"Lioyd garmadon-There's a no resistance is in the world is not gold ."


Hearing Tors 40 and council of twenty's rumors a rebellion against neo ingen/ axis is underway from all over the multiverse, but will the get there in time , before the Elemental eye is fallen into their hands, a Secret Plans Of an villainous alliance and invasions is falling in place.


" Coruscant 2:30 am "

and as johnny test , seth, tony jones, and the rest whom have entered, while new members of teletoon unite and allied members from more other worlds .

Dai : Did you guys find anything ? no but there are great news , that separatists are still out there, but the war in the universe still continues , rika : Well we didn't finding where both of theirs appearances and we don't what they aren't going to next.

We have been searching around the universe and were still exhausted!.

kenta: Well we found this ! , while revealing a Cybercell translator .

Whoa !, tors 40 : We summit this messages that teletoon unite will defeat our mortal enemies and rivals in time , Xiao wu : we got to working on our spam texture , kakeru :Not so fast !, tors 40 and dorax and rest of the black star council, council of twenty are on our side ! , (Sort of ) .

Dorax : You have a chance to stopping them from completing their plans by conquering the multiverse , I heard they were after a Eye Of elements !, What's that ?, It's supposed to be rumored about a legendary artifact of universal created by the big bang .

While we saw a golden orb and revealing it could be a star and systems map, Why did you meantion about the galaxy lover ?, that prophecy was forfilled !, but more other await , You see there are three prophecies to forfill, but you must listen to or us , keep map with you at all times !, i've just locked it alongside the council of twenty , where we have hidden the keys and objects to open it in specific dimensions.

We have a chance of defeating our enemies , i've escape from a battle in the "multiverses", where a master builders and battling neo ingen and the axis and their new forces from other universes are underway you must get there and find the element eye destroy it and save the balance, and there are more battles and rebellions underway , you must aid them or it'll be destroyed by mai and villainous & Invasions forces of darkness .

Sending coordinates now ! , while revealing a metal create with a purple sark inside hacking into their gateway machine , Good luck !.

End of Transmittion

Zhu : If the situation is getting closer to the end of the universe , we have a chance of aiding them there, If not?, Max: They are sending us into a Trap!.

and while heading for the council of twenty and to getting some answers , Balallis : took you long enough !, prince lioyd : Tch ! beginners lucks the last time we meet we meet I still think we had our grudges of revenge on you when we first meet, Now follow us !.

while meeting the prophet of celestial , This shadar my uncle .

Shadar : So this is the next Generation of the galaxy lover , come now let us hold hands before we doing the future prediction ritual , While we were inside our minds altogether .

Whoa !, so our minds are tranquil and peaceful and there is many thoughts , but somehow and while seeing into the future on the locations of the rebellions on each of worlds in the multiverse .

while looking each of their memories , on how they been through, feeling, emotions, events, evolution , courage , defending one another, to remembering .

Whoa !, look how we been through !.

While seeing where they are and finding out they are in parallel and diffent universes magical powers , and the only way is to do that is to finding out the keys to the tomb of the element eye.

while revealing the objects to open the tomb and keys and crystal gems to activating and revealing Element Prime and the tomb doors, while there are 90 objects to open the tomb.

And finding about the indentification and entities of allies they will have and what they predicted into the future, there is a girl whom is the new red king, after he died from an Colourless king,ashkina island , mihashira tower incidents , a boy whom is the new sliver king , blue king is here , but they have servants and nobles and while arriving but they are here.

into this area, but some villains wanting the eye for each other, or betray each other.

They are after objects and powers of the keys to open the tomb, we have to stopping them!.

and while entering into the future and still modern times, and finding about they were in modern toyko metropolis and finding about the they were looking for three kings and any trouble here and protecting the elemental object.

Okay !, now we have to finding these three kings or finding the rebels , or else it will become barbecue resistance !.

while looking for the three kings, sliver, red, gold ,and blue , while they have got to be here somewhere , and finding out that they were in a organization meeting shizume city at gold king's tower, by 8:00 for masqurade party for shiro , sector four , ashinaka campus ,their college friends and families .

whoa!, well I just know that they were heading there first we better enter the party like party crashers and secret admires , and as it was 8:00 p.m , and as they were all here just like they predicted but jungle clan and neo ingen has a secret alliance.

We must have them now ! , not yet now must reel them in like little pigies , and vermin they are and capturing right about now and while revealing their powers , and their distractions after I must have for our resurrection of invasions through out the multiverse .

Georgia: you have done well ! , I thinking our alliance is a new beginning and mutral friendship, and heir loyality and pledging , enemies of their world shall serve our needs , we should joining in on the battle , with out no blood, no scars , or bruses , just a pay back and revenge .

while heading into their plans by activating the traps , while at the masquerade ball , anna : what are we here for ?, Well if the incidents are proving to be a distraction , Anna ! , kuro ! what a surprise !, last time you were dying but you ........ Stammering ! , I thought you were dead ?!, after the incident after all that !.

and now jungle clan is still out there but the slates are back where they belong and where the gold clan is revived , but somehow these incident are unknown that they are collecting money and the slates , and any from our clans from our enemies, so come ! , eat and drink ! .

and while laughing and eating drinking , isana: Nice way to send us to invitations ! , I never send you one !? , well if you lucky bastards never got it than who does ?!.

and reconizing the birds , Well i thinking that they are parrots or some strange pets I've never seen !, it's a trap ! .

look ! .

while looking around surrounded by spec ops , and jungle all at once, while surrounding all at once they were attacking and as they were to outnumbered and as they were lay with tranquillizer darts .

yata: Ugh !, my mind is getting (Deep voice ) Strange , ugh ! , and while the rest of them are sleeping and dragged into while the dresen slates are dragged , while burgundy was working with crocker for some research.

never escaping again .

while taking their secrets to their new opening of Jurassic universe in from the far outskirts of town .

while taking their researching getting a video tape of this with the magic existed through universes , while taking the key to their goals and for the opening for the tomb of the eye.

We have to rescuing them !, right ! , and as they were disguised as scientists and while being working as one of them and freeing the prisoners from their underground laboratory , and their secrets on video tape .

and their spy drones they hacked into and as they heard screaming inside , while taking strains of people and animals and soon taking their powers for their next army to be created here.

we have too stop this , and pressing on to any button but none of them never worked , and as pulling the lever and shutting down the conversion and power exchanging tubes .

