AstroAvengers is a 2017 animated show made by NASA and Miramax.

Main Characters

  • Alpha: A blue Spiked Tailed Wolf who was originally from the planet Wolfus. He is the leader of the AstroAvengers. He is voiced by Shane Dawson.
  • Gamma: A periwinkle Clawfurtin (A creature that resembles a meerkat, a pangolin and a cat) who was from the planet Fangtropica. She loves exploring the world around her and is always digging for treasure. She is voiced by Lisa Schwartz.
  • Rigel: A Space Duck who was originally from the planet Quackria. He has purple wings and is sometimes a little clumsy. He is voiced by Derek Gerard.
  • Moona: A lavender fluffy space creature that resembles a Furby. She is Alpha's pet and companion.
  • Draco: An orange Dragonsaur who is Gamma's adopted brother. It is unknown where he originally came from. He is voiced by Roi Fabito.
  • Omega: A purple cat from the planet Meowtis. She is always an honored member and is a good artist. She is voiced by Jilliantube.
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