The Arthur franchise is planned to have its first 2 seasons dubbed into Japanese by Shogakukan and TV Tokyo.

Planned Production

The Arthur JP dub will be distributed by Shogakukan on sites like Rakuten, Amazon (both Amazon USA and Amazon JP), on-demand streaming services, and will air on Disney Channel Japan and TV Tokyo.
Arthur - Japanese Logo

The official JP Arthur logo, which is different from the original EG logo, as this one has yellow and white ring sections instead of black and white ring sections. The JP name for Arthur will be アーサー (Aasaa).

The proposed dubbing start date is set to be in May 2021, and before the first batch of Season 1 episodes are released, Shogakukan and Iwako will partner together to mass-produce Arthur Puzzle Erasers and PBS Puzzle Erasers which will be sold in the U.S. East Coast States and Texas, in order to use the eraser money to fund the JP Arthur dub.

BuzzFeed will have a promotional interview at the TV Tokyo HQ to meet the JP voice actors who are dubbing this show, and display sneak-peeks of the JP Arthur episodes in their interview, like D.W.'S Snow Mystery, Buster's Dino Dilemma, and Arthur Accused! The sneak-peek clips will also have Japanese subtitles, which will be bold yellow text with sharp black edges.

Voice Actors

Akiko Kimura as Arthur Read  (アーサ.リード)


List of Dubbed Episodes

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DVD and Book Releases

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Merchandise Releases, edible and non-edible merch

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  • The dub is translated from the Korean dub.
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