Burgundy : What ?! , the power's shut off and as we got them out and as we sent them free undetected, while they were after the eye of elements , and as finding about the ritual is cancelled by them, almost complete ! , are the alliance of kings is with us ?! .

gasp ! , no ! , Grr ! clian and timelord ! , Anna : Who are you ?!, while repairing to attack with showing that they are powerful and dangerous .

Slash ! , and while cutting a part of a tardis matrix circuit , Ah ! , my tardis !, you gave it a scar at my tardis ! .

Kuro : It's your fault ! , You are the kidnappers ! , you're the ones whom kidnapped us at back this party ! .

no ! , it was not a celever Lie ! , all I know It was not a clever Lie ! .

Where Are we ?! ........................

Brickvile , Year 2015 , October 15 Monday .

Yawn ! , good morning apartment?, while seeing ghost virtrovious , Gah ! Virtrovious ! , What are you doing here ?, I've got to get to work with wyldstyle !, emmet !, there is another prophecy and unpredicted events are going to happen .

lucy : Hey emmet !, have you watched the news or anything but , " Where are my Pants? " .

Or " Everything is Awesome " .

There is a prophecy , An army of Darkness and axis will beformed to conquer the multiverse , from any and all other worlds, but the Eye elements are revealing.

A girl with a light red, boy with aura sliver, and a man with blue aura .

You regathering all allies or else all hope is lost , you must finding the key objects and protecting them at all cost or else the whole of creation must be destroyed, find them emmet , find them immediately!.

Emmet : Find what?!.

Emmet ?, Emmet ! , Emmet ?!.

Wyldstyle!, Whoa , whoo! , you scare something out of me!.

Now shall we get back to our date , wait! , i just heard from ghost virtruvious he said about another prophecy , What did he say ?!.

Well something about a " Ultimate axis of evil , armies of darkness , girl, boy , man , servants of a gold king , will come to our worlds.

Sigh!, while she calms down by sitting down and putting her hand on her forehead , You know what that means ! , Cloud cuckoo land ! , cloud cuckoo land !.

Scene 2

" While it had been two years , since lord bussiness's forces took down cloud cuckoo cuckoo land , but rebuilded with his construction workers , into the inner madness and controlled chaos was it , after since the " Kragle Incident " ever since before years it was almost the same with the rainbow bridges connected to each other , and the rebuilded The "Dog" .

to the rule-less , controlled chaos through out the clouds .

Unikitty : Hey you guys !, While smiling , Hey unikitty !, hi batman , Hey you guys ! , Now we have to contact the master builders , Unikitty : Don't worry !, I've sent the invitation through out worlds and only a : few or more master builders are coming .

" Ah!... Uh?... Nice... To See You too, Benny ! ... choking and not breathing Said emmet"

arriving at the " Dog " for arrival of master builders .

" Neo InGen Headquarters , Japan "

mai ahikiro : Is everyone here ?, Okay ! , dr infernious and saw arm/ fire arm check! , sam sinister Check ! , darth vader, dark tribes of chima, green clan check ! , cyclonia Check ! , Red skull and HYDRA ?! check ! , metal man ? check ! , electric man ! , lord chen and ancondri cultists ! , Ogel skull troopers, eiko teryrua !, bling bling boy , johnny stopping evil force 5 , dark vegan , Brain freezer, cyberman check , max griffon, well everyone we missed and new ones have been accounted with ! . Check ! .

now recapture our top four or ten enemy targets and then make them pay , and soon destroy their worlds and universes and find the cross dimensional heroes that ( Interfered our plans !)

Captured these four clans and finding out if they can sign the treaty.

Mai : It's show time ! .

one day I will have revenge and brutal mercy on timelord, and his pathetical new friends and his planet and earths beyond that Yoshi "Bitch " that so popular than me ! , I'll kick and crap her ass .

while they sort out their plans for universal domination .

" The Dog 9:40 am "

While emmet appeared into the low podium of the " Dog" .

while emmet was going to speak about about some news about an " Axis , dimensions , Conquer the multiverse , along side new allies bad ones, But everyone never under stand him ".

Wyldstyle : Umm? Emmet ! , I think I should say something , Oh yes of course honey ! , Well ..... Lord business and bad cop have been captured and octan tower is captured , after he taco Tuesday and " Kragle incident ".

we need your help to stopping this dimensional axis before it destroys our world and finding the eye of elements and finding proof of magic that's the poison they spreaded like last time .

" Now who's with me ?!, metalbeard appeared , along with benny, batman , unikitty , All: Were in ! , while alongside few master builders and including superman and wonder woman ."

Green ninja: We've got incoming ! , everyone take cover ! .

and while seeing metor falling from the sky and hitting the ground and crashing into the walls .

Coughing , and as people came out , Everybody out ! out out ! , kuro don't go in there ! , because you took a slash at my tardis ! .

yata: Where are we ?, i don't know but this world is not apart of us, or our a possibility of the dreslen slate!.

I don't know but were going on an adventure.

Nuh ah ah ah ! , don't go in there and that is smoke because somebody wrecked my tardis , i'll get to work on it!, Emmet !?, timelord?, What are you doing here ?! .

wyldstyle: You're not here on an important mission of our's already !?, no we have a mission a secret mission to raising a rebellion on neo ingen , stop them collect ninety key objects for the tomb of the eye of elements destroy it , before they can rule the multiverse ! .

all: Well that's sounds like an adventure ! , we're in ! , Wh-wh-wait what ?!, I said we are all in , we are heading for octan tower as we SPEAK ! , well I thinking about stopping an axis of ultimate evil , we're all in , as they put their hands and as they were all in.

Wyldstyle: Now !, What are we looking for ?! , it's said something about a piece of resistance ! , Wait a minute I think I overheard it at a new constructed opening where a " Museum Of Master builders " .

Whoa ! , and as they were entering the museum on one night, with out any mix ups and messing up .

while the people of "k" are staying in emmet's apartment .

well it is quite roomy, But just to making sure !, and while grabbing teddy bear suits and cat and dog suits , and with a last set of rabbit suits.

if there's any trouble, while finding about their location is unknown .

and as they were getting the piece of resistance , with out any undetection of any kinds or *Beep * ups , we should have the piece at once .

while replacing it with the exact duplicate of the piece and from a timeline from earlier , and if he goes into his time stream it'll cause a fabric hole in the universe .

and while replacing it and getting it out and finding about a alien key artifact , while finding a ciliander and a red orb , it's a " Fire Weaver !? " .

yata: Come on let's go ! , oh right ! , while heading out and finding about I replaced them with a another duplicate versions of it.

from another time stream, while I explain it to them .

