(This is the main animated series. For the location, see Ashwood Creek.)

Ashwood Creek is an animated action-adventure comedy series airing on September 15th, 2020 on Universal Kids.


Ashwood Creek follows the adventures of Fi, who is a newcomer to the Ashwood Creeks. Occupied by two monkey twins, a harp seal, and a red hawk, she learns new things each episode.



Fi - A humble albino fox which is a newcomer to the woods of Ashwood Creek. She lives with the Monkey twins in the Boulder Inn and goes to school at the Tulip Leaf Academy.

Tommy - A playful ape and the twin brother of Tipsy. He shares a room with Fi and his sister at the Boulder Inn. He also enjoys action and karate.

Tipsy - A cheery ape and the twin sister of Tommy. She shares a room with Fi and her brother at the Boulder Inn and also loves parties.

Sid - An adventurous seal and a close friend to Fi. He dreams of joining Greyl's Adventurer Hut, despite excluding children.

Axel - A lonely red hawk who tags along with Sid as a close friend. He commonly takes classes in Ken's Jitsu Hut to "improve" himself.


Carlo - A friendly hyena who works at the front office of Boulder Inn, greeting guests and assigned them into their rooms. Unlike most hyenas in the creek, he is rather affectionate towards customers and workmates.

Oleana - A tender ape who works as one of the waiters at the Boulder Inn. Due to being the mother of Tipsy and Tommy, she is caring of them but can be overprotective at times.

Papa Antonio - An Italian flamingo who cooks for customers at the diner of Boulder Inn. He's a talented cook and is somehow obsessed with baguettes.

Stephen G. - An idealistic lemur and the manager of Boulder Inn. At a young age, he dreamed of creating his own hotel.

Ms. Penalton - A sharp-witted elephant and Fi's main teacher from Tulip Leaf Academy. She enjoys enhancing her student's experience and has an unusual talent of playing brass.

Greyl - A laid-back grey goat and the current manager of the Adventurer Hut. He attempts to properly serve the guild as much as his father and past relatives did.

Cadence - An industrious blonde rabbit and Greyl's assistant at the Adventurer Hut. Working at the lobby counter, she is hard-working and is quick do to her work, which sometimes causes her to forget other projects.

Eugene - A show-off grizzly bear knight who is the currently strongest member of the Adventurer Hut. He enjoys sharing his adventures to others, but can also have an ego at times.

Midara - An intelligent sorcerer corgi and Eugene's partner at the guild.


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