About the last time we've met, I... I didn't mean to... I...
Jane Foster: (puts her finger in his lips) It's okay, Thor. I understand. You were feeling torn between either staying on Earth or Asgard. I know. You felt like you couldn't afford to be in both worlds. I'm just glad you can now. (touching Thor's face, noticing his scars and missing eye) It must've been a rough battle you had. Having to face the loss of your father... and a paradise like that one. Because of something that even the mightiest couldn't stop.
Thor: It really was. But at least I know... Asgard isn't truly gone for good. Because, if I learned well, Asgard isn't necessarily a place. Only a people.
Jane Foster: (smiling) Such a bright truth. Then, now we know... there was a piece of Asgard everywhere all along.
Thor: Like there was before and will always be.
(Mantis slowly walks near the Tesseract)
Gamora: (notices Mantis) Mantis?
Mantis: I can feel something through the Tesseract. I feel... the bond.
Vision: I feel it too. (he and Wanda touch the Mind Stone) It's growing stronger.
Wanda Maximoff: (Wanda reads Vision's mind) The human and the Inhuman responsible for this... they're... young. But still... stronger than they seem to be.
Doctor Stephen Strange: (the Time Stone in the Eye of Agamotto) The Stones are all reacting to this bond. I can see it too. The connection is not to be rejected.
James "Rhodey" Rhodes: (sees the radars in his armor) Something's up, guys. But weird, but big.
Sam Wilson: And reacting really hard.
Natasha Romanoff: You think Thanos will feel it too?
Steve Rogers: (scene shifts to Thanos torturing Tivan; voice over) Knowing that all of them... even the one he possesses will answer... Without a doubt... he just might.
Taneleer Tivan the Collector: (sit in a chair partially bruised; weakly) You... you have to... believe me... my lord! I swear! I don't know!
Thanos: Do not expect me to be fooled by your attempts to act like a innocent witness. Because I know... I know you sent the Stone away to somewhere across the cosmos so I would not have it. It has always been rumored that nothing escapes your collection without your place getting destroyed.
Taneleer Tivan the Collector: Then... my assistant stole it! Sold it to one of the Ravagers! To their veteran Stakar Ogord! (they view footage of Ogord and his Ravager Group helping evacuate Xandar; data confirms that Ogord does not have the box) (more nervously) Then... huh... it's with my brother! The Grandmaster! His gladiators stole it! (Ebony Maw displays footage of Tivan placing the box with the Stone in it the Terrigen Asteroid. Tivan smiles nervously, but admits he is trouble; being honest) I just sent it to anywhere far away from Knowhere. I didn't know. I didn't care to know. I just did it.
Thanos: (quickly grabs Tivan's head and mercilessly pins him in a electromagnetic energy field, slowly burning him) I will most seriously ask you once and only once. Make me repeat that question again and burning your flesh and bones in this wall will be the least painful activity of this interrogation. Now, answer me. And be true this time. (darker tone) Where... is... the STONE?! (forces Tivan's head into the wall harder as he screams harder in more pain)
Proxima Midnight: (sees the Power Stone in the gauntlet igniting light) Father?
Thanos: What is it? (notices the Power Stone igniting. Suddenly, he feels pain and starts having a vision of an human fist breaking out of a cocoon and a young human placing the Reality Stone in the dimensional artifact. Scene shifts to Mantis, Vision, Wanda and Doctor Strange, who also have that same vision)
Peter Quill: (to Mantis) What did you see?
Mantis: The young human placing the Reality Stone in a Cosmic artifact and hiding it in a cave it belonged to. And the Inhuman manifesting her powers.
Doctor Stephen Strange: It was on Earth. Right in New York City. The human and the Inhuman we're looking for... Two teenagers.
Steve Rogers: Any abilities?
Vision: The Inhuman can alter the size and shape of her body matter. The human... the human is as strong as a Super-Soldier and as intelligent as Earth's most intelligent humans alive. And is also... capable to predict danger before it happens.
Thor: Predict danger before it happens?
Steve Rogers: That sounds a lot like...
Tony Stark: (realizes) Peter Parker.
Natasha Romanoff: You're telling us it's the same kid you brought with us in the airport to fight Cap's faction? The one who calls himself "Spider-Man"?
Tony Stark: And the same who saved Avengers Tower from getting blown up by the Vulture. Yeah. That's the one.
(a few minutes later, Stark flies around New York in his Iron Man suit with Mantis hanging on his back)
Jane Foster: (radio voice) Are you sure about this, Tony?
Tony Stark: You can say so, Jane. So far, he's the only one of us who didn't tell his real name to everybody. Not like I did anyway.
Steve Rogers: (radio voice) We better hope so, Tony. Because now we know there's clearly no time to waste.
Tony Stark: There won't be, Cap. By the time Thanos finds out where this Reality Stone is, we'll be long done with the mission. (he speeds up)
(scene shifts to the Sanctuary II, where Thanos grunts and relieves as the Gauntlet cools off)
Ebony Maw: Are you certain of this? If the rumors about the human and Inhuman bond are true, then your control over the Infinity Gauntlet is in danger. So is your Ultimate Goal with the Stones.
Thanos: I would rather take my chances than let the Stones at the hands of these primitive creatures. I must prepare our force. We are going to war. (to the members of the Black Order) As for you, my children. I want you to go to Earth, retrieve the Time Stone, find the source of this Human and Inhuman bond... and destroy it.
Proxima Midnight: Father, we will not fail you. (they knew before Thanos)