A Fire weaver is a most powerful artifact through out all of time and space, through out the multiverse and it's the most powerful artifact in the multiverse, once it is apart of the " Dimension key " look ! , once the elements have been attached and keys intergrated into the device wielding magical powers or opening all portals to zones at once or anywhere, but seven placers and thirty key holes , but alien writing but related to any technology , but the location or knowledge to secret of the location of the tomb.

(End Scene)

Scene 3

while green sark sentries were watching , yata : Look ! , whoa ! , I'm on it !, while using his new slash move on those green zurk , and with his powers, whoa ! , how were you able to do that ?.

anna: Do you think ...... Isana : Great ! , they might have been hearing on what they we are saying ! .

we better get out of here, as fast as we can before they continue on their plans, well first we need to finding out what are they. Up to first .

we have to hacking into their inferior building and schematics , while having to go out to having dinner , Look out ! .

open the door ! , Help ! they're coming ! they're coming ! , listen something is going to happen ! , to late they are already here ! , You're next ! , you're next ! .

while everyone was strangely watching them for that man running for no reasons , while wyldstyle and emmet are infiltrating while entering alongside and entering into lord president's office .

while surrounded by dr infernious forces, fire arm, and saw arm along side him , Dr infernos : Well we meet at last " the Special!" , well I'm guessing that you're the one whom we heard on your insignia last night .

Wyldstyle: What have you done to lord business and bad cop ?!, infernious : Let me show you ! .

while stuck upside down with the remains of the kragle and band aids and stuck upside down with tape.

unikitty: set them free ! , you have no right to keep them here ! , you're right but you are caught in one too! , and as a cage was set into motion, Arr ! i've been trapped like a rat but not this much !.

dr infernious : release them !, And you are the guardian !, you know where the artifact and keys are we'll shall be watching you , but fire arm and saw arm has a bit of fun with you're or we are planning to do with them, and while a micro manager is grabbing unikitty and as she was worried and saw arm was sawing of the horn of her head as she was screamingly crying .

saw arm ( Chuckling ) , Well that's take care of that and taking her horn , while she was crying and wyldstyle feltbad about her, and emmet was super rage angry for what he has done.

if you want to live, what?, while opening the floors , business : Release them you've have no right!, But don't forget you were going to bring me the anti builder back from darkness, Never ! .

Bad cop : Let us go or ..... YOU WILL BE SILENT WHILE I SPEAK !.

  • Helicopter sounds * , while men in blue uniforms , and while helicopter flying over them and shooting a couple of rounds , and as everyone was dodging it and a man appeared, Chase: Get in !, go go go ! .

Timelord: We don't have a choice !, Nick fury : Just go ! , we'll cover you as fast as we can ! , hurry up!.

Sector four , was getting the survivors and escaping with including bad cop and lord business, infernious : you need alone time with you're thoughts !, Take them to the prison cells!.

while heading into the main control room with his minions and robots opening trans dimensional communication from each world, including magical communicators.

Dr nefarious : Well have you located the timelord?, No but his locations are unknown , Lawrence !, we must gathering our new friends , but our enemy allies, " Keep your friends close and your enemies closer ! " .

loki: Well if he and mortal fools of middle garde and my foolish twin brother , thinks he can get away from me !, well i think we should track them down making on their move , finding any way to defeating them .

while villains are continuing of space and time , finding new ideas out there to making them pay, while many new villains are allied with the neo ingen .

"metrovile 9:40 am"

pull!, and while trash is launched into the streets and while four lame villains called L.O.S.E , leader named voltar , well we spreaded the garbage in the neighbourhood .

Frogg : Oooh ! (Sarcasmed ) Another evil triumph by the league of super evil , Mysterious voice: You're right !, but you don't deserve that !, Echoing : How would you like to have an villainous alliance by gathering all the villains to conquering not only world but the multiverse.

Voltar : Well i should never hear from you but if we .... ( Are not crazy anyway !).

while a portal appeared, What ?!, revealing master cyclonis and repton, ravess and the dark ace, voltar : What's the meaning of this ?!, i am master cyclonis , the leader and member of the Cyclonia empire of atmos .

Why would this so-called empress of atmos and to came from our's from their universe ?.

Dark ace: She can gain some new powers, weapons, ideas , evil plans , magical , scientifical advances, and opportunities that we can dream.

Voltar: " Well if this a new opportunity !, that's we never give them a raise , which i won't !, alright !, that's means were in !. "

putting posters all around town for a villain convention , Mai: everything is going as we planned , reopening of jurassic universe and ancient books and maps on researching on how to finding the artifact.

kyra: Soon Vengence will be ours !.

valkaries : We have completed the last of our breegus system invasion forces and forces combined.

but first mice are scurrying around our property ,it's time we put down some traps, their devious smile into their plans on what the multiverse and all of space and time is store for them.

As for them ...... ( Dark, demonic , sinister, sadistic voice): They will pay for what they done to all of our legacy might!.

Scene 4

Coming Soon In Development

Scene 5

hayato: I should move my base to this world !, I like the defenders and superheroes we fight !, Voltar : Ooh !, you'll keep it where it is !, Our empire legacy will spread through out the multiverse !, if we get defeated everytime we planning for something, but together as one.......

lucas: Exactly !.

voltar : welcome to the club humongo the ginormians ! , WHO DARES DISTURBS HUMONGO ! , RULER OF GINORMIANS !, ENSLAVIER OF WORLDS ! "MIGHTEST WARRIOR IN THE UNIVERSE ! ".

Frogg (screaming and shocked) , skullossis , commander chaos , rock gothington !, cougar, all of the mightiest super villains are here !, Voltar : it's about time you got here ! .

Skullosses: Where is the ultronium nintyfour ?!, um ?, sorry ! that one might have been a typo! .

(rumouring and questions)

yeah yeah yeah !, well I asked you all here is to conquering the multiverse by making an ultimate alliance !, Huh ?!, dr von pantloon: If we combining forces ?.... why do need this visit ?!.

to convincing our enemies that they defeated our armies once and for all !, and with dimension axis army , the world will be defenceless !, except for that entity protecting the universe they called the timelord , that my friend hayato ..... hayato: Hello !, he will propbility siding along our metropolis superheroes to over throwing us if he gets to anyone of them !.

size him and his strange friends (magical, heroic, Stronger , handsome, freaks) they look like this !.............

