Main Cast

Oliver Queen/Arrow- Stephen Amell

Laurel Lance/Black Canary- Katie Cassidy

John Diggle- David Ramsey

Felicity Smoak- Emily Bett Rickards

Thea Queen/Speedy- Willa Holland

Quentin Lance- Paul Blackthorne

Recurring Characters

Damien Darhk-

Malcom Merlyn/Ra's al Ghul- John Barrowman

Nyssa al Ghul- Katrina Law

Talia al Ghul-

Richard Dragon-

Slade Wilson/Deathstroke- Manu Bennett

Lyla Michaels- Audrey Marie Anderson

Victor Sage/The Question- Michael Shanks

Ray Palmer- Brandon Routh



Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva-

Amanda Waller- Cynthia Addai-Robinson

Reverend Billy Miggs-

Maxwell Lord-

Adeline Kane- Carmen Moore

Captain Boomerang- Nick E. Tarabay


Helena Bertinelli/Huntress- Jessica De Gouw

Isabel Rochev/Ravager- Summer Glau

China White- Kelly Hu

Season 4

Oliver's happiness is cut short when a dark chapter of his past is revealed and he must face off against Damien Dahrk, HIVE, and a host of old foes to prove he can become a true hero.

# Episode Title Episode Synopsis
1 Shadows of the Past It has been a year since the events of the Season 3 finale. Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak have quieted down their lives and live in Coast City together. Diggle and Lyla live their lives, with Lyla working as a stay at home mom and Diggle as a security guard for millionaire, Victor Sage. Laurel and Thea have managed to clean up Star City and reduce the crime rate. Everything changes when an assassin named Sportsmaster attacks Oliver and Felicity during a lunch date. Oliver is forced to finally deal with the darkest chapter of his past and make an encounter with a new threat.


Flashback: Oliver Queen wanders the world as a lonely soul after the events in Hong Kong. As he travels through the nation of Vlatava he is captured by a ruthless dictator named Natas.

2 Hot Zone Oliver and Felicity escape from Damien as Sportsmaster continues his pursuit. Someone takes shots at Victor Sage during a fundraiser. Diggle decides to find out who's after his boss. Meanwhile, China White arrives back in Starling to fill the void left by the arrest of the major crime bosses.


Flashback: Natas reveals to Oliver that he had trained Slade Wilson and was the one who sent him to the Island to stop Fyers. Natas then makes Oliver an offer to redeem himself.

3 Deep Cuts Oliver Queen and Felicity arrive at ARGUS to speak with Amanda Waller. Meanwhile, in Star City, David Drayson, a cop killer and Quentin's first case, shows up. Quentin gets Laurel to help go after him but the two are captured and it is up to Thea to save them. Diggle catches Victor Sage while he's snooping around at night and Victor is forced to reveal his secret conspiracy/investigation work.


Flashback: Young detective Lance goes on a case trying to hunt the infamous cop killer David Drayson.

4 The Birds Will Prey China White hires the assassin Cheshire to kill the vigilantes plaguing her operations. Laurel and Thea realize they will need help and decide to go to the Huntress. Diggle and Victor discover HIVE was the one trying to kill Victor and Diggle realizes he now has a chance to find out why his brother was killed. Oliver and Felicity decide to go back to Coast City.


Flashback: Natas offers Oliver a chance to redeem himself and be a hero. Natas begins by training Oliver new fighting techniques and how to utilize his environment to aid him in combat.

5 Enforcer Oliver and Felicity's plane back to Coast City is hijacked by a terrorist, Ravan, and his partners. Oliver is forced to fight back and retake the plane. Thea and Laurel continue to hunt for China White.


Flashback: Natas has Oliver complete one final test to prove he is ready for his mission.

6 The Question Victor and Diggle break into the SCP building but find nothing. They then decide to hack the FBI instead where they discover Andrew Diggle was suspected for terrorism and ARGUS is the only people with more information on HIVE. Oliver and Felicity are stuck in the middle of nowhere and call Ray Palmer to help them out.


Flashback: Victor Sage is a young entrepreneur in love with his wife. However he is revealed to be very suspicious and looks into a company that reportedly donates a quarter of its profits to charity but in reality is giving them to the Vlatavan government. Before he can find out more his wife is killed as a warning to stay away.

7 Electric Shock A new foe named Electrocutioner arrives in Coast City. Oliver is electrocuted and put in a coma. Ray calls in the Flash to help fight Electrocutioner while Oliver has hallucinogenic dreams where he has an important talk with his mother. Back in Starling Thea kills another crook and Laurel decides to talk to her.


Flashback: Oliver meets the motley team that will aid him on his mission, a team that includes Sportsmaster. The team is then sent on their mission with their first objective, to infiltrate the Karolian border.