Paragraph 6

(as the members of the Black Order set out to their mission. Scene shifts to Midtown School of Science and Technology, where students are preparing for a Halloween party)
Michelle "MJ" Jones: (about Peter) I thought you said he lost the Stark Internship. He's still part of it?
Ned: Yeah, let's just say that Peter got his place back after Mr. Stark found out some punk cheated and sabotaged him.
Michelle "MJ" Jones: Okay, then. But, do us a favor will you?
Ned: (lifts his right hand in the air and "writes an X" in his chest with his finger) Anyone.
Michelle "MJ" Jones: Do remind your friend not to be late. Alright? Sure. This internship with Mr. Stark is meaningful, but he's got a job here in Midtown too. And we can't do this without him.
Ned: Sure. I'll let him know.
Michelle "MJ" Jones: (they watch an online report showing Spider-Man battling criminals; impressed) Wow. Nice new costume.
Ned: And that's not all. Look. (Spider-Man shows off the Spider-Legs of his armor)
Michelle "MJ" Jones: (stunned) Oh, my gosh! (smiles) He's gone Ultimate now!
(scene shifts to Peter swinging around the city in his Iron Spider suit until he hears news of a "new heroine in town")
Peter Parker: She owned that stabilizer for only 12 hours and she's already got like about an entire neighborhood's attention? Wow. She's becoming pretty better than me when I became Spider-Man. (he swings to where Kamala is and finds her (wearing her newly made superhero costume) apprehending a gang of criminals who are handed to the police. She approaches him in a rooftop building) That's a new cool look. How long did it take you to make it?
Kamala Khan: Not too long actually. I did start making it up a few hours before I met you. Although I did need the stabilizer to make sure it wouldn't rip apart. What'd you think? Too clownish?
Peter Parker: Wouldn't dare say it. You're beautiful the way you are. (again, they pause and, right after Peter's mask detaches from his head, make the same shy smile) (chuckles nervously) Slipped out. Again. Didn't it? (Kamala chuckles happily and stares at him passionately) So... any thought for a made-up name?
Kamala Khan: Yeah. I was thinking about some. First idea was "Rubberband Girl". But, no. Too lame. "Giant Girl", but still no. Too obvious. Then, "Elastigirl". Again, no. It's already taken. And, after thinking about the bed-night tales ammi told me about this legendary heroine of the 90's when I was little, I thought I should call myself... "Ms. Marvel". What do you think?
Peter Parker: That's a pretty name. And Marvel... that wouldn't happen to be...?
Kamala Khan: Carol Danvers. Or as they used to call her... Captain Marvel. You heard about this one too. Right?
Peter Parker: U.S.A. pilot and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was affected by radiation of alien experiments and became one of Earth's mightiest heroes. And maybe the first one who Nick Fury ever met. Yeah, I heard of that one. Although, I still keep asking myself... where's she been? Or what's she been doing lately?
Kamala Khan: People say she just went missing in space trying to stop an alien war. Some said she died. Prefer not to believe that by the way. But ammi said she's still somewhere around here. (scene shifts to a mysterious blond-haired woman wearing a large brown jacket and sunglasses and sitting in a chair near a restaurant having tea) And probably still looks like that woman I heard about. (a close-up shows a superhero costume beneath her jacket with a red-and-blue star insignia in it)
Peter Parker: Pretty sure we'll meet her one day. It's not the End of the World. (Kamala smiles and they hear Police sirens) So... let's go? (Kamala nods for yes and hangs on him as he swings with her)
Gamora: (watches them both from the Milano II monitor and chuckles) How I just want to see how much their bond will get that strong. (Groot plays a song in the ship's radio. Gamora hears the song and Groot, acting like he should not, almost stops it) No. No. It's okay. It's actually a pleasure to watch moments like those while listening to a song that fits in it.
Wanda Maximoff: (also watching the two in the monitor with a smile) I feel torn between the two reasons why I appreciate seeing them both like this... either because their bond is so healthy for the lives of trillions or... because they look so cute when they're together.
Gamora: (with a smile, she nods for agreement) I'd vote for the latter.
(scene shifts to Peter and Kamala fighting crime as Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel and also enjoying themselves as the song "You're the Inspiration" by Peter Cetera feat. Az Yet plays in the background)
Background Lyrics: "Baby, you're the meaning in my life
You're the inspiration
Bring feeling to my life
You're the inspiration
Wanna have you near me
I wanna have you hear me saying
No one needs you more than I need you (no one needs you more than I)
Wanna have you near me
Wanna have you hear me saying
No one needs you more than I need you
You're the meaning in my life
You're the inspiration
Bring feeling to my life
You're the inspiration
When you love somebody
Till the end of time
When you love somebody
Always on my mind (No one needs you more than I)
When you love somebody
Till the end of time
When you love somebody
Always on my mind (No one needs you more than I)
(by the end of the sequence, Peter and Kamala stop in a building, unmask themselves and stare at each other's eyes in a loving fashion. Scene shifts to Stark and Mantis landing on a rooftop of a building watching them both)
Tony Stark: (sees Peter and Kamala talking in the distance) Pretty sure that's our Inhuman girl with him. Probably the one he and his BBF were building that stabilizer for.
Mantis: They are indeed. I sense their bond. It's growing stronger the more time they spend together.
Pepper Potts: (radio voice) Profound. Any powers by the way?
Tony Stark: If I got it right from Vision, she's got like Size and Shape-shifting powers. She can stretch her body like a rubber-band... you know...
Pepper Potts: (radio voice) Yeah, I know. (scene shifts to her in the Stark Industries laboratory) There were reports of a "Giant Girl" taking out criminals and doing superhero work in Queens. This girl calling herself "Ms. Marvel"...
Tony Stark: (radio voice) Quite a catchy made-up name. And she probably got that from Agent Danvers' old identity. You heard of that one. Right?
Pepper Potts: A little bit, but yes. There's a file about her in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Database. And radars indicate that she's still somewhere in New York. And still got her powers. And... (radars beep and indicate she is online) ...she's online.
Carol Danvers: (radio voice) And listening. (Stark and Pepper are caught off-guard) And I hope that so are you both. (scene shifts to a shadowed close-up to Danvers' lips) Because your kid and his gal pal will need a lot of help with who's coming.
Pepper Potts: And who is it?
Carol Danvers: (radio voice) Whoever it is... (scene shifts to Vision, Strange and Thor inspecting Kamala's Terrigen Cocoon) (voice over) have they want. (scene shifts to Thanos (shadowed close-up to his eyes) sitting in his throne in Sanctuary II) You have what he wants. Needless to say who I'm talking about. Isn't it?
Tony Stark: (radars indicate a Q-Ship is coming) Needless indeed. You'll help in this one too. Right?
Carol Danvers: (radio voice) Sure. You and Strange focus on the ones close to the Sanctum Sanctorum. Steve and I will handle the ones in Midtown.
Tony Stark: Got it.
Steve Rogers: (radios the team) Everybody stay sharp.
(cut to Peter and Kamala)
Kamala Khan: (she and Peter are about kiss. But right before they can, Peter gasps as his Spider-Senses alarm him about danger) Peter? What is it?
Peter Parker: (turns around and sees the Q-Ship approaching) Trouble. Massive... intergalactic... trouble. (Kamala also sees the Q-Ship and buries her mouth in her hands shocked)
(the whole people of New York witness the ship in shock)
Tony Stark: Friday, evacuate anyone in South of 43rd Street, notify first responders.
F.R.I.D.A.Y.: Will do.
Tony Stark: (Strange comes in) You might wanna put that Time Stone in your back pocket, Doc!
Doctor Stephen Strange: Might need to use it. (shoots two Time Spell bolts to stop the ship's engine)
Ebony Maw: (emerges with Cull Obsidian) Hear me, and rejoice. You are about to perish at the hands of the Children of Thanos. Be thankful, that your meaningless lives are now contributing to...
Tony Stark: I'm sorry, Earth is closed today. You better pack it up and get outta here right now.
Ebony Maw: Stone keeper... Does this chattering human worm speak for you?
Doctor Strange: Certainly not. (he summons his Mandalas, entering a fighting pose) I speak for myself. There is no trespassing in this city and on this planet.
Tony Stark: Yeah. What he said. (shoots a missile from his armor at Maw, who deflects it with telekinesis)
Ebony Maw: He exhausts me. Bring me the Stone. (Obsidian growls and makes his move)
Pepper Potts: (radio voice) Tony? Doctor Banner wants to join in.
Tony Stark: Got it. Doc?
Doctor Strange: Precisely.
(Strange opens a portal which summons the Hulk, who is wearing his Sakaarian armor and arsenal)
Tony Stark: Tell me you feel like smashing, Big Guy?
Hulk: (smiles ferociously) You bet I do. (he and Obsidian charge towards each other and fight)
(right in the moment both Hulk and Obsidian's axes clash, scene cuts to Spider-Man swinging around with Ms. Marvel hanging on him)
Michelle "MJ" Jones: (loudly off-screen) SPIDER-MAN! SPIDER-MAN! HELP!
Spider-Man: It's Michelle. (he swings next to Michelle) Okay, MJ. I'm right here. What's wrong?
Michelle "MJ" Jones: Monsters! Alien monsters at school! My friends and teachers are still in there. You have to help them. Please!
Spider-Man: I will. (referencing to Ms. Marvel) We will. (swings to the situation with Kamala hanging on him)
Sam Wilson: (radios Rogers) Cap? We got ourselves a situation in Midtown.
(scene shifts to Midnight and Glaive cornering the students and teachers and pinning Principal Morita down)
Proxima Midnight: We will ask you and those pitiful creatures only once. Where is the source of the Gauntlet's malfunction?!
Principal Morita: Please, I beg you! We don't have your source. We don't know anything about it! I swear! I swear it!
((everything as Glaive speaks) as Midnight and Glaive keep Morita pinned down, Spider-Man sneaks through and crawls on the ceiling. The students and teaches notice him and he gets them to keep quiet with a "Shh" gesture. Ms. Marvel watches everything while hiding in a wall while she and Spider-Man make OK signals for one another)
Corvus Glaive: You are in luck that Lord Thanos is being patient. We would not be. The source is the only force which stands between him and his control over the Gauntlet. And we seek to destroy it.
Principal Morita: I told you! I have nothing to do with that!
Corvus Glaive: It does not matter! One way or another, you will surrender it to us, or die!
(Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel discreetly get ready)
Principal Morita: I... I can't!
Corvus Glaive: Then, let our kind watch you die! (he prepares to impale him with his glaive until Spider-Man webs it down and shoots a web in Midnight's eyes)
Spider-Man: Tell you, what. Why don't you pick on somebody your own size? (to Morita) I got this. Run! (Morita runs away) Ms. Marvel!
Ms. Marvel: Got it, Spidey! (runs towards Midnight and Glaive) You two want some of this?! (she enlarges her fists and uppercuts Glaive and Midnight one by one, sending them flying out of school)
Principal Morita: Thank goodness you came. These monsters... they just attacked our school! And I swear I have no idea what they mean with this source they came for!
Spider-Man: But we'll find out. You and your students and fellow teachers find shelter. Now.
Principal Morita: Yes. Everybody. This way!
(the students and teachers flee as Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel face off against Midnight and Glaive)
Proxima Midnight: Insolent children! You had no business with our mission.
Spider-Man: Oh, yeah? But they're from our neighborhood. Which makes them our business too. And how can you think terrorizing an entire school with innocent students there is a 'mission"?
Corvus Glaive: This is beyond you and your companion, Insect! Lord Thanos will have the Infinity Stones as soon as the source of the Gauntlet's malfunction is destroyed. Along with you and your miserable pathetic world!
Ms. Marvel: That's not gonna happen. We won't let you!
Proxima Midnight: If you desire to share the fate of those who defied the Great Titan before, so be it! (she and Glaive prepare to fight)
Spider-Man: (to Kamala) You take on the Trident Witch. I'll handle Mr. Grim Reaper.
Ms. Marvel: Got it.
Glaive and Midnight: FOR THANOS!!! (they charge towards Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel and the fight begins with Spider-Man battling Glaive and Ms. Marvel dueling with Midnight. Scene shifts to Strange battling Maw while Hulk holds his own against Obsidian. Maximoff joins the fight)
Wanda Maximoff: (catches Maw off-guard by throwing two cars in him with telekinesis) You might need my help, Doctor.
Doctor Strange: I appreciate that.
Ebony Maw: (breaking out the debris with his powers) That, my dear... was a tragic sad mistake. (he and Maximoff square off with their powers. Maximoff gains the upper hand) You are stronger than I first expected. It feels like... (Maximoff subdues him with her telepathic abilities and Maw has a vision of Wanda's past) The Stone?! Your power comes from the Stone?
Wanda Maximoff: Well... it's the only one thing I should thank my captors for. (she weakens Maw further, allowing Stark to blast him away with his armor's missiles and Strange sends him away with a teleportation portal)
Tony Stark: Tell me it's over? (Hulk defeats Obsidian, who then teleports away)
Doctor Strange: Here, yes. Elsewhere, not yet.
Wanda Maximoff: (her eyes ignite energy as her telepathic powers let her spot Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel) Peter and his friend. They need help.