While showing them hi-def flat screen t.v and revealing indentification pictures of timelord and his companions and allies .

Voltar: If anyone accepts that deal?, if anyone betrays me!, while revealing their new weapons and finding about their secrets about their acceptance.

they all shaked hands , Long live the axis ! , (Cheering Victoriously).

akira: If you under estimated him you'll might have getting us Tricked into the (Sing-song) the capture into the same place !.

" Back on chima "

Lavgravis , laval, eris, cragger, lions, eagles, crocs, ravens, gorillas, vulture, mammoth, sabertooth tigers, wolfs, panthers, phoenix, bears, alongside timelord, core tech team, ash's team, teletoon unite, seven devils, psycho busters, rest of our sworn new allies.

Lavgravis: Well as owner of this tribe.... " The peace will only for you see, For CHIMA !, while the golden chi was back into place, and restoring everything back to where it came ."

ayano: Well I thinking we changed history for the better ! (smiling), lavgravis: take this ! ..... as a symbol of our thanks !, while handing over the turmoil key, and making a symbol of our new alliance against the dark forces!, boom! , Whoa ! ....... You fools think to stop me !, think about it for once ! let your defeats burn inside of you !...... that there is nothing you can do to stop us !.... soon we will be the powerful force in the multiverse ! mu-mu-mu-ha-ha-ha-hahahahaha !.

while jay hit that mini drone with his lighting to short circuit the transmitting.

laval: father........

lavgravis : I'm afraid that this is the end of all of lego chima....... Ugh ! (fainting) (Gasping and shocked) he's hurt quick get him into his quarters, eris: im afraid that lego chima's end is upon us ! .

nya: We have to getting the turmoil keys, and key objects before they do!, (Worried and scared) Are you sure you won't help us ?, we'll come with you on our quest but we must protecting the sacred pool and all of Chima , But ..... Good luck ! .

cragger: But remember ! there's only one whom would suduce them into a pink flower just like I done it!, all : Who?! .

As they enter the time vortex , figuring the coordinates on where they might be next , a chase was on!.

while landing in porkbelly , johnny: Wait ! , were back on our world ?!, But were so good to be home !, Susan: Why are we here?.

dark vegan: Johnny test !, we meet once again ! , OH not you again!, Run !, now I will complete my revenge on you and earth will be conquered or suck up all of the resources and get the element!, (Evil laugh).

finding out porkbelly is under attack by johnny's greatest enemies, OH great now we have one thing to take care of first ..... your sister !, AHHH! johnny help me ! .

we have to save her!.

while entering into the atomic structure plant and as they were outnumbered by green sark and dark vegan's troopers, johnny stopping evil force five's forces, while seeing all the explosives defeating each of them.

Whoa!, look at that ! , I know those explosives ! it's the rebels ! but where are they ?.

dai (impressed) : Well where ever they are they must be scary good at tactics and hiding!.

mary : It looks like an emp blasts coming from all directions everywhere, but I could calculating on the coordinate on where are they coming from.

you can worry about this later !, because they took the element and the key , while heading to bling bling island in undercover , while was planning to turning the city into gold , but we have the new tactical advantages, and as we cut the red wire and as his device explodes , while government , (Mr black and mr white), white: Thanks to you , the city is once again safe from his evil clutches and the device is back into our hands , black : we have found the urainium and a strange looking object .

mrs Bling bling: Eugene !, what is this !, that's it ! , and you made trouble again !, and making a mess ! , YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE MISTER!, oww ow ! I will have my revenge johnny test ! ow mom that hurts ! .

ma hong: Insert the key into the device !, turmoil key accepted ! , repairing the rift to standard configuration ! Escape portal open!.

let's get out of here ! , right !, and as we entered the portal back into the tardis control room, Put away that urainium along with the slate but keep them separate !, right ! , Misaki: Okay ! more talking and more turmoil key and element collecting !, Where to next ?!, well I locked on to their new coordinates , looks like it's our worlds !, but in different timelines !.

great !. So we have to search each one until we find this "Eye " you so-callled know about!, location of the rebels.

Scene 7.1

Coming soon Development

Scene 7.2

While back at neo ingen's homeworld.

while gather a few other new bad guys, darth maul and savage, pikes , black sun, loki and modok , whom called for an new alliance.

but joining forces with neo ingen , seveth heavenly moon vampire elite , remains of hayato's elite force, green clan, others to joining forces.

Long live the mighty axis !, and while giving by trip the command codes to by the droid factories on genosis .

to create their own armies.

alright !, now we find the key object and conquering other worlds beyond to stopping them from other heroes to allying with or aiding our enemies !, AND DESTROYING TELETOON UNITE !. Evil laugh!.

Darth maul: Soon the republic and seperatists will fall into the hands of the ashes and a new revenge will be complete, the rise of inferno will begin!.

While sending stine , zack, champion, Hannah stine, Timelord:Okay!, I should be able to follow this no problem . Someone is using this device to locating us through out all of time and space.

They're puling in monsters and madmen from everywhere, But stine !, stine : Yes !, you should keep this book of your's near you, after we got a typewriter...... From 1978!.

duh! .

it's the element we needed !.

but somehow these universes are connected to new ones, but worm holes opened to one to another !, we have to close each and every one before they collapse into one, lin : Collapsing all of the dimensions and worlds ....... bad news right?!.

yup!, if Spirit hall began and won the destruction of the clans of combat continent and defeat or killed tang sect or his father, greenhouse continued their legacy to making more psychic to unlocking chronodiving experiments to changing the timeline, or vampires have the key or your fiancé to evolution of humans and their blood or reviving their elites, teams, or empire, and if anothers have the key to pandorica and recreating the world into their image.

Whoa!, well that is the worst part !.

well I just received info that a sark/battle droid factory is on mustafar.

alright let's get the tardis fired up!.

escaping into mustafar , while after an "Council of Twenty's Artifact box" is at the miner complex facility , and turmoil key is kept at the jedi temple for normal research and discovery .

waiting for our commands , we'll get the coordinates to them !, while heading for the secret droid factory on mustafar, While getting there but it was a lie , there was no droid factory on mustafar but on genosis !, while on genosis , deserts and terrains.

next stop!, the geonosian homeworld !.

