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1 The Calm

   The episode starts off with oliver diggle and felicity on a tropical island watching TV. It says that now captain lance is calling off the anti-vigilanti task force. Diggle then congratulates him on becoming a hero. As felicity heads for the plane to leave. Diggle says its been months since the last serious threat to starling city and its time for him to ask out felicity. Diggle tells him that he can see the way he looks at her.

   The show then flashback to months earlier when thea entered the car with Malcolm. Macolm told her that he was glad she came to her senses   He says that he wants to explain to her why he did what he did. He said that after his wife rebbecca died he went to a place called nandaparbat he met a man there named ras al ghul who helped him make sense of things. He told thea that he hopes he can do the same for her. Thea reminds him he killed thousands of people. Malcolm then asks then why are you here. Thea replies saying there's no one else i can trust.

   While back on the plane Diggle asks Oliver if he's all worried about his sister. He tells him that shess been away for a while. He tells Diggle she just needs time shess been through a lot. Felicity then mentions to break the silence how do you think Roy's doing. It then cuts to a clip of roy taking down a bunch of gang bangers.

   Thea's is then shown six months from the moment he got in the car with Merlyn completing a custom made archery course. Malcolm tells Thea that he's impressed and that she 's grown into the toughest woman he's ever scene. and then they continue to train.    

   Oliver is now back in starling city at queen consolidated and is talking to his company about how they can make up the money. Then he reveals that laurel is investing in there company. afterwords her Oliver walk outside and thanks her and she asks him if he ever thought they'd end up as business partners. She continues to go on to talk about how he has become a hero to starling city. as laurel leaves Diggle and Felicity come up and he asks to speak to felicity alone and then asks her out on a date.                  

   Back and Queen consolidated oliver is informed that there is another bidder for the company he introduces himself as Ray Palmer and tells them hess buying there company. As Ray Palmer leaves he smiles at felicity whom he found cute which made Oliver jealous.                                       

   At there date oliver and felicity make awkward conversation and then Oliver tells felicity he wasn't on the island the whole time. She says where were you and it cuts to a hong kong flashback                                       

   Oliver sneaks out of his room in hong kong and Amanda Waller yells at a man to stop him                                       

   Back at the restaurant just as oliver is about to tell felicity what happened he noticed a man who appeared to be holding a detonator in the corner. He tells felicity that they have to go and they begin to run out as the man presses the detonator which sets off a bomb injuring felicity. She tells him to go and get him. Oliver hesitates leaving felicity but goes. He quickly changes into his arrow attire and chases the man up onto a rooftop where he was taken out by the canary who returned to starling city. The man tells him after being interrigated that he works for count vertigo and that he wanted him dead.                                       

   Oliver and Sara bring Felicity back to the arrow hideout. They lay her down on the table unconsiouss. Everyone stands worried by her body. Diggle tells oliver she's gonna be ok. Oliver tells the team(Roy Diggle and Sara) Sara becomes jealous when she finds out they were on a date. Oliver also tells them that the man was working for Count Vertigo which confused everyone because they thought Oliver had killed him. Roy then asks what sara was doing there and she said she was tracking down a man named the dodger who had unfinished business with the league of assasinss. Oliver tells sara that they put away the dodger however she informs him that he escaped and tells oliver that he was planning on trading us information on the whereabouts of someone ras was planning to trackdown in exchange for money however he didntt hold his part and now is off the face of the map. Oliver ask her who Ras was trying to trackdown but sara doesn't know.                                       

   Laurel then comes up however sara sneaks out before she comes saying she doesn't want her sister to know she's back. He explained to laurel what happened and told everyone that he knew where count vertigo was since he put a tracking device on his thug. He finds count vertigos locations and decides to go after him and asks roy to come with him. Hells diggle he doesn't want him in the field anymore because he is having a child. This angers diggle but he leaves without him anyway.                                       

   Count Vertigo is then seen yelling at his thug for failing to kill Oliver queen and getting tracked he then kills that thug.                                       

   Oliver and Roy show up at the counts lab. Roy runs in before oliver and gets hit with a vertigo induced toxin that Count Vertigo used by pressing a button in his ear peace. He tells him that this invention was technology from his Vlatava. He tries to do it to Oliver but he blocks it out. They talk for a little and Count Vertigo explains that his name is Werner Zytle and that other count that he defeated was just a pawn. They fight for a little until Zytle defeats him, he stands over his almost lifeless body and says now its time for you to die mr queen. Oliver asks him how he knows who he is as he repeatedly hits him with the vertigo induced toxin.As Oliver is about to die Diggle comes up from behind and shoots Zytle in the back of the head with a stun gun.                                       