Paragraph 7

(scene shifts to Spider-Man and Kamala still fighting Glaive and Midnight)
Proxima Midnight: (pinning down Kamala, who struggles to prevent Midnight from impaling her with her spear) You're strong, little one. But you lack discipline. (suddenly, someone emerges and knocks her away with a large pillar. Midnight recovers and faces a shadowed figure in a large hooded jacket) Who dares...?! (suddenly recognizes the figure) You! (charges towards the shadowed figure, who then uppercuts her to far away. The shadowed figure is revealed to be Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel)
Carol Danvers: (helps Kamala up) Need a help, honey?
Kamala Khan: (amazed) You're...
Carol Danvers: The one and only. Sorry I'm late. I was out for a while... until I heard Secretary Ross' scheme about the Accords protocol went up in smoke.
Kamala Khan: I noticed. It's just... (she hugs her) I'm so glad I could meet you now for the first time. (Danvers chuckles)
Carol Danvers: (chuckles) You're a sweet one. (Midnight recovers; to Kamala) Let's finish this? (Kamala nods and they stand against Midnight)
Proxima Midnight: You should never have come back, Danvers! Now you and that child will die!
Carol Danvers: Yeah? But I don't remember saying you and your big daddy had the right to attack my planet, Midnight. And that makes you and Glaive the invaders. (Midnight snarls and charges at both and the fight continues. Scene cuts to Spider-Man and Glaive still fighting; the fight takes place in a nearby train station, where Peter is joined by Rogers)
Steve Rogers: Looks like you could use a hand, son.
Peter Parker: I really could, Cap. Thanks.
Steve Rogers: Any proper reason you and your friend went to take him on?
Peter Parker: He and that trident witch were attacking my teachers and classmates in school. Still no idea what they meant with this "source" they're looking after.
Steve Rogers: He wouldn't happen to have mentioned anything like a Gauntlet or the Infinity Stone. Would he?
Peter Parker: Little bit. They said they're working for someone called "Thanos". You know anything about it?
Steve Rogers: Well... It's a long story. (Glaive attacks them and they dodge) Which will be hard to tell with this guy wanting to maim us right now.
(they continue fighting Glaive. Just then, Vision arrives to subdue Glaive with Heat Beams from the Mind Stone)
Steve Rogers: Good timing, Vision.
Vision: Request from Mister Stark, Captain. And from the Avengers as well.
(the three stand against Glaive, who then notices the Mind Stone in Vision's head)
Corvus Glaive: Proxima! The keeper of the Mind Stone!
Proxima Midnight: At last!
Corvus Glaive: (to Vision) You have what our master wants, robot. And now you will deliver it to us or we will take your head with it!
Vision: Your master longs for genocide of innocents from this and other worlds. This, I cannot allow to happen.
Proxima Midnight: If you wish to die for the rest of these worms... then let it be done!
(they both fight Vision, who defeats them. Just as Vision turns his back, Glaive recovers and impales him in the back)
Peter and Rogers: Vision! (they stop Glaive and knock him away and help Vision up)
Peter Parker: How could he cut you?
Vision: (weakly) I... don't know.
Kamala Khan: That reaper's glaive. It looks like it can cut through metals more powerful than even Vibranium.
(Midnight and Glaive recover and charge at them, but Danvers blasts them with Star Bolts)
Carol Danvers: Last chance! Withdraw from Earth! Now! (threatening low tone) Don't make me say it twice! (Midnight and Glaive forcibly retreat with teleporters. Then, Danvers addresses to Vision) He's alright. He just needs more time to recover.
Peter Parker: So... what's going on?
(they are all gathered in Wakanda, where Peter and Kamala are talking to Banner, Danvers, Gamora and Strange while Vision's body is fixed by Shuri and Wanda holds his hand worriedly)
Shuri: He won't be out for too long. He'll get back in action soon enough.
Wanda Maximoff: Thank you. (touches Vision's hands) How are you feeling?
Vision: I feel nothing but you. (Wanda smiles)
Peter Parker: So who do they work for again?
Carol Danvers: Only the most vicious tyrant in the whole galaxy. Thanos... (shows a holographic image of Thanos) Former dictator of Titan. He invades planets. He takes what he wants. And wipes out half of a population after doing so.
Bruce Banner: He sent Loki. The attack on New York... That's him.
Kamala Khan: And what's his big deal on Earth?
Gamora: The one reason why he wanted that Stone with Vision even if it meant to rip his head with it. I know. I've known him for my entire life. He ever had one goal: to wipe out half of life in the universe. Once he gets all six Infinity Stones, he'll do so by simply snapping his fingers (snaps her fingers) just like that. And I mean it. Literary.
Peter Parker: Is there any way we can stop him?
Gamora: We couldn't prevent him form getting the Power Stone from Xandar. But at least we can still make sure he won't have the others.
Peter Parker: So... where are those other five Stones?
Doctor Stephen Strange: The Soul Stone as we speak is still in an unknown part of the universe. One of which even Thanos cannot find it. And nor can he obtain it even if he did. Three of them are right here with us now. Space... (shows them the Tesseract in the container) Mind... (points at Vision's head) and Time. (reveals the Time Stone within the Eye of Agamotto)
Peter Parker: Well, that's four Stones. Not counting the one with Thanos by the way. But what about the Reality Stone?
Doctor Stephen Strange: I suppose you saw it. But you didn't know about it.
Peter Parker: I saw it? (a fully recovered Vision appears behind him)
Vision: Allow me... to show you. (puts Peter in a Mind Realm, getting him to remember the moment he and Aunt May were inspecting the artifact they found and merged with the Stone. Peter awakens back to reality)
Peter Parker: Wait. I did. Although it's stuck in there like forever. Like... it's meant to be there.
Doctor Stephen Strange: (thinks for a moment) Ah, yes. The Siege Perilous.
Peter Parker: The "Siege" what?
Doctor Stephen Strange: The Siege Perilous. Another ancient artifact like the Eye of Agamotto. The doorway to worlds parallel to our own. The Reality Stone as you had discovered is the only key to open it.
Peter Parker: Is there any chance we can go through these worlds?
Doctor Stephen Strange: Yes. (sees the Avengers and the Guardians meeting Baron Mordo, Nebula and the surviving members of the Nova Corps) But time for that now is short. We must focus on your current priority... that is Thanos.
(cut to the heroes addressing to the Nova Corps)
Peter Quill: Hey, Irani. Sorry we couldn't help the Corps when Thanos attacked. We were... well...
Nova Prime: You and your fellow Guardians aren't to blame, Peter. We're the ones who should've called for help when Thanos attacked.
Denarian Rhomann Dey: For sure, we though we could handle him ourselves. We were wrong.
Gamora: It matters though that you still have the best of your men. And some of the most innocent of your people.
Nova Prime: Indeed. And it was like they say he does. He only took away half of us. And spared the other half. Although we do wonder for how long the other half will live.
Peter Quill: And we have some bigger advantage. He's still got only one Stone. But probably not for long enough until the Gauntlet is fully unstable. You know what I mean?
Nova Prime: (seeing Parker and Kamala) Yes. I understand. It's happening again. Just like in Attilan. Isn't it?
Nick Fury: (off-screen) You might say so. (comes in) And I also have another plan while we keep this one for contingency. (scene cut to the Avengers and the Guardians preparing for battle) So far, according to one of our spies who received the Collector's message, Thanos is following the order of the Stones he longs to collect: Power, Space, Reality, Soul, Time and Mind. He already has the first one. So we still need to stay ahead of him so that he won't get the Tesseract in time.
(as Fury speaks, Shuri and Stark create a weapon which uses the Tesseract as the core. Then, Stark, Quill, Mantis, Gamora, Drax and Banner gather with Loki, Mordo and Nebula)
Steve Rogers: (voice over) We have what Thanos wants. He's coming to us because of them. And he'll stop at nothing until he gets the last Stone and completes his ultimate goal. But we won't let our guards down until all that we know and hold dear will cease to exist. We will fight. Not for one... but all lives.
(following Rogers' speech above, Scene cuts to him, Rhodes, Danvers, Thor, T'Challa, Nova Prime, Denarian Dey, Fury, Oyoke and Heimdall discussing the battle strategies. The Wakandan armies, the Asgardian warriors, the Nova Corps Soldiers and the Avengers preparing themselves and marching for battle. Peter Parker and Stark having a handshake and Kamala and Danvers sharing a hug)
Heimdall: Thanos may be losing control over the Gauntlet. But until he gets the next Stone, you still need to be prepared, Thor. You'll need a new weapon to stop him. One with the same power that Mjolnir granted you.
Thor: Yes. And I still remember the place.
Peter Quill: (to Gamora, who is staying with the Avengers' army) You sure about this?
Gamora: It's better this way, Peter. If I follow you, he'll have me lead him to the Soul Stone. I'm not saying I don't want to help. I just...
Peter Quill: I understand. But I know everything will be fine. (Gamora smiles and they share a head hug)
Gamora: Just promise me you'll come back alive. Promise me that for your mother. Will you?
Peter Quill: With my heart. I'll be fine. It's you I'm more worried about.
Gamora: (kisses him in the lips) Likewise.
Groot: (shaking hands with Parker) I am Groot. ("Good luck, friend.")
Peter Parker: Same to you, buddy.
Carol Danvers: (to Kamala) I won't be out for too long. I'll just help Thor get his new hammer and then, we'll come back for you. Okay? (Kamala nods) Good. (kisses Kamala's forehead) Wish you best of luck by then, sweetie. (she moves on)
Unknown Voice: (whispering) Kamala... (Kamala overhears the voice, but cannot figure out where it came from)
(scene cuts to Thanos in the Sanctuary II)
Outrider Captain: In a country calling itself "Wakanda", my lord. They appear to be expecting a war.
Thanos: Then let them have war. (the Outrider Captain nods for yes and moves on. He notices Maw with some Chitauri in a Q-Ship) Where are you going?
Ebony Maw: My apologies if you are unannounced of this, father. But if I heard correctly from one of our watchers, there are rumors that Thor Odinson and some of his comrades may be setting course to the Asgardian Dwarves of Nidavellir.
Thanos: Nidavellir? (pauses and understands) He seeks a new weapon to replace Mjolnir. Go. He must not complete it. (Maw nods and goes on. Thanos stares at Earth chuckling diabolically) Prepare yourselves as hard as you can, heroes. But I will obtain those Stones. One way or another. (Midnight approaches)
Proxima Midnight: I have received a message. It is said that Nebula is with some of Gamora's comrades on Titan. With the Tesseract. (Thanos is alarmed to hear this) I will send our troopers.
Thanos: No.
Proxima Midnight: (confused) Father?
Thanos: You and the others go to Earth. As for the Tesseract and its keepers on Titan... (holds his fist with the Gauntlet as the Power Stone ignites light; dark tone) I'll do it myself.

