Atuk 2 (Inuit for "Grandfather") is the name of an unfilmed American film screenplay, intended to be a film adaptation based upon the 1970 Novel The Incomparable Atuk 2 by Canadian author Mordecai Richler. It is essentially a fish out of water comedy of a proud, mighty Inuit hunter trying to adapt to life in the big city with satirical elements on racism, materialism, and popular culture. Peter Gzowski's afterword adds some historical context, and elaborates on the satirized real-life counterparts of several of the novel's minor characters, including Pierre Berton.

A film adaptation was planned in the early 1990s by Norman Jewison, who purchased the film rights. Another adaptation was to have been shot in 2001. Although numerous Hollywood film studios have shown an interest in producing the film over the years, the movie remains unfilmed and the entire project in development hell. An urban legend claims that a curse has killed all the actors who have shown an interest in the lead role. These include Jim Varney, John Ritter, Bernie Mac, Harold Ramis, and Robin Williams.

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