Art of the Moon is an upcoming American adventure-comedy series created by Warner Bros, Frogsworth, and StarCannon Pictures. It would air on Netflix on July 17th, 2022.


Coco, a young female raccoon, resides in the lively village of Vinewood where she was adopted. She also aspires of becoming a legendary hero, yet is very lonely, often bullied, and never seems to do anything special. One day, she is suddenly gifted a mystical short sword and piece of map alongside five other beings, who are chosen to travel on the other side of the map to the Ashlands where a mysterious lord decides to use a solar eclipse and break the balance of good and evil. As she forms a bond with them, Coco learns that the key to success is within.



Coco - A young striped raccoon and the main protagonist. She dreams of becoming a legendary hero and is a chosen by Amu.

Matthew - A brave monkey who is one of the six who receive a piece of a map to journey across the land. He wields a large blade known as the Carpenter.

Jess - A sociable rabbit with a warm heart and is a chosen to head west of the Ashlands. Her chosen weapon is a large mystical paintbrush that can create.

Pipper - A cowardly yet playful chihuahua that has autism and barely able to speak or communicate to others, thus uses a robo gauntlet to inform.

Marina - A clever, bipedal avian being that forms glowing arm feathers, allowing her to glide. She wields a staff used to cast spells and some extra potions.

Roger - A sturdy beaver who is also a lumberjack before becoming a chosen. He uses his mighty axe that has been enhanced by Amu.


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