Paragraph 8

(scene shifts to Thor, Danvers, Rocket and Groot travelling in space)
Rocket: So where are we going again?
Thor: To Nidavellir. The realm where the Dwarfs forged Mjolnir and the Infinity Gauntlets.
Carol Danvers: If the guys who forged your hammer are the same who forged the Gauntlet, won't Thanos be able to destroy your new one just like Hela did...? (radars beep) We're here. But... was it really dark like this?
Thor: No. Something's wrong. The star's gone out. And the rings are frozen.
Rocket: I hope these dwarfs are better at forging than they are at cleaning.
Carol Danvers: What happened?
Rocket: Maybe they realized they live in a junk pile in the middle of space.
Thor: The forge hasn't gone dark in centuries.
Groot: (sees someone in the area) I am Groot. ("I see someone over there.")
Thor: Where? (sees a large Dwarf sitting in the scrap; it is Eitri) Eitri? Eitri.
Eitri: Huh? (he hears Thor and addresses to him) Thor. (salutes to him) It is a pleasure to see at least you alive. I heard of Asgard's destruction by the blade of Surtur.
Thor: I know. But now's not the time to discuss this. (sees Eitri's severed hands replaced by metal bars) What happened here, Eitri? What happened to you?
Eitri: 300 dwarfs... 300 dwarfs lived on this ring. I thought if I did what he asked, they'd be safe. I made what he wanted. A Gauntlet. A device capable of harnessing the power of the Infinity Stones. But he slaughtered everyone anyway. All except me. "Your life is yours," he said. "But your hands. Your hands are mine alone.". And now I'm here. Here in this now dead world without the star and my hands to forge another weapon again.
Thor: Eitri, this isn't about your hands. Every weapon you've ever designed, every axe, hammer, sword, it's all inside your head. Now I know it feels like all hope is lost. Trust me, I know. But together, you and I, we can defeat Thanos. And end his madness before he takes more innocent lives.
(Eitri looks at Thor and his comrades, who thumb up for him, indicating they will help. Determined, Eitri nods for agreement. Scene shifts to the heroes preparing for battle. Kamala is watching the Dora Milaje warriors marching until she continues hearing the voice in her head)
Unknown Voice: (whispering; repeatedly) Kamala... (Kamala continues listening to the voice, but again, she cannot find out where it is coming. She then inspects one a Tesseract-Energy charged turret. She touches it and, suddenly, she finds herself having a vision of a alien city; it is Attilan)
Kamala Khan: Where am I? What's going on? (suddenly, a image of Black Bolt appears before her)
Black Bolt: (telepathic voice) We have been watching you, Kamala Khan... ever since your powers have awakened.
Kamala Khan: Watching me? Who- who are you?
Black Bolt: (telepathic voice) Fear not, my child. I am no enemy. My name is Black Bolt. And this where you stand in is Attilan. Home of all Inhumans.
Kamala Khan: Inhumans? So... am I...? (Black Bolt touches her face and shows her visions of Inhumans developing their powers. One of them is Kamala herself. Scene cuts to Peter with Rogers and M'Baku)
Steve Rogers: And let us know when your Jabari are ready.
M'Baku: Of course, Captain. (he walks by as he speaks to his soldiers in Xhosa language)
Okoye: We'll be ready soon enough. (notices Peter laying down on his knees feeling something in his head) Captain?
Steve Rogers: What is it? (notices Peter and approaches him) Peter? Peter. What's wrong?
Peter Parker: I feel... strange... I... (gasps as he has a vision of Kamala and Black Bolt)
Steve Rogers: Wanda?
Wanda Maximoff: (reads Peter's mind) He's having the same vision Kamala sees. A vision of where her kind came from. (her powers put her and Rogers in that same vision) So, this... this is Attilan? Like Gamora told us about?
(elsewhere, in the Milano II, Stark is preparing a weapon with the Tesseract used as the core until he has the same vision of Kamala)
Steve Rogers: And that must be their king. Black Bolt. (their vision fades) We're sorry, Peter. We should've told you about it sooner...
Peter Parker: It's alright. I know. And a part of me actually felt like there was something in her. Something special. And I'll embrace that. (Rogers and Wanda smile) So... what should I do by then?
Steve Rogers: (sees the Milano II taking off) We'll keep up with our part. If something happens, and Tony's plan with the Tesseract fails... stay close to her. Stay close to Kamala. She'll need you. (Peter takes a good breath and nods for yes. Suddenly, they notice Doctor Strange meditating with the Time Stone until he gets nearly dizzy) Doctor?
Doctor Strange: I went forward in time ... to view alternate futures. To see all the possible outcomes of the coming conflict.
Wanda Maximoff: How many did you see?
Doctor Strange: 14,000,605.
Peter Parker: How many did we win?
Doctor Strange: ...before the Terrigen Meteor crashed on Earth... there was only one timeline. But now, because of the Reality Stone and the Siege Perilous together... we've won half of it.
Okoye: I just hope we're in our winning half.
(Scene cuts to Kamala and Gamora)
Gamora: (to Kamala) Fight on in every way if takes you, but if Thanos comes and he has the Stone within the Tesseract, stay as close as possible to Peter. He'll need you. Understand? (Kamala nods for yes, but does not feel confident) Look, Kamala. I know you're scared. I was before. You haven't prepared for days like this. But just remember... You're not alone. (she comforts Kamala with a head hug) We're here for you. For you both. (they hear a horn form one of the Wakandans at the distance)
Okoye: It's time. We must go now.
(scene shifts to Stark in the Milano II while speaking with T'Challa and Shuri via holograms)
Tony Stark: Don't worry. I know how to fire that weapon. Although it'll be kinda hard to convince Loki, Nebula and Mordo in beliving in the bond.
Shuri: Don't worry. The weapon will work well even if these three knuckleheads don't believe in what we do. But it may take minutes until it separates the Gauntlet from Thanos.
T'Challa: You must also break his guard down so that the weapon will take higher effect. You can't afford to use it if the Power Stone grants him protection.
Tony Stark: Okay. I know this may be our last shot, but we have to make it count.
Shuri: Maybe not. Don't forget. We can still count on the bond. You know that. Don't you?
T'Challa: Your boy and his friend are still the key. And the blade. And with it, our best hope.
Tony Stark: And assuming that the bond will crack that Gauntlet to dust even if Thanos has more than one Stone in the Gauntlet... well... let's see what happens.
(scene shifts to the Avengers and their soldiers in Wakanda while they prepare to battle Thanos' army. The city is protected by a energy barrier which keeps the invading army from crossing through. With Glaive, Midnight and Obsidian on the other side, Rogers, Gamora, Parker, Kamala and T'Challa come in to confront them. Obsidian snarls)
T'Challa: You have yet one chance to either surrender or leave this world at once. Or face the consequences of yours and your master's trespasses.
Corvus Glaive: You have no word against Thanos, human! Only a great price to pay for your interference. (referring to Gamora) And her treachery. (Gamora gives death stare)
Proxima Midnight: With or without our friends to protect you, Thanos will have that stone.
Steve Rogers: That's not going to happen as long as we stand.
T'Challa: You are in Wakanda now. Thanos will have nothing but dust and blood.
Proxima Midnight: We have blood to spare.
(the five return to their battle positions as the gunships open up. Scene shifts to Barnes watching with his binoculars)
Valkyrie: They surrender?
Bucky Barnes: Not exactly.
Proxima Midnight: (radios the Chitauri captain) Send them in.
(the Chitauri and the Outriders appear)
Peter Parker: (some Outriders are charging first attempting to cross the barrier) If they circle the perimeter and get in behind us... there's nothing between them and Vision and Strange. What do we do?
Gamora: We'll keep them in front of us.
Kamala Khan: How do we do that?
T'Challa: We open the barrier. (radios Shuri) On my signal, open North-West Section Seventeen.
Shuri: (radio voice) I will. Hope you know what you're doing. (T'Challa nods for yes)
T'Challa: YIBAMBE! (Xhosa for "Hold positions!"; the Wakandans repeat after him)
Steve Rogers: (determined) Let's finish this. (Kamala puts on her mask and hood. Peter's Spider-Man mask attaches to his head and Gamora draws her sword)
Proxima Midnight: Thanos is uninterested in prisoners. Crush them all. (Obsidian roars ferociously and the Chitauri charge to battle)
T'Challa: WAKANDA FOREVER!!! (puts on his mask and charges to battle as the others follow; radios Shuri) Now! (Shuri opens the barrier and the two armies clash as the battle begins)
(scene shifts to Nidavellir, where Thor's group are preparing to forge the new hammer)
Eitri: (Danvers volunteers to reignite the forge) Are you sure about this? The star may be too hot for you. The maximum charge holds the heat of the Sun itself.
Carol Danvers: Don't worry. I've been through hotter places over these years. This one's no different. Rocket. Start spinning it up.
Rocket: You got it. (he flies the ship, which is attached to the ring, and spins the ring)
Carol Danvers: Faster. Faster! (Rocket does so and the star begins to ignite)
Eitri: (wearing a pair of Vibranium arms similar to the one worn by White Wolf) Those have to do. Somewhat. (he, Groot and Thor join some pieces of Uru metal, which are then overheated and melted) This Uru should prove useful to forge Stormbreaker. And maybe enough to outmatch the Infinity Gauntlet. Even if it has all the Stones.
(as Rocket jump-starts the rings, Danvers uses her powers to power-up the star. Not too far away from there, Ebony Maw's ship approaches)
Ebony Maw: (to his Chitauri troops) Worry not. They have only started to reignite the forge. Still insufficient effort to stop the inevitable. (some Chitauri gunships take off towards the ring)
Thor: (Danvers struggles to keep the star charged) You might need some help. Although it might hurt pretty badly.
Carol Danvers: I can take it. Ready? (Thor charges Odin's staff with his powers) NOW! (Thor unleashes a storm of electricity in the star as Danvers unleashes her full potential, supercharging the star)
Ebony Maw: (watching in disbelief) That cannot be possible! No one could possibly survive a heat like that...! (Thor and Danvers' act unleashes a fiery wave from the star which spreads across the area and obliterates the Chitauri gunships) (panicking) Oh, dear.
(the solar wave blast obliterates the Q-Ship Maw is in, killing him)
Eitri: (the forge completes the two halves of the hammer) It is almost done. But we need a handle. (Groot shares some of his arm's wood to make the handle for Thor's new weapon) Well done, tree.
(Danvers reemerges with her body charged with star energy and landing slowly in the ground)
Carol Danvers: (calmly cooling off) Well... that wasn't so bad. How's the new hammer?
Thor: (Stormbreaker flies towards his hands) Complete... (summons lightning with the new hammer) and functional!
Eitri: Now there really is a chance to stop Thanos.
Rocket: Alright. Now let's... (suddenly a dead body hits Rocket's windshield of the Quadrant and he screams hysterically and caught off-guard) Wipers! Wipers! Get it off! Get it off! (they get to see what is happening. And they all see the debris of the Q-Ship. Rocket looks at the windshield and sees Maw's frozen corpse, which disintegrates to dust) Oh, it's just that Thanos' Mr. Mind Guy. Heh. Sorry, guys.
Groot: (thumbs up) I am Groot. ("No problem.")
Carol Danvers: Maw knew what we were up to do. Good thing he didn't come here in time to stop us.
Thor: And now we're the ones who must be in time to continue what needs to be done.
Eitri: Stormbreaker can summon Bifrost. It will get us there in time to finish.
Thor: Us? You're coming with us too?
Eitri: There's nothing else left in this ring. Power left here was meant for only one more weapon. Besides, your new kingdom may need a blacksmith to help you. (takes a large mace) And a bigger hand in this battle. What do you say?
Thor: (smiles) Let's go.

