“Attack On Creature War” (in japansse; クリーチャーの戦いに攻撃)is a comic book/manga series being published by TBD since TBD 2017. This story takes place in a fictional war.


Strange creatures from outta space comes as they attack the town of Hurkei (commonly in Tokyo) but six human kids still have a chance to stop the forces of creatures.



  • Ash Zumaki - The main leader of his team, his plan is to stop the creatures from infesting humans.
  • Anthony Rumia - The co-leader and vice-leader of Ash's team, he gets out supplies, helps everyone and others he could do. He was raised in a farm. Then after he turned nine, his parents finally got a house. Now he lives in happiness.
  • Darekk B. - A comic book expert who gives his friends facts about the comic book.
  • Louie Lashe - a newspaper boy who enjoys his job.
  • Tyler Naki
  • Starblast T.




  1. Before The War Arc (1-5) - Ash and Tzumki goes on adventures trying to find the gold drago, along with the gang.
  2. Creature War Arc (6-18) - TBD.
  3. Attack of Planets Arc (19-23) - TBD.
  4. Invasion Arc (24-53) - TBD.


  1. Chapter One

Anime adaption

In March 17, 2018. [publishing company] renewed the comic book series as an anime television series, by late 2018. The series was airing in TV Tokyo in Japan in December 2, 2017.

By March 3, 2019. Netflix picked up the series for the English dub. It will premiere in June 24, 2019 on the service.


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