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Ava Clark
Ava Clark
Personal Information
Aliases Sonic Girl
Gender Female
Species Metahuman
Age 10
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Affiliations Young Justice
Occupation Student


Homeworld Earth
Residence National City
Pet(s) Fluffy (cat)
Production Information

Ava Clark aka Sonic Girl is a 10 year-old metahuman from National City and one of the main characters of Young Justice and later becomes the main protagonist of DC's Sonic Girl: Adventures of Ava Clark. She is a member of the Team and Black Canary's protege. She is voiced by Montserrat Hernandez.


Ava is a very young Caucasian 10-year old girl with brown hair. She wears a blue shirt with a red collar, a blue skirt with red trim, red arm bracelets, blue shoes with white tips, and purple socks.


Ava is a mostly quiet and silent girl. Due to having the power to produce powerful soundwaves for her mouth, Ava doesn't speak unless if it's necessary to use her sonic scream.


Early Life

Born in National City, Ava Clark is the daughter of STAR Labs scientists, Brian and Sarah Clark. At some point, there was an accident involving plasma radiation that altered her vocal chords and giving her powers.


Batman and Black Canary went to her home. telling her parents that the Justice League could help their daughter control her powers, offer her a place of a team of young heroes as Black Canary's protege, in which Brian and Sarah accepted.

Powers and Abilities

  • Metahuman Physiology: Because of the plasma energy that gave Ava her powers, she possess superhuman abilities beyond any human.
    • Superhuman Strength - Due to her Metahuman physiology, Ava can lift up and move heavy objects and can bend steel.
    • Superhuman Speed - Ava can move faster in super speed like Flash and Kid Flash.
    • Invulnerability - Ava's can resist any form of damage.
    • Super Hearing - Ava has a better sense of hearing.
    • Heat Vision - Ava can project beams of energy from her eyes.
    • Flight - Ava has the ability to fly.
    • Super Leap - Ava can preform superhuman leaps than any normal human being.
    • Regeneration - Ava can heal faster at Metahuman levels.
    • Sonic Scream - Since her vocal chords her altered, Ava can produce a powerful soundwave anytime she speaks, although it's not as strong as Black Canary's Canary Cry.
    • Plasma Manipulation - Ava can manipulate highly ionized gas.
      • Plasma Attacks - Ava can plasma in various attacks.
        • Plasma Beam Emission - Ava can emit beams of plasma.


  • Sedative gas
  • Metal mittens
  • Gravity field
  • Tickles





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