Austin is a recurring character in Just Dance.


Official Description

Austin is one of the coolest students at Just Dance High, he is kind and always the perfect gentleman. He's a favorite of many of the girls and he's always around to offer a helping hand.


Austin is smart, brave, and relaxed. He also often acts like a typical teenager and talks like a surfer, always saying slang such as "dude", "man", "rad", "nice", "let's rock", and "awesome". Since his brain includes so much information, he can get a bit crazy when he's under pressure. He can get ticked very easily. Nonetheless, he is very sociable and would do anything for his friends and loved ones.

Physical Appearance

Austin is a teenage boy with black combed hair hidden by a sea-foam green colored beanie. The dancer wears a blue hoodie, and a red plaid jacket beneath it (seen in CGI films only), and underneath that is an orange shirt. He also wears denim jeans and a pair of orange sneakers.


  • His theme song is "Feel It Still" by Portugal. The Man.
  • According his theme song, "Feel It Still", he is a rebel.
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