Atomic Betty
Genre Adventure
Comic science fiction
Magical girl
Science fantasy
Coming of age
Based on Atomic Betty by
Trevor Bentley
Mauro Casalese
Olaf Miller
Rob Davies
Developed by Mark Marek
Jessica Borutski
Aaron Horvath
Marly Halpern-
Voices of Marieve Herington
Max Mittelman
Maurice LaMarche
Country of
United States
Aaron Horvath
Marly Halpern-
Sam Register
Matthew Berkowitz
Chris Prynoski
Brendan Burch
Producer(s) Jessica Borutski
Atomic Originals
Warner Bros.

6 Point Harness
Titmouse, Inc.
Distributor Warner Bros.

Apple Worldwide
Original network Apple TV+

Atomic Betty is an upcoming American flash animated web series, produced through Atomic Originals, 6 Point Harness, Titmouse, Inc. and Warner Bros. Animation. It is based on the Canadian-French animated series of the same name by Trevor Bentley, Mauro Casalese, Olaf Miller and Rob Davies.


In this coming of age story 15 year old Canadian Betty Barrett (a.k.a Atomic Betty) and her little brother Kyle move away from Canada and into the suburbs of fictional city of Fort Knox, Northern California with Norman Halpern and Ellen Borutski her American adoptive parents, months after the passing of her mother. Despite her struggles with a new life in America, new school and mourning the lose of her mother as "Atomic Betty" a member of the Galactic Guardians, an elite team dedicated to interstellar crime fighting and law enforcement, assisted by her two allies; the extraterrestrial pilot Sparky and a robot named X-9 as they fight various galactic warlords and criminals.

Voice Cast


WBA and Atomic Originals (the Los Angeles office of Atomic Cartoons) have teamed up to create a remake of the original where a 15 year old Betty and her litte brother Kyle moving out of Canada and into the suburbs of fictional city of Fort Knox, Northern California with her American adoptive parents father and continues her her role as a Galactic Guardian and must old enemies from the original series as well as new one, like the original series it will be flash animated. The series rehearsal will be housed in Salami Studios with Sue Blu as voice director. Marieve Herington was cast as the title character, producer Jessica Borutski later Twitted a list of other cast members.

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