Can I get a whoa?!, i'll double that whoa and throw it with a Yikes !.

these are the badlands !, one of the most dangerous area of the galaxy !, well I thinking about finding these dangerous factories and shutting them down for good, but finding them into hundreds of terrain and sand should be hard on finding it !, Zhu: I'm guessing that's our cue!.

while geonosians are watching them , from the view and sending their reports .

while looking up into the skies , Xiao : Great!, this is a stupid idea I thinking that they are here as well and separatists as well, , guarding the palace from here, some one has to entering the arena , Look !, it's that time and space ninjas! .

while aiding the clones into battle alongside master plo koon , Aayla Secura, master illuminara , into distracting the battle droids and their armies, from suppling them for reinforcements.

plo koon : It's good to see you again , with young tang sect, and Xiao wu, whom are grown up , alongside their friends , So aid our clone troopers whom are fighting inside the arena !.

More Seperatists droids for the Scrap heap !, Hurry while i open the door controls .

While a droid bomber is arriving with big clankers, Clone Trooper: Orders sir ?!, i'll take care of them you'll take them , you'll get the bugs !.

We've need to take out their factories , soon that someone doesn't wanted to making deliveries' for their armies , good job now get on the otherside and activate the bridge !.

hurry !, you have learned very well , now face general Grevivous and bring him to justice !.

You spineless warriors and droid!, who's sent you here ?!, Who activated this battle droid Factory?! , who's This "Guardian ninjas "?!, What's inside this box ?!, td-54 & lucas & Bianca : If I were you, I'd be more worried about the jedi , seven devils , next seven devils , rest of their allies, Obi wan: General grievous ! , in the name of the galactic republic, I order you to Stand down and surrender control of this facility!.

Coughing !, you have no idea what is happening here jedi !, what's make sure that I did this ?, You have no idea what is happening here, Jedi !.

Asoka & Zhu: Drop the lightsabers cyborg !.

General grievous : Come and take them. If you dare........!

while from one battle, and while fighting perfectly and general grevious was badly damaged . You dare Strike at me ?!, You'll pay with your arrogance !, while using and transforming into his four wielding lightsaber arms to take them out .

while he has been badly damaged , by a never ending glorious battle between the forces of good and evil.

General Grievous : Don't think this is over jedi !, you have no idea what you were doing here , or what you are facing here , You think you've defeated me ? (Coughing) you have no idea what kind of threat you are facing!.

Yoda : Over the war is , Prisoner you now are !.

General grievous: I Disagree! Vulture to me !.

while his vulture droid came blasted the windows and as he got on , Anakin & dai & yuhao : Stop him !, obi wan: Let him go ! and to late, grevious is the one thing to worry about !, Anakin Skywalker: Grievous never fights a battle he can't win. Obi wan : What did he mean_? If the General was not running this factory the who was?, Asoka:Master, these mysterious warriors and droid doesn't belong to them but stealing the box on mustafar while they were capturing the droid's info, But plugged into the main controls ... Something's strange here.

but why he was plugged into the factory ?!, TD-54: I am Tech Systems unit Tee-Dee Five-Four. you can't make me talk I know my rights! .

Yoda: Take this to the jedi council, we must. The answers we seek, find them we will inside this droid's memory banks.

while shutting down the factory , the planet was under republic control , but while heading for Coruscant.

Mace Windu: Welcome to Courscant, the thriving heart of The Galactic Republic.

plo koon : the Jedi council Awaits your report on this captured droid, new visitors , and the ninja guardians suspects of the " Order of the Balance of the universe". Escort it to their chambers, I Shall meet you there.

windu: Anakin skywalker, obi wan Kenobi , Asoka tano, Master yoda, So what is this mysteries that you've have brought back on geonosis ?, Plo koon : This droid's memory banks contain data on the identity of whomever was controlling that battle droid factory.

Aayla Secura : We need to decode that information as soon as possible. If General Grievous and the Separatists were not to blame we may have a new threat on our hands .

I suggest the droid be taken to the tech citadel. There we can learn more about its origins.

Agreed. But we must be mindful. If our hidden enemy knows we have this machine, three kings , ninjas warriors, they may be willing to go to great lengths to stop us from uncovering its secrets.

An air-speeder is waiting for you outside the Temple. You can use it to take the droid to the Tech Citadel.

Asoka : Cheer up Tee Dee !, It's not like we aren't going to put you in jail or dismantle you !.

ts-54: Oh yes ! widdle with my memory core ! you organics have no respect for machines !.

Asoka: let's see whom is protecting the alliance of kings of japan !. Unzipping , Gasp ! lucas and Bianca .

Why?!, Kamamoto: It was you you're the one whom are trying to taking the kings powers and using for yourself !, We don't know what you are *beeping* on about !, yata: well I owe you for rescuing my life from the green clan , but you're one of them , I'LL KILL YOU!, i'll kick the crap out of your asses !.

Whoa! whoa ! whoa ?!, alright now we should stop this !, while approached from behind by cade bane with them targeting them alongside Georgia , burgundy , sark agents .

yoda: I sensed something watching us, Learning I am . See this from the assassination I am!.

Anakin Skywalker: Look out !.

TS-54: Help me !, please!.

Yata : Hey let us go!, kamamoto: yeah !, All : What he said ?!.

while capturing inside their cruisers , yoda: Reclaiming the captured allies, kings, droid , Stop them they must be !. Reclaim that key we must !.

Mace windu : Do not let bane get away!. Obi wan: If we lose him .... That Droid , our new friends Will be good as gone!.

While hitting bane's speeders , Death watch's/Geonosian speeders crashing it in front of the streets of Coruscant underworld, While they recruited more scum to aiding them into their assistance.

Cade bane: Too slow creep !.

Do not let him get away from him that distance!.

You've got moves, i'll give you that .

Cade Bane: If you can't have those friends of your's , Then no one can have it !.

Asoka: No!.

while freeing them , Anakin: Let him go !, bane is much as the least we need to worry about !.

Than his wretched hide !, Asoka: Tee dee Speak to me !.

while he was in so much damaged , Anakin: Oh boy !, well the tech citadel is going to take more time to finding about the secrets about the droid's memory core !.

while back at the jedi council , Anakin: Padme! Ahem! I mean senator amadala What's bring you here too Coruscant ? I am on my way to the peace conference on theed !, We are here to making peace to the confederacy and republic and that way we can negotiating toward a peace treaty so that we may ceasefire !.

I see that you brought new friends !.

Yeah!...... Well it's a long story !, I thought " Jedi weren't supposed to be married and having new children!".

Well I am already on too the starport now !, While walking with the head of the droid , Anakin: Let me know if you if need any help!, please I would know, while looking blushing and as they were splitting ways.

