Avengers-Verse: An Idea Wiki Series is a comic book series published by users of Idea Wiki. Inspired on the Spider-Verse event, the storyline centers around a series of events featuring multiple alternative versions of the Avengers who had appeared in various media.

Featured Realities

Originated in Original Comics and Media

  • Earth-616
  • Marvel 2099
  • Marvel Noir
  • Marvel 1602
  • Ultimate Marvel

Originated in Original Films, TV series and Video Games

Originated in Idea Wiki


When mysterious forces from an parallel dark Earth come to bring about chaos in the Multiverse, Avengers and other heroes from different universes work together to defeat their enemies and save all reality.






  1. Prologue - On his turn to tell his fellow Avengers of his greastest battle and adventure, Spider-Man recounts the best moments of his adventure in the Spider-Verse.
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