The motion picture soundtrack for AlliasTOON film Atlantis 3 : Attack of the Sabre Tooth that was directed by Allias Salmon. The film was composed by Hans Zimmer, who composed animated films including The Lion King, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, The Simpsons Movie and the two Kung Fu Panda films.

Originally, Harry Gregson-Williams was going to score the film, but kindly refused. John Powell was going to score the film as well, but kindly refuse because of his work on Bailey And Megan, but Powell is credited as a composer. Lorne Balfe and Junkie XL was an additional composers who scored Kung Fu Panda and Mad Max: Fury Road.

The score "Milo and Kida's Moonlight Talk" was portion of the score that was a melody of "Look Through My Eyes" by Phil Collins.



1.Main Title

2.North America Animals/Allias

3.Milo and the Gang

4.Campfire/Helga and Audrey

5.Allias meets Ruffnut

6.Milo meets Kida/Discovery


8.Allias meets Danger Mouse

9.Milo and Kida's Questions

10.Touring the City/Mammoth Ride

11.Allias' plan

12.Milo and Kida's Moonlight Talk


14.Allias' Flashback

15.The Threat

16.Seeing the View

17.Milo Farewells Kida

18.Helga and Audrey Talk

19.Kida and her dad

20.Rourke's Idea

21.Allias' threat


23.The Chase (featuring Junkie XL)

24.Helga's sacrifice/The funeral

25.The Arguement/Seeing Kida

26.Milo and Kida's tour

27.Allias reveals his colours

28.Kida's story

29.Milo's idea

30.Allias get his revenge

31.Kashekim vs Allias


  • During the score of "Mammoth Ride", sound effects can be heared through the score are bells, violin and a flute.
  • The same track "Milo and Kida's Questions" and "Touring the City" is the same track from Atlantis : The Lost Empire.
  • During the score of "Helga's Sacrifice", a rock music waa heard.
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