Mace windu : Tell me !, what ?, how did you get the box from cade bane ?!, well I got from the zoni they told me what I was going to do when I got their free stuff.

plo koon : who are they?.

I. (stammering) You know what never mind !.

Yoda: We must be caughtous !, knowing about our hidden threat . Not cade bane, worst is it !.

Mace: Our Technical slicers , will analyze that protocol droid's memory core , In the meantime ! you should take those five into our protection , at lease they'll be safe into Coruscant !, it should take a while we finding out what's inside the droid's memory core.

Anakin !, I need you protecting them alongside Asoka, alex, timelord , rest of them into your home while sending them into protection !, but master ...... Anakin That's an order !, Yes master.

" Padme's and Anakin's home"

well make yourselves at home !.

whoa !, nice digs !, this is my kind of place !, well it is fancy !.

Ah!, this is the life!.....

Well this is the only place to keeping you safe !, well im guessing once we find out what or who plugged the droid into the controls of the droid factories , The better !.

" Outside of the Center of Overworld of Coruscant "

Well I have coordinates on them , while sell the coordinates for their safe house, it's into there !, the ambassador of naboo's apartment .

Deploy commando droids , with cloaking devices to kidnapping them but tranquilized , but send them to the Neo ingen or to us at once !, Georgia: yes sir !.

Get me that two books !.

While sleeping, Eating , It's a figuration that someone is trying to getting the dreslen slates, Shiro's Research , the alliance of kings to signing neo ingen's treaty .

to harming or abusing it's powers for evil.....

but somehow a darker hidden threat is upon us !.

Anakin be mindful that we should stay calm, and we should think about patience to finding the hidden threat, but first we need to finding out what is inside the council of twenty's Secret box.

look!, while opening it while lucas and Bianca touched it , Whoa !, that's a lot of artifacts and legendary weapons!, while they were sleeping , and finding and noticing that assassins are entering into invisibility cloaking and finding about they were sensing this.

Whoa ! , isn't that celestial's research ?, or her people's clan language ?!, is that the sacred crown of Balallis ?!, isn't that the Staff of the light red phoenix ?!, but isn't that the vortron manipulator?!, a warp star, " The Prophecies of The galaxy lover", or galaxy lover's research, Staff of The great clock, well we should keep all of this safe.

Well we.... I sense it too !, while rushing into their rooms and destroying the commando droids and death watch guards with cloaking devices.

Look !, a sith probe droids!.

kamamoto: i'll get them ! , "I've maybe skinny and thin , But I got more power than ever !".

Sigh !, we hated when we do that ! .

while kuroh, Anakin, timelord , obi wan , edyn , tony, Asoka, were after the perpetrators behind their master plans.

While Georgia was researching sources of unexpected sources of another rift, into another universe.

Magi !,but first We have new target practice destroy first .

throwing her pokeball sanding out vanilluxe and beartic, use slash and ice blizzard !, while they destroyed the sith probe droids.

Good work! you two now you deserve a treat , while giving them poffins , and pecha berries .

while she returning them into their pokeballs , while getting into her speeder and going into the chase and heading there.

while sending the sark probes to destroying them.

after a chase through out Coruscant , heading for the power section .

Georgia (Thinking) : I have an idea !.

while firing an invention that kurata made and blown the power couplers to powering it up and heading from here and getting pass after that .

Kuroh: What is that ?!, Gasping !, anakin ! how many times i have to tell you ...... while they are hit and shocking out , but still alive , S-s-s-s-stay away from power couplers !, they are going in a shortcut!.

while we head off from them to the past , they damaged Georgia's speeder .

heading off while she was uploading after a blast on what their secret plans may be , and while the timelord captured the data of their "New Secret Plans " .

while using his "Knowdis" it's a metal golden cyliander tube with metal and buttons , while with a secret compartment.

Well there she is heading for the club !, patience .

I've know I seen this somewhere before , You want to go and buy some death sticks ?, You don't want sell me any death sticks , - I don't want you sell any death sticks , " You want to go rethink your life and do something good" "- I want go home rethink my life and do a good job", While skywalker using the force to finding the perpetrator.

(Overlapsing Voices)

" Well I hope they never find me, I know these things so much , after I destroy my enemy because......"

" Never Trust An evil villain ".

" I hope you send these rift coordinates to our planet tatooine for our resources and phase two , but i know things."

What are they doing on there?!, what is their secret or what are they looking for !, maybe they are after that box?, or the weaver ! on naboo ?!

while spotting a hooded person on the counter , alongside these people , while she was using her pokemon and death watch commandoes are protecting her, while as fight until yata and yamamoto and knocking out with their powers and moves on by kicking them or a powerful one punch from behind, a mess in the club, an attack and until she and them were outnumbered.

while people are questing and rummouring what is going on here, " jedi Business ! go back to your business and your drinks!"

As she was being interrogate by the jedi , finding about what secret plans are they upto or what they saying rumors about the rift on naboo , or rumors of it and finding about seeing that she has stolen a Separatists alliance's new weapon, but a new zurk vehicle model .

While back on sindria, Morgiana, Aladdin , alibaba whom are finding about a new dungeon , but heading into the portal and thinking that is trick or a trap by al tharmen.

" Georgia's interrogation "

I will never never talk !, Republic protocol droid : She will never talk to us, once she finding about, she had found this .

while holding a data transferring device, belonging to neo ingen prohapes, while handcuffed kept under protection and arrest , while she had proof of the magic, belief, or magical or powerful artifacts as we speak.

Your jedi mind tricks won't work on us !, mind tricks ?.

Punch!, we won't need anymind tricks , once they using the force on her and as she was experiencing the pain she endured, but it's for a brat delinquent , Alright I'll will talk .

Mace: Good !, now we need to hear about this .

We have just search about a droid's memory bank, Aayla: we have just discover that the droid that was plugged into the control of the droid factory giving it command codes, he had a complete set of it, we detected that it came from the previous owner .

Jabba the Hutt !, the crime lord of tatoonine and he was the previous owner .

Anakin !, you must go to Tatoonine and finding out any info from him too finding about the hidden threat were facing, Alex, you will go to naboo , with timelord, sousei no oynmouji , seven devils, our allies to get our newest allies safe .

plo koon : " he's right!, you should be disguised as strangers as someone will be following you .

Aayla: both of your Ships are at the docking platforms, go !, bring him to justice , If you must !.

