Athena Industries is a fictional group of villains appearing on select Marvel Comics titles, most notably Spider-Man, Iron Man, Ant-Man and The Avengers, being created on January 7th, 1998.


Athena Industries was once a small company that mainly focused in making innovative tech and making the world a better place.


  • Athena Gonzales - the corrupt head of Athena Industries who uses technology to gain money and be the richest woman in the world, also wanting to rule it. She is shown to have a god-complex believing she is the reincarnation of the goddess of wisdom, Athena.
  • Winston Gonzales - Athena's manipulative husband who aids her to take down all who rival them.
  • Minerva Gonzales/Metal Venom - Athena's TBD teenage daughter who gains a symbiote, turning it into a more mechanical and controllable vessel for her to control.
  • Ariel Haven/Techpire - a socially awkward scientist who creates a serum that gives her the power to corrupt technology, using it to steal designs for Athena Industries. She is shown to be highly infatuated with Scott Lang.
  • King of All - an extremely powerful robot who is known for its powerful manipulating abilities and its need to gain more power and knowledge.
  • Project 3 - a genetically-made teenage girl who has a crush on Flash Thompson and prefers to use Athena's gadgets to her own purposes, especially to cause some TBD.
  • Athena Industries' Dreadnoughts - the company's own version of the non-sentient robot, being used as their robot elite.
  • Silver Phoenix - a genetic clone of Jean Grey who has equal power as her genetic template.
  • Kevin Luxos - a famous journalist who is actually an agent working for Athena Industries as he hides any bad publicity.
  • Vladimir Chukoff/Red Skeleton - a mercenary working for Athena Industries who can rip his limbs apart and put them back together.
  • Laquita Ford/Lady Behemoth - an African American mercenary working for Athena Industries who can grow her body to large heights.
  • Chuck Marlin/Phantom - a mercenary who TBD.
  • Mina Fredrickson/Rainstorm - a mercenary working for Athena Industries who is able to manipulate the weather into her own reasons.
  • William Evermore/The Human Bull - the shy janitor who intends to do the right thing, later stealing a mechanical bull suit and becoming a vigilante.

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