Paragraph 9

(scene shifts to the Avengers and the Nova Corps, Asgardians and Wakandan forces in the battle against Thanos' army)
Steve Rogers: Hit 'em high, low, and everywhere else!
T'Challa: (to Kamala) Throw me over there. (referring to one of the gunships in the middle)
Kamala Khan: Are you sure...?
T'Challa: Absolutely. Do it. (Kamala does so. The Chitauri attempt to stop him by firing multiple shots at him, but only for T'Challa's Black Panther suit to absorb the shots' impact as T'Challa lands on the gunship) Wakanda forever! (redirects the suit's Kinect energy into the gunship with a Sonic Blast, obliterating it with the nearby ships as T'Challa lands on his feet)
Kamala Khan: Wow.
(cut to Peter swinging around and bringing down the gunships)
Peter Parker: Heads up, guys. (webs down one of the gunships and tosses it into one of the Chitauri tanks)
Steve Rogers: Nice work, soldier!
Corvus Glaive: (noticing Spider-Man in the air) Insect! (he leaps towards the gunship where Peter is standing and attempts to stab him in the back, but Peter fights back and knocks him out of the gunship)
Peter Parker: Nice try.
(scene shifts to Stark's group in Titan)
Karl Mordo: This is our only chance. If he gets his hands on the Tesseract, it's all over.
Drax the Destroyer: Not just yet. The bond can still stop him.
Nebula: Ugh! Gimme a break! How can you think those two will really help stop Thanos by simply hugging and kissing each other? Hmm?
Tony Stark: Most likely the same way their bond stopped Thanos from getting this Stone in Thor's ship. Either you people believe it or not.
Loki: Believe it as much as you like, Stark. But I won't share this faith. (Hulk humphs angrily)
Hulk (Mantis gasps) What is it? Are you okay?
Mantis: I feel the heat... the heat of Rage!
Tony Stark: Not of his (referring to Hulk) rage. Right?
Peter Quill: No. She feels Titanic Rage. He's coming.
Karl Mordo: Stark?
Tony Stark: We're doing it like we planned.
(scene shifts to the Avengers battling the Black Order members (Rogers, Rhodes and Barnes against Cull Obsidian, Romanoff, Okoye and Kamala against Proxima Midnight and Peter against Corvus Glaive) while the Asgardians, Wakandans and Nova Corps continue holding their own against the Chitauri and Outriders)
Proxima Midnight: (subdues Romanoff and Okoye and stands against Kamala) You face me again. But this time, Danvers is not here to save you. (suddenly, both army stop fighting and watch a hurricane emerging)
Peter Parker: Tell me that's our back up?
Gamora: It is.
T'Challa: At last.
Steve Rogers: (lighting and thunder strike in the sky) Here comes the thunder.
(a light descends from it. Suddenly, a Solar Energy beam strikes Midnight. It is Danvers pinning her down)
Carol Danvers: (to Kamala) Hi, sweetie. Sorry I'm late.
(they see Thor emerging on an Asgardian armor with Stormbreaker his hands and Groot, Rocket and Eitri standing next to him)
Thor: (faces the Outriders and Chitauri) BRING ME THANOS!!! (leaps towards them and obliterates them with a blow of Mjolnir)
Bucky Barnes: Let's take those guys out. (the heroes continue the battle)
(scene shifts to Thanos emerging from a teleport on the ruined Titan)
Karl Mordo: Thanos. I presume.
Thanos: I take it that Gamora sent you? This day extracts a heavy toll. Still, my other children accomplished their mission.
Karl Mordo: You may regret that. Gamora brought you face to face with a master of the mystic arts.
Thanos: Where do you think she truly brought you?
Karl Mordo: If I recall it correctly... Your home world?
Thanos: It was. (flashback of a still inhabited Titan plays) And it was beautiful. Titan was like most planets: too many mouths, not enough to go around. And when we faced extinction,(image changes to that of a post-apocalyptic Titan) I offered a solution.
Karl Mordo: Genocide. (flashback ends)
Thanos: At random. Dispassionate, fair. Rich and poor alike. They called me a madman. And what I predicted came to pass.
Karl Mordo: Congratulations, you're a prophet.
Thanos: I'm a survivor.
Karl Mordo: Who wants to obliterate trillions.
Thanos: With all six stones, I could simply snap my fingers and they would all cease to exist. Do you know what I call that? Mercy.
Karl Mordo: Then what?
Thanos: I finally rest. Watch the Sun rise on a grateful universe. The hardest choices require the strongest wills.
Karl Mordo: (summons his Mandalas) I think you'll find our wills equal to yours.
Thanos: Ours? (Stark crushes him with a pillar of wreckage)
Tony Stark: Piece of cake.
Peter Quill: Yeah, if your goal is to get on his nerves! (Thanos obliterates the pillar with the Gauntlet's Power and grins ferociously) And you did it.
Thanos: I want to see you do better than this. (leaps towards them and they fight)
(scene shifts to the Battle of Wakanda)
Eitri: (stops Cull Obsidian from attempting to kill Kamala) Face your real match, you coward! (he and Obsidian fight)
(scene shifts to Shuri in her lab with Vision, where Corvus Glaive breaks through and redirects her Vibranium blasters against her with his weapon, knocking her unconscious. Then, he holds her on the blade point when Vision confronts him)
Corvus Glaive: It is time you to decide, robot. You... or the human. (Vision reluctantly kneels. Corvus tosses Shuri away and approaches Vision) Much better this way. (he prepares to impale Vision until Peter arrives and webs down his blade)
Peter Parker: Not gonna happen, Reaper. (he breaks Corvus's blade in two)
(Vision takes advantage for Corvus' distraction and obliterates him with energy blasts from the Mind Stone)
Wanda Maximoff: (off-screen) Vision... (she approaches Vision as Peter helps Shuri up)
Vision: I'm alright. (to Peter) Thank you. (Peter nods for "You're welcome". Then, they hear a rumbling from outside) More of them are coming.
Peter Parker: Leave it to me. (his mask attaches to his head and he webs down the two halves of Corvus' weapon. He then, charges at and attacks the incoming Outriders while swinging web-laced blades at them. Rhodes and Wilson watch him from the air)
James "Rhodey" Rhodes: Now those are some cool moves.
Sam Wilson: He must've played this game before.
(scene cuts to Kamala fighting Proxima Midnight alongside the Dora Milaje warriors)
Proxima Midnight: (defeats the warriors and pins Kamala down) This is where it ends for you, child. In a green hill which will soon become yours and your loved ones' graves. (attempts to impale Kamala with her spear, but only for Kamala to counter)
Kamala Khan: Not today. Not like this! (enlarges her head and headbutts Midnight. Then, Kamala uppercuts Midnight in the air with a giant fist and performs a series of punches on Midnight until she is down. Kamala takes a breath before Midnight recovers and ferociously charges at her until she is tackled by Danvers, who flies with her at tremendous speed)
Carol Danvers: Already the third time I catch you bullying her. But I'll make sure that won't happen ever again! (uses her Uru Gauntlets to conjure a Bifrost Portal and throws Midnight in there. The portal sends Midnight directly to the Sun, where she falls to her fiery death. Danvers then addresses to an exhausted Kamala) Kamala? Are you okay?
Kamala Khan: I'm fine. Thank you.
(cut to Eitri battling Obsidian, who appears to cut his hands off with his axe)
Eitri: (chuckles mockingly as his Vibranium hands regenerate) You should've gone through the head. (he snaps his fingers, making the severed hands bond to Obsidians' arms and turning them into rocket engines, sending Obsidian flying into the Wadankan Ray Shield, burning him to ashes. Eitri laughs and sighs) I should've visited this planet before. This Vibranium metal really is effective.