Padme with a smile saying : You're late I pursume !, well i should know that we were waiting for you, it's my job to protecting you from now on , but think of me as your friend or new friends.

C-3PO : Um?, my lady i should reminding you we should get to the peace conference , until you will join us ?, right !.

yes well if somebody finds us or even someone is trying to getting us !, Alex: Well i am here to protecting us, now come. And as the both groups in similar vehicles.

follow me!, while heading there.

while the jedi starfighters and tardis landing in the next town , while heading for jabba's palace in the town and finding about he pays up to telling us the truth on who ever is behind all of this.

While entering into jabba's palace by making a deal with him , or his guards .

" Jabba's Palace "

Jabba The hutt: ho-ho-ho !, I heard some jedi had blown into town , You're a long way from Coruscant. What do you want here?

Who are Your strange and new friends of yours?, Name's tang sect, and were not strangers.

Investgating this droid, we are, Obi wan Kenobi: It use to belong to you. Prophases you know how it happened on a separatist base on geonosis?

Jabba: If you want information from me, pay for it. Otherwise, get lost . You're not the law here.

Anakin: Alright , How'd about a wager?, Jedi are good with a podracer as subulba knows, How'd about a rematch ?!, if we win you tell us about the droid !.

Jabba: And if you lose? What do I get? Anakin: Twenty new slaves for the market, Asoka & Obi wan & Everyone : What ?!, laughing .

Jabba: You have a deal ! Obi wan Kenobi: I have a bad feeling about this ?!.

while gathering all of the parts for Anakin's previous podracer vehicle.

here at the race , while Anakin and sebulba are ready what they started like last time from their past.

(Racing Orchestra)

And after along race to beat each other to the finish , while skywalker won the race, Coming into the lead.... Skywalker has won again !, thanks folks we hope you enjoy your finish lines, now buy figurines or oil from outer front.

" Second Arrival At Jabba's Palace "

Worthless Dug !, I should've feed you to the Sarlacc !.

Asoka and rong rong : A bet's is a bet jabba !, tell us why tee dee and lucas and Bianca was on the droid factories on geonosis ?!

Jabba: that had nothing to do with me! I sold the droid and new warriors and the factory command codes to the Shadow & Purple Collective.

Obi wan Kenobi: The shadow & purple collective ?!, Darth maul & burgundy is behind this !.

Hmm!, in darth maul's hands , A powerful weapon , a Droid army is . Most troubling news is this!.

Anakin Skywalker : Where did they took the war weapons ?!.

Jabba: Maul's and Burgundy's cargo ships were bound for the planet naboo... What he does there is not my concern.

Anakin Skywalker: Naboo?! , They'd must been trying too targeting padme's peace conference and our other new's friends safety !, Death Watch Commando : You are correct jedi knight !, but you and your hutt slime will not live to discuss it !.

Jabba: Maul !, I thinking he would come to silence me first before talking to you!, while defeating the death watch commandos .

giving a thanks to jabba , they were heading for naboo to stopping them by face to stopping maul and burgundy's alliance army.

" Naboo , Theed "

Morgiana : Keep up !, we need to finding the dinjin or treasure before that we need to finding what dungeon or what kind this is .

Aladdin : Alibaba and morgiana , and hakryuu follow me !.

while seeing on that cargo ship, Sounding like neo ingen , Sweet Alma torran !, it's them !.

we have the have the elemental masters locked up ..... For the moment , [evil laughing]

Well that's just great now we need to rescue them and shut down their fucking weapon of their's it's only way to saving this city from their control.

isn't that ?!, While revealing a flashback they might remembered , Hey that's the woman whom worked for the Crazy snake cults !.

We have no choice, we have to helping them !, while freeing them from their machine, grabbing his staff and repairing for an attack, Aladdin...

while grabbing his staff heading for the remote and grabbing it freeing her from their control container from their elemental blaster/Extractor factory.

what ?!, get that remote !.

right !, beep! .

Skylor: What ?!, Morgiana: Come on ! follow me !.

[Nod head in agreement]

While escaping from several other villains from the great villains and villain-con.

Luke: Whoa nelly ! run boys and girls !.

Running around the streets and as they bumped into familiar faces , " Ever get the feeling.... that you're wanted for revenge and mercy ?!, all the time !".


Scene 8

Scene 9

While jumping out of the portal, bringing the key elements and turmoil keys (Two of them)

Dx-Po: didn't you obtaining elements and a turmoil key?!.

"Oh a good story book always to help around the day, It keeps us learning history everyday."

I worry him some times, [siping].

" While maltazard is still being prisoned by the Suchot family and arthur. "

Maltazard: how am I going to regaining my empire ? and getting out of here !.


While Arthur opening the door, I'll get it ! , hello?. Voice : we would like to searching around For anything magical, For something... Oh I don't know ! ..... A bottle of small to tall , a tiny creature trapped into a glass cup by your son, or a way into the kingdom or your son proposes that he was destined to saving "Seven kingdoms ", Or a rumors about a legend of the future king of the nimoys .

Archibald: Wha.... Why do you ask ?.

Is your son in the house or the villain trapped, While strange people in cult dressing were searching those house, and as his guards remaining for the empire he was rebuilding .

While the others will rise before them , and avenging on their legacy to taking revenge on the humans and both nimoys for their uprising against them.

at Archibald's Study , Maltazard : Who.... or who are you, Slappy : Relax we came to helping you to reclaiming your empire... Im listening ....

Slappy : We know this universe like the back of our hand Let's get silly !

do we have an alliance?... spit!, I accept !.

but first calling of their forces for them like last time... while cutting them off from the rest of the world of his hometown, yuuto : Oh no!, (sarcasticly ) The power is out if only someone would fixing the power, Francis: well call the power technician to fixing the entire power source or power lines , two days we'll have the power on line.

with yuuto having his devious and evil smirking on deck.

" Celestial , 5:00 P.M "

We have some new visitors , come with me there's someone would like to meet you , Alex , two must remain , Come hurry now !.

White guardian : Hello timelord, White guardian and another white guardian, but another two .

We are the White Guardians, and I have come to speak with the timelord & avatar , dawn, Ancient , Whom are all here, Can you bring him before me?!.