   It cuts to a scene of Malcolm and Thea training. He tells her that he thinks she is ready. She asks ready for what and he told her "our redemption"                                       

   It cuts to a scene of Oliver standing over felicity. He said in a monologue that he knows as long as he does what he does he cantt have a normal life or a relationship. He says he knows there will be more enemies to come and he would have to be ready. During the monologue it shows cuts of Vertigo in an argus prison, Diggle sitting with pregnant Lyla, and Thea suiting up in an archer attire.                                       

   It then shows a flashback of Oliver running into a building in hong kong the man amanda waller sent follows him he tells him that he is Maseo Yamishiro and they fight until Maseo wins and oliver is knocked out and wakes up in a chair tied up by Amanda Waller                                       

2 Sara It opens up with Ray Palmer telling his company his ideas for a new tech based starling city "star city"

It then shows Malcolm going into his office and talking to the dodger he tells malcolm that he has nothing to worry about queen industry's will fall and your company will rise.

Back at queen industries the dodger is seen watching an employee of queen industries enter her car he watches from a distance as her car explodes.

Diggle tells Oliver there was an incident at queen industries the previous night which prompts him to look into it. In the Arrow hideout Oliver gets a call as the arrow from Captain Lance telling him them same thing. Oliver checks into the security feed and finds the dodger. Sara now in the arrow cave tells Oliver that they will catch him no matter the cost.

Laurel is hen scene investigating the case at her lawfirmm with her newest co-worker Jean Loring she calls Oliver and says shess got nothing.

The Dodger is then scene breaking into a mans home killing him and his wife who both work at queen industries.

In a flashback Amanda Waller walks up to Oliver whom she has tied in a chair. She informs him that his handlers wll be Maseo and his wife Tatsu. Maseo informs Oliver they have no other choice.

Diggle tells Oliver that they need to act fast seeing that two more employees have been killed they decide to draw him into the open.

Oliver says in his office in the middle of the night with Diggle hoping the dodger will show up which he does. He and Oliver fight for a little and Oliver is vicorious but the dodger manages to latch one of his shock collars onto Diggle. He tells Oliver to go out easy and he'll let Diggle go.The Dodger is then hit in the back of the head by Sara's staff and is knocked out.

In a flashback tommy is on a plane heading for hong kong in order to close a business deal for his father.

The dodger wakes up and his being held captive in the Arrow cave they torture to find his motives and his employer but he doesn't crack no matter how much they torture. They decide to have him lead them back and they secretly put a tracking device on him. Oliver again warns diggle the risks of working with him since he has a child but diggle still doesn't care.

In another Flashback Maseo is training Oliver and beating him easily. Oliver asks Maseo what Amanda Wallr wants with them. Maseo explains that they are trying to take down a rogue military task force led by his brother Takeo. Tommy is then scene driving by the place where they are staying in a car. Oliver thinks he sees Tommy for a second but quickly wipes it from his mind.

Sara tells Oliver that she is going after the dodger Oliver asks to come with her but she wontt let him because she says he would stop her from bringing him to Ras. The Dodger then returns to Malcolm and Thea and says he was unsuccsefull in killing Oliver Queen. Thea was outraged when she found out the Dodger tried to kill her brother. Malcolm then explained his plan of bringing his company up again by bringing Queen industries down. Thea asked that her brother not be harmed and Malcolm said ok.

In a Flashback Maseo shows Oliver around the city and tells him that his brother turned for the worst after Tatsu chose him over his brother. Tommy is walking through the same street and just misses Oliver.

Sara breaks into Malcolm's hideout and finds the dodger she holds him up against the wall and asks who he's working for just as she says that shess shot in the back with an arrow by Malcolm in his Dark Archer costume. He punches her to knock her out. Malcolm akss The dodger how she found them and his boot and smashes it. He tells them they have to move fast being that the Arrow will probably be there soon to track down Sara.

In another Flashback Oliver is seen going to meet with Amanda Waller. She tells him Maseo and Tatsu must sneak into one of there known hideouts and find out as mucg information on Takeo's whereabouts as they could. She also explains to him that she was Fyers employer and he was attempting to take Takeo's army as well. Tommy is scene signing a form and then beginning to head out.

Oliver noticing that they have lost contact with Sara decide to go to the dodgers location to check it out he brings Roy with him leaving Diggle back yet again.

They arrive and find the place empty and realize they're too late. Oliver discovers they place is rigged to blow and they dive out the window before it does.

Back in Hong Kong Oliver sees a plane that is bordingg and he feels it his perfect chance for him to get away. He makes a break for it the plane which it turns out is the one Tommy is getting on. Tommy turns because he thinks he heard something but quickelt dismisses it. Oliver is stopped by Tatsu.

Sara wakes up and is tied up with Malcolm in front of her.

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