(scene cuts to Doctor Strange meditating in Shuri's lab before Shuri approaches him)
Shuri: How is it, Doc? Is Stark doing it?
Doctor Strange: Trying to. Because so far, only Loki, Mordo and Nebula refuse to believe in the bond's power.
Shuri: But the bond can still stop him. Even if there some who don't believe it. Right?
Doctor Strange: Yes.
(scene cuts to Peter holding a locket he made for Kamala in his hands. Then, it cuts to Kamala acting worriedly in the battle with Danvers holding her hand. Scene cuts to Stark's group fighting Thanos in Titan)
Tony Stark: (throws a large mountain of scrap into Thanos) If you plan to throw anything like the moon at me, I'm just going to lose it.
Thanos: Stark.
Tony Stark: You know me?
Thanos: I do. You're not the only one cursed with knowledge.
Tony Stark: (he and Thanos fight, with Stark beating up Thanos and smacking him with a pillar) My only curse has been you for the last six years. (they fight until Thanos gains the upperhand and sends Stark flying towards a pile of rocks) Hope you got any high tricks up your sleeves, Mordo. We could really use it right now.
Karl Mordo: It will be done. (he conjures several portals for the group to use)
Thanos: (fighting Hulk) You're stronger than I first believed, brute. But you are still just that troubled man of two minds who never prepared to face what's beyond your world. (he briefly gains the upperhand until he is caught off-guard by a shot from Quill, who blasts Thanos with lava bullets from his Element Gun) Hybrid scum! (tries to attack Quill, who then jumps into a teleportation portal projected by Mordo) (confused) What?! How...? (interrupted by Drax suddenly appearing and punching his face before jumping one of Mordo's portal. Thanos notices Mordo holding his Mandalas and snarls)
Hulk: (grabs Thanos' throat) Made you look. (punches Thanos through one of Mordo's portals which sends him to the other side)
Thanos: (facing Mordo, furious) SORCERER!! (fires a energy beam from the Power Stone, but only to Mordo redirect it back at him with another portal and creates string-like energy constructs to hold on the Gauntlet)
Karl Mordo: Hold him off. He mustn't close his fist.
(the group attacks Thanos as Quill freezes him with ice from his Element Guns and Stark fires the Tesseract-powered device)
Tony Stark: The device will prevent him from using the Stone. But it needs focus. Mantis!
Mantis: (appears from one of Mordo's portals and stops Thanos with her emphatic powers) Do not resist.
(the group has Thanos contained)
Loki: (noticing the device is not taking quick effect) Is this device of yours broken? Or does it not work at all?
Tony Stark: It is working. It just needs more time. That's it.
Mantis: (Thanos starts grunting) I can feel his emotions. He... (suddenly, Thanos rapidly shakes his head, snarls and roars violently, causing Mantis to almost fall off him until he freezes) He feels... rage. Obsessive genocidal rage. He rages over... fear.
Peter Quill: Could it be because of the Human/Inhuman bond that Gamora told us about?
Karl Mordo: (he has a vision of the past) So... it is true. The bond has been neglecting his control over the Gauntlet.
Hulk: Yup.
Loki: (annoyed) Grr! You're going to share Stark's faith in this rubbish as well?! I cannot believe you, Mordo!
Karl Mordo: Loki! Now is not the time!
Loki: When are you going to understand?! They're children! CHILDREN! They help at nothing!
Tony Stark: Well, the only thing that's not really helping here at all is hearing you grumble! That's what!
Mantis: (Thanos opens one of his eyes) He's calmed down... but... I cannot see why he is so calm. (Thanos stares at Loki and starts laughing and Mantis stares at Loki concerned) Loki...
Thanos: How amusing. You claim to be loyal to your brother, but you still don't agree with his beliefs. And nor do you share his faith in humanity. I wonder how your sad but loving mother would think of that...
Loki: (angered) If you dare insult Frigga, I swear you will feel no better than now!
Tony Stark: Loki...
Thanos: Defending her? (chuckles) I thought you hated her.
Loki: That's a lie! I loved her as much as Thor did!
Thanos: Then why is it you said she wasn't your mother? Was it because Odin wasn't your true father? Or was it because... (pause) Ah. Just like what she once said about you. What was it again? Oh, yes. (voice echoes) "You're always so perceptive about everyone but yourself.".
(Loki is caught off-guard by his words as a flashback with him and Frigga plays)
Frigga: You're always so perceptive about everyone but yourself. (flashback ends)
Tony Stark: Okay, Loki, you gotta cool it right now, understand? (Loki slowly turns to Thanos) Don't, don't, ... don't engage! We've almost got this off!
Loki: (furious and in tears of rage) MONSTER!!! (roars and starts punching Thanos, who laughs cruelly)
Mantis: I can't hold it much longer!
Peter Quill: Loki! Just stop! Stop! He's almost...! (Mordo loses his grip as Thanos giggles as he regains his control over the Gauntlet) Oh, man.
Thanos: Nothing more than the slightest twist of fate... to change the game.
Karl Mordo: (Thanos prepares to snap his fingers) NO!!
(Thanos snaps his fingers, unleashing a shock wave blast from the Power Stone which sends the group flying. Mantis is saved by Hulk as the Tesseract-powered device falls in the ground and breaks into pieces. Thanos walks towards the Tesseract until Hulk tackles him and they fight)
Tony Stark: (recovers from the blast and sees the device destroyed) We came all this far for nothing?
Black Bolt: (voice over) Not precisely, Tony Stark. You have not.
(Stark suddenly has a vision of himself in Attilan. Black Bolt appears before him)
Tony Stark: You're saying that because of the Bond. Right? (Black Bolt nods for yes) But what if he gets the Space Stone? Won't he be immune to it?
Black Bolt: (telepathically) That is what Thanos believes. Yet, he is wrong. As powerful as the Stones are... they still have a will of their own. They primarily answer... not to the ones who harness their power with the Infinity Gauntlet, but to the most powerful of them.
Tony Stark: The Reality Stone.
Black Bolt: (telepathically) Yes. And the more the Bond's Chosen Ones still live, the more Thanos will be vulnerable. With it, his ego is betrayed.
Tony Stark: So... I should jut let him have it?
Black Bolt: (telepathically) That is your decision.
Tony Stark: But there are people who don't believe in the Bond.
Black Bolt: (telepathically) The bond does not need to be believed in. It just needs to occur. (Stark's vision fades away)
Tony Stark: Faith. (Thanos has Hulk subdued) Thanos! (Thanos hears him and gets to him) You've... won. (shows the Tesseract in his hands)
Thanos: (takes the Tesseract and crushes it with his hand, releasing the Space Stone and connecting it to the Gauntlet) Quite wise of you, Stark. Yet, the end is near. When I'm done, half of your precious humanity will still exist. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. I hope they'll remember you when you're gone.
(Thanos disappears as Stark remains on his knees)
Nebula: You'll just let him have it?!
Tony Stark: There was no other way.
Karl Mordo: Unless the bond can stop him, we're at the endgame.
Mantis: That means...? We failed?
Peter Quill: (looks at a picture of himself with the Guardians. A close-up shows a image of Quill with Gamora next to him) We can't have. Not yet.

