I had this extremely absurd dream a few nights ago, but it seemed so real in the dream.

Look at the title of this page. This is exactly what happened in my dream. Some terrorist organization blew up an atomic bomb near a highway (1 mile distance). The heat of the explosion vaporized the concrete barriers surrounding the lanes. What the heat possibly did is that it vaporized the outer layer, melted the inner layer of concrete, then re-sealed the outer layer to form a sort of crust. Of course, I didn't see this happen in my dream, but that is how I predicted it would happen. The end result of this heating was that the once concrete barrier was now some form of radioactive chocolate that could be broken into pieces like peppermint bark. Of course when you eat chocolate that has been radioactively poisoned by an atomic bomb explosion, some weird effects can happen like hallucinations and your sweat turning yellow, thick, gooey, and oily, but the chocolate tasted just like a 3 Musketeers. Have fun Ultimate dreaming!

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