" Sure !, No problems !, timelord !, alex !, dawn, ancient !, Sky!, come here! there's someone whom likes to seeing you, You don't have to shout out loud , Jinja !, you almost made me making a critical mistake by rewiring the TARDIS . And also holes Are the size of china ,very bad , like very , very bad! Universal Anilhilation Level bad !, but I have an adventure with in china, But stopping the sontaran invasion , And a half eaten ramen , And did I tell you about a adventure in China , Beijing once, it involved with Wakanda and I loved a Chinese royality hat , I loved them ! , but-While stop talking about that he was surrounded by white guardian beings.

" What are you doing in my TARDIS ?" said them in an angry voice.

You are not white guardians , but leveled threats , but in a woman's voice or four female voices.

" It's true. we are not the white guardians that you knew, timelord. We have been only recently appointed to the position by the old white guardians. He feels confident that we can be his successors to him and fulfill the goals in the universe. that is what we have come to told you about . I wished for you to finding the elemental Eye and the Key Of Time Fragments , before the black guardian and axis or there will be no "free will" left in the universe !, they told them what happened at the meeting of the guardians ."

" The Guardians wanted to recreating the timelords ?!, What arrogance can you get ?!, What gives the guardians the rights to deciding them to controlling them.!"

While shouting he can't telling he can't facing them on their own they needed back up.

While talking on their previous adventures in the past, and finding about they are to taking over.

and sending up materializing inside his console room , brother ?!, brother ! it's really you ! , laughing !, well i never thought to seeing you again , Dax: Um?, im sorry we haven't properly introduced !, I am dax a fifth member of the monsuno core tech team.

Well these are my friends , well I know them since my new adventure after my tenth incarnation on chrsitmas .

What?!, Well i know about you ! , we know .

Everyone!, this my daughter for we last meet two times, " TWO TIMES !"

jenny: Well I kind of .... know you so far third brother, or fourth brother.

Xiao wu : Well I have a Brother too!, Jenny : no way ! me too!.

[Shrieking and wooing]

Why are you here, By them whom brought me here, but she sent me to the time and right place, but revealing the right tenth incarnation from we meet !.

while taking off their hoods revealing their face, By lovely birds!, Smith and jones !, shiver and shakes !. " Legends Themselves !"

While the new white guardians are edyn , susan , misty , Rose , tyler.

Well I know you, you and the doctor always like into time lord, and they are so much alike and finding about the location of the elements, and turmoil keys.

Sending coordinates of the turmoil key and element.

But the next heroes are...... While revealing holograming pictures revealing selenia , Betameche, Arthur, Archibald.

Revealing a crystal ball, I see them into the future ...., and oh dear... What is it ?, they are going to get killed, and new villains are coming , an army of petrified insects and maltazard is rising his army from his defeat to eliminating his family !, and he is dead, maltazard wins and this town and this world is there's!.

Oh no!, we have to get to him right away !, Wait !, let us come with you Remember you can't go alone !, right ! stay close ! stick together! Strag: Would we have found a way?!.

While jumping into the portal , as they were here.

" Daisy Town "

While here into their town in an landscape , in the u.s army and while they were into the middle of town , finding facing nothing because this town is normal , and finding out it was normal, but finding out that people were minding their own business and finding about the secrets that something is not right.

Luke: I've got a bad feeling about this !, don't say it !.

Look !, there he is ! but is that him we should hide ! right !.

up there !, it's lyric , the lighting bolt society, Charlie, eggman, T.W barker , Stunbears , yuuto , I've should've known he was behind all of this !.

and worst ! , look ! the key it's on that statue ! , we got to getting that key and but first we have to saving the human realm and seven kingdoms before they are conquered .

and using their magical sorcery on others before they help maltazard rebuilding his empire again, but it isn't the pishalver of small to big, but what?!.

finding about he is grown up from into 10 to 15 Whoa that's a lot of growing up!, we better follow him and his family .

heading for his hometown , and while not getting spotted by the villains while quickly grabbing the turmoil key by using a spinjitsu and heading there to his home farmhouse .

Edyn: " We've got be getting closer to Arthur's house , And the bogo tribe ! " " timelord : hope so ! if we help him out from bring maltazard's legacy back to life , maybe we can holding off his villainous buddies !."

anna: " I don't understand on how were going to finding this "Arthur " character yet and darkos guy is , they were at an farm but I remembered , I know .... My way around this landscape, because i have been there , edyn: " I casted Memory reflecting spell!."

" While showing a Mirror of memories of their past on how they past through the test , showing the secrets on how his grandfather he built the bogo matassalania system an inntergration system, while he hid the bag of rubies in nimoy's land , but while we meet him and his while we saved the nimoy lands and seven kingdoms and human realms from destruction, saving Arthur's Farm landscape by getting his rubies back by maltazard, while on our second visit. We were secret members of the tribe, passing the three trials of nature, heading for the festival throwing in our honor , but it was a trap by maltazard to getting their attention to capturing selenia , and as he entered the human world , but finding a way back to stopping him before he revived his empire, and at the end we said good bye and maltazard was still imprisoned, but the bad guy's son is on our side, End Of Flashback."

R.L stine: What !, look out ! , whoa !, we got to getting to his house, Wait ! .

ghouls ! , man eating plant!.

Timelord: " Sounds like he is here !, All of them !"

Jenny: " Sounds like they are ready looking for the fragment key already !, and the element !. "

" We've got to get them first ! "

while dealing and escaping and losing them , and heading for the house , and calling all of the cops into town and finding a way to stopping this , but while finding out the power's out and finding about the creatures are frozen .

but finding about evilized creatures attacking people , but finding about after they got there and meeting a familiar face, Whoa !, wait here ! .

I need to check if they are here !, while we were checking in the front window, and as the bogo tribe was standing front of them , Chief: it's good to see you again , timelord.

Well it's good to see you again too!, Who are your new friends?. Oh no , were not..... (Stamerring and confused), never mind !.

follow us !, right!. we have to be aware of our surroundings.

while heading into the forest, Run !, Where's that little imbicle ! I'll kill him ! wait for us you coward !.


How did they get out ?!, I don't know !. I still don't fully understand!.

While at a bogo matalassian tribe .

chief Tribe : You'll be safe here, Anna: thank you, well if you are here , I know we are such a kind people.

Kamamoto: What can you tell me about a strange boy appearing in front of the house..., matannsalian chief : While you were away, i heard that he wanted Arthur for a reason.

To freeing maltazard for revenge for rebuilding his empire, but we finding out he wanted to joining our tribe for one particular reason is for destroying this land but we wouldn't join them and they were heading for the villainous collectives .

The Villainous Collectives !, Mai ahikiro kurata , yuuto , lord chen is behind all of this !..

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