Paragraph 10

(scene shifts to Wakanda, where Vision and Doctor Strange sense something)
Vision: He's here. He's coming.
Kamala Khan: What does that mean? (Vision does not answer and Kamala acts hopeless)
(scene cuts to Thanos, who arrives via the Space Stone teleport gate)
Gamora: (shocked) No...!
Carol Danvers: Steve? That's him. That's Thanos.
Steve Rogers: (to Peter) No matter what happens to us. Stay with her (Kamala Khan). And don't leave her alone. (Peter nods and rushes for Kamala)
(Thanos unleashes more Chitauri and Outriders to fight the Avengers while he himself faces Thor)
Peter Parker: Kamala! (finds Kamala laying on her knees) Kamala... (approaches her)
Kamala Khan: Peter... (she hugs him and starts sobbing)
Peter Parker: It's alright, Kamala. I'm here. I'm here for you. (a tear slides from his eye in his face)
Kamala Khan: (sees the Avengers in battle) So this is it?
Peter Parker: I don't know. But if it is...
(Peter shows her the locket he made for her. She opens the locket and sees a red ruby heart. In tears of joy, she hugs him. Scene briefly shifts to the Reality Stone igniting again. It then shifts briefly to the Mind Stone in Vision's head and the Time Stone in the Eye of Agamotto (all igniting at the same level) as Vision and Strange sense it. Thanos also senses something happening as the Stones with him start to ignite)
Steve Rogers: (noticing the reaction) It's happening.
Natasha Romanoff: Just like Gamora predicted.
Kamala Khan: (with a smile) If only I had time to tell what I felt for you... ever since I saw you for the first time...
Peter Parker: Well... (puts his hand on Kamala's cheek) we still have time.
(with tears sliding in their faces, they share a kiss as a wind blows around them. Scene shifts to the Infinity Stones in the Siege Perilous, Vision's head, the Eye of Agamotto and the Infinity Gauntlet igniting even harder light)
Thanos: (grunts as the Gauntlet is affected by the Stones' reaction) H-how...? Why is this still happening? (screams in agony as the Stones continue igniting until the Gauntlet begins to crack in the holes meant for the Mind, Reality and Time Stones. Thanos gasps as he remembers the first Gauntlet's destruction in Attilan) No...! It can't be...! (sees Peter and Kamala embracing each other; furious) NOOO!!!! (rushes towards the two, who notice him and fight back)
Peter Parker: The Gauntlet is breaking apart. We can still end this.
Kamala Khan: Are we together?
Peter Parker: (holds her hand) Together. (Kamala smiles and they continue fighting Thanos and, after overpowering him, hold on the Gauntlet)
Groot: (holds Thanos' right arm to prevent him from punching the two) I am Groot! ("I got you!")
Steve Rogers: We have to hold him off! (he lassoes Thanos' arm with his Gauntlets' grappling hooks while Danvers and Gamora hold on Thanos' neck to restrain him)
(Peter and Kamala notice a large crack in the middle of the Gauntlet and begin to reopen it further)
Thanos: (struggling) No! You can't do this to me! Stop! Don't...! NOOO!!! (Peter and Kamala successfully rip the Gauntlet apart, causing an sonic boom explosion which knocks everyone else away. Peter recovers first and approaches Kamala)
Peter Parker: Kamala? (she recovers in Peter's arms)
Kamala Khan: Did we... did we win?
(the others recover and see the Gauntlet shattered into pieces and the Power and Space Stones flying away)
Peter Parker: I think so... we did. (Kamala smiles and shares a head hug with him)
Thanos: (recovers and sees the Gauntlet completely destroyed) No...! (the Gauntlet's shards disintegrate to dust. Then, he sees Peter and Kamala and grins furiously. Thanos gets up to charge at them until Thor suddenly appears in front of him and impales his chest with the axe-piece of Stormbreaker. Thanos lays down on his knees slowly succumbing) (weakly) Why... why can't you understand... my reason to gather them?
Thor: I carefully understand. You believed that there were too many of us... to live in this entire universe. But eliminating one half of it... do you really think this is going to re-balance all? In my travels around the universe, I've seen many things. Most of them are opposite to each other. But... they're still secure. Because... this is the true balance in the universe. The very will of the universe itself.
Thanos: If what you say is true... (looks around) Then, perhaps I never really was unlike your kind. I was just one more of them. After all this time. How can you live with this?
Thor: We find a way. A better way.
Thanos: And I will respectfully... accept... my fate. (Thor removes Stormbreaker from Thanos' chest as Thanos slowly lands down on his back and collapses into ash)
Thor: (Gamora approaches him) I'm sorry.
Gamora: Don't be. A part of him knew this day would come.
(they notice the remaining Chitauri and Outriders disintegrating into ashes one by one)
Doctor Strange: It's done.
(scene cuts to Vision and Wanda embracing passionately. Back on Titan, Mantis is embracing Hulk until they feel something)
Mantis: Something is happening... (a drop of water falls on her face; it is raining)
Peter Quill: There hasn't been rain in this planet since... (they see the Power Stone descending from the air and digging through the center of the planet. Plants begins to regrow) (smiles) ... well, well... things are starting to get beautiful.
Mantis: (smiles) I can feel it. Life. (tears of joy slide in from her eyes and she feels the wind blowing)
Nebula: That means... (referring to Thanos) last. He's gone. It's over.
Hulk: So... (to Stark) ...did we win?
Tony Stark: (he has a vision of Peter and Kamala kissing; smiles) Yes... we did.

