Atlantic Craft
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Television programs Duo-Franchise
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Voice Joe: Andy Samberg
Cody: Mateus Ward
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Other names
Personality Joe: Charismatic, evil
Cody: Sophisticated, wise, charming, brave, mysterious
Appearance Same as Langer Hedare and Johnny Ramsbottom (Sing It Live!!!-S.E. 3)
Same as Tube Heroes Atlantic Craft (S.E. 3-present)
Occupation Both: Criminals (formerly)
Joe: Terrorist
Cody: Myles Bot
Alignment Both: Bad, later Good
Joe: Good, later Bad
Cody: Good
Goal Both: To defeat Zachary and help take over the world (formerly)
Joe: To kill the Myles Bots, take over the world, become the most powerful bird on the planet and hopefully avenge Speed Killman
Cody: To defeat his enemies, save the world and help end the legacy of the most dangerous villain imaginable
Allies Both: Grizzly Empire (formerly)
Joe: Mr. Killman
Cody: Zachary Delightful, Carrie Courageous (later), Black Ranger
Enemies Both: Myles Bots (formerly)
Joe: Zachary Delightful, Carrie Courageous (briefly), Black Ranger
Cody: Grizzly Bear, Simba, Mr. Killman
Likes Both: Vengeance, chaos (all formerly)
Joe: Mr. Killman, destruction, chaos, ruling the world, manipulation
Cody: Hope, good chaos
Dislikes Both: Zachary (formerly)
Joe: Losing power, Mr. Killman's death, the Myles Bots
Cody: Hatred
Powers and abilities Both: Cunning, manipulation (all formerly)
Joe: Strength (formerly)
Cody: Cunning
Weapons None

Cody and The Penguin (formerly Langer Hedare and Johnny Ramsbottom) are two recurring antagonists who appear in the Duo-Franchise arcs Sing It Live and Summer Edition 3. They are known to be employees-turned con artists working for Speed Killman before his untimely demise. A semi-recurring gag involves Langer, and to a minor extent Johnny, attempting to kill Zachary and the team causing them to lose their chance. They are known to argue and be disagreeable with each other which led to the subsequent events during Langer and Johnny's transformations into the combined Duo-Franchise incarnation of Atlantic Craft.

Because Mr. Killman died through the efforts of Nicholas Wilde's family, Langer thinks that he is Zachary trying to stop him again.

It is revealed in the Special, Birthday Centennial, that Johnny is the brother of Silas Ramsbottom a.k.a. Baby Ice.

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