Arthropleura SciiFii
Arthropleura anthropoceus (Greek for jointed ribs of man's age) is a species of giant truck-sized herbivorous millipede arthropod that originally lived in what is now northeastern North America and Scotland around 315 to 299 million years ago, during the late Carboniferous Period, but has since been cloned by SciiFii using unfertilized eggs of snails (with modified shells) and now live in the Carboniferous Bug House located in Paleozoic Park in Downey, California. The Arthropleuras are the largest known land invertebrates of all time, and, when the first species lived, would have had few, if any, predators, but in modern times, it is aggressive towards most predators (except humans) and has bone-crushing mandibles for defense against enemies. The Arthropleuras are normally peaceful vegetarians and mainly feed on leaves, cycads, ferns, and horsetails, but have since developed taste for fruits over time. Unlike the original Arthropleura species, the modern Arthropleuras have tolerance to much lower oxygen levels, thanks to some genetic modifications allowing it to not need much oxygen and still grow as big as the largest Carboniferous species of Arthropleuras.
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