Paragraph 11

(scene shifts to the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy on Earth as they watch Sokovia being rebuilt and the people of Earth celebrate)
Thor: I was having plans for this. I guess I changed my mind.
Steve Rogers: So... you're not going to rebuild Asgard on Earth?
Thor: No. But we still made sure our worlds would contact one another again.
Tony Stark: Shuri and I made sure that Sokovia wouldn't have that old sad story like it did before. Plus, we also decided to share our best resources of tech to the academics so that they can improve their city. And thanks to the energies of the Space Stone in Sokovia, we can also contact other worlds without any difficulty.
Steve Rogers: That sounds pretty good. So how are things going to be for your people and the Xandarians, Thor?
Thor: Nova Prime and I have been discussing. And then, we chose... Thanos' old planet... in Titan. (scene shifts to the Asgardians and Xandarians having rebuilt their world and cities in Titan) (voice over) It was once ravaged when Thanos decided to bring it to its extinction. But now that life is returning, we can feel like we'll have a kingdom again. (the Avengers and the Guardians are presented in Titan to the Asgardians and Xandarians, who cheer on them in the Throne Room)
Steve Rogers: (voice over) And you know what could end up much better? (the Avengers (old and new) are rejoicing while Peter and Kamala are embracing each other again) Some very important relationships are starting around. Including the one between the two kids who actually saved us all in the end.
Thor: (voice over) Yes. And the people of Asgard and Xandar will be most thankful for what they've accomplished... (while the Avengers address to and rejoice with the young couple, Loki watches disappointed) Well... almost all of them. (Loki leaves)
Tony Stark: (voice over) Loki still didn't accept the fact that their bond helped stop Thanos. Did he?
Thor: (voice over) Oh, you know Loki. There are times when he's too proud of himself to accept certain truths. (Peter and Kamala are watched by Mordo, who gives a nod of approval for them with a smile) Including the ones he refused to believe in.
Steve Rogers: (voice over) Well... we shouldn't mind him. He doesn't know what he's really missing.
Tony Stark: (voice over) And what's he missing?
(scene shifts to Peter and Kamala sitting in a hill and watching the Sun rise in Titan)
Steve Rogers: (voice over) The dawn of a better future. In a better world. Where hope is still worth fighting for.
Kamala Khan: It's really beautiful here. I almost felt like I couldn't get a view like this one.
Peter Parker: I know. But fate does choose its favorites. Like it just did today. (a rose rises next to them)
(Peter and Kamala remain embraced as they continue watching the hills of Titan. Credits roll)

Mid-Credit/Post-Credit Scenes

Mid-Credit Scene

(in a Post-Credit scene, a group of scientists who are studying Thanos' tech are approached by a journalist)
Eddie Brock: Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Male Scientist #1: Can we help you, sir?
Eddie Brock: My name's Eddie Brock. And I'm a journalist from Daily Globe. You wouldn't mind if ask you a few questions about this alien technology you've discovered. Would you?
(minutes later...)
Female Scientist: There's not much we can tell about this tech actually, Mr. Brock. A part of it remains classified.
(something spots Brock from behind)
Eddie Brock: (viewing the components of a Q-Ship) And I suppose there's a reason why your chief demanded those to be classified?
Male Scientist #2: Like our colleague just said: there's not much we can tell. Otherwise, the authorities would end up accusing dr. Carlton Drake of risking civilian lives with experiments based on the alien menaces that the Avengers fought. Including this Mad Titan Thanos as he heard of and... (suddenly, Brock gets caught by the mysterious subject which was spying him. Brock falls on his back shivering and screaming) S-sir. Are you okay? I'll call a doctor.
Eddie Brock: (choking) Something's in me. Something's happening...!
Female Scientist: Steady, Mr. Brock. We'll get help as soon as we... (but suddenly, a liquid-like substance starts enveloping Brock's body) Oh, my goodness!
Eddie Brock: D-don't worry about... me! Just... (close-up to his eyes turning black; distorted voice) RUN!!
(scene fades black as the scientists are heard screaming)

Post-Credit Scene

(Stark, Rogers, Danvers, Quill, Gamora and Groot are having a walk near the Statue of Liberty)
Steve Rogers: (referring to the Statue of Liberty) Beautiful. Isn't she?
Peter Quill: A real national treasure. Beautiful the way it's been for centuries. How could I not agree with that? (Gamora is thinking) You okay, Gamora?
Gamora: Yes... I just had the strange feeling that we forgot something. And I know it had something to do with our fight with Thanos.
Groot: (doubtful tone) I am Groot.
Carol Danvers: He's right. It can't too important. Or is it?
Tony Stark: Is it?
(they stare at each other in confusion. Scene shifts to the Sanctuary II, where the Collector is sitting in his cell next to another prisoner)
Taneleer Tivan the Collector: (listening to his Mixtape walkman and singing along; depressed) "Hello! Is it me you're looking for? I can see it in your eyes... I can see it in your smile... (the Prisoner is annoyed by Tivan's singing and tries to cover his ears with his fingers and then his pillows, with no avail) You're all I've ever wanted... And my arms are open wide... Because you know just what to say... (scene shifts to outside the Sanctuary II) And you know just what to do... And I want to tell you so much... I love y--"
Prisoner: (interrupts; furious) GRRR!! SHUT UP!!!

End of the transcript



  1. The Orb, which contains the Power Stone, was entrusted to the Nova Corps for safe keeping after the battle with Ronan's forces in Guardians of the Galaxy
  2. The Reality Stone, formed by the Dark Elf Malekith into a fluid-like weapon called the Aether, was entrusted to the Collector by Volstagg and Sif for safekeeping in Thor: The Dark World
  3. The Tesseract was secretly retrieved by Loki before awakening Surtur in Asgard to defeat Hela in Thor: Ragnarok
  4. identified in next film as Rieg Davan
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