Avengers/Justice League Team-Up is a new DC/Marvel Crossover Comic and Film Animation. It stars the Justice League and The Avengers.


There hasnt been a crime for days, and the Avengers are not paying attention. They do not know what is happening. Kang and Darkseid team up to Conquer the world. Kang brings all the Avenger's villains they ever faced and Darkseid brings all of tthe Justice League's villains. The sky turns orange, Darkseid and Kang make an announcement. Its up to the Avengers and the Justice League to team-up. They decided that the team is too big, so they split up everyone to defeat the other villains.

But now they have to face Kang and Darkseid.

Characters and Team-Ups

Superman and Captain America

Batman and Wolverine

Cyborg and Iron Man

Wonder Woman and Miss Marvel

Bumblebee and Wasp

Atom and Ant-Man

Flash and Quicksilver

Nightwing and Rick Jones

Green Arrow and Hawkeye

Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel

Doctor Fate and Doctor Strange

Detective Chimp and Rocket Raccoon

Congorilla and The Incredible Hulk

Blue Beetle and Ultimate Spider-Man

Martian Manhunter and Vision

Green Lantern (John Stewart) and Wonder Man

Supergirl and American Dream

Aquaman and Sub-Mariner

Plastic Man and Mr. Fantastic

Wildfire and Human Torch

Blue Devil and Thing

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