8 Against the Swarm Victor Sage and Diggle get Lyla to help them. The three of them break into ARGUS in an elaborate plan to discover more about HIVE and Andrew Diggle. Oliver and Felicity make the hard choice to return to Star City.


Flashback: Oliver and the team make their way through Karolia to find the base they need to infiltrate. Finally they arrive at a small town with a huge military complex in the middle of it.

9 New Blood Oliver returns to Starling to receive a cold shoulder from Diggle. Laurel tells him about Thea's recent killings. Everything changes when Oliver is attacked by Komodo who nearly kills him if it were not for Thea intervening. Oliver decides to question Komodo on why he's coming after him and why Sportsmaster had gone after him.


Flashback: Oliver and the team attack the military complex and fight through it. They finally reach the control room where Oliver inputs a code not knowing the real result of his actions but thinking he's preventing a nuclear launch.

10 All I See is Green Oliver doesn't know if he can defeat Komodo, Ravager, and Captain Boomerang. However some last minute confidence boosting by Felicity and Diggle result in Oliver making the choice to become a hero again and suit up not as the Arrow but as the Green Arrow.


Flashback: The team and Oliver return to Vlatava, greeted as heroes. Natas rewards Oliver with an arranged bride named Sandra Wu-San. However Oliver discovers his actions weren't very heroic at all.

11 Resurgence The city reacts to the Green Arrow returning. Many are positive but some are very negative. Lance doesn't know what to think. Diggle introduces Oliver to Victor Sage and the two begin to show friction. Laurel tells Oliver about Thea's recent killings. Malcom returns and warns Oliver that the league is under attack but Oliver pushes him off, saying he has more important things to worry about. Laurel goes after a new drug dealer in town nicknamed the Dragon. Oliver meets with Adeline Kane to ask Damien to leave him alone. Their conversation ends with Slade Wilson entering the room.


Flashback: Oliver begins formulating an escape plan. He also bonds with his arranged bride. Oliver ends up contacting Waller and ARGUS.

12 The General Oliver fights Slade as the episode opens, with Oliver getting his ass kicked. Oliver manages to escape before Slade can kill him. Oliver informs the gang and they all get horrified. Victor Sage begins an advanced decryption process on HIVE files. Lastly, we see the prison transport carrying Ravager, Boomerang, Komodo attacked by Slade and he frees them.


Flashback: The same general from Hong Kong, orders Slade Wilson and Billy Wintergreen on a dangerous mission. They nearly die but Adeline Kane saves them and Slade begins to fall in love.

13 To Kill the Queen Slade along with Komodo, Boomerang, and Ravager attack the police station. Lance manages to kill Boomerang before Slade critically wounds him and kills the rest of the station, leaving Lance the only senior police official alive. Oliver decides he needs to confront and defeat Slade before he kills anymore. Slade captures Thea while shes on a patrol. Oliver takes Diggle with him to confront Slade. Oliver gets double teamed by Slade and Ravager while Komodo attacks Diggle. Oliver loses and is captured alive by Slade. Diggle manages to escape from Komodo. Victor's decryption finishes and he discovers the location of a HIVE base, Coast City.


Flashback: Oliver talks more with Sandra and she reveals her dark past. Oliver gets another message for Waller of a secret code. He manages to crack it and it reveals a date that ARGUS will come to rescue Oliver.

14 HIVE Mind Felicity, Diggle, Thea, Lyla, and Victor decide to try and rescue Oliver by breaking into the HIVE facility and their plan involves Felicity joining by using her evil hacker past. Oliver is tortured by Slade and hooked up to a device.


Flashback: ARGUS attacks Natas's base by sending in an early version of Taskforce X, featuring Boomerang as the leader. They manage to get Oliver and Sandra out of the base but Natas is enraged and orders his men to find them.

15 Lost Soul Felicity begins fitting in at HIVE, having to hack the government and such. Lyla manages to get a job as a guard at HIVE. Diggle and Victor await for an opportunity to break in. Oliver undergoes torture where he is forced to battle against HIVE integrating his subconscious.


Flashback: Taskforce X travels through the wilderness towards the border of Karolia and they are ambushed by Natas's men but Maseo and a group of Assassins arrive and save them.

16 Into the Dark The mission to save Oliver begins. Diggle, Thea, and Victor break in and their elaborate plan takes place. During their plan, Damien arrives and speaks with Felicity, revealing he knew she was working with Oliver all along, and said he would let her go because she is his daughter. The group manage to destroy HIVE's Lazarus pit. Victor stays behind and gets captured to ensure the group and Oliver's escape.


Flashback: Oliver is shocked to see Maseo again. Maseo reveals he was sent to kill Natas. Oliver chooses to