Attack of the 80's is a comedy film about a nerd and his pothead stoner stepbrother that bring back pop cultutre 80's characters who terrorize and annoy them after they are cursed by a witch is set to release early 2015 and directed by Seth MacFarlane and written by Parris Price(me).

The film stars Parris Price, Alexander Ludwig and Nikki Limo as the main characters along with Terry Crews and Alyssa Milano and many others


One nerdy college graduate (Price) and his stoner stepbrother (Ludwig) must find a way to reverse a curse that was brought on them after insulting an old witch doctor of whom the curse came from. In order to stop this madness there going to have to get through Jason Voorhees and a plethora of other villains with the help of Marty McFly, Robocop and more


Parris Price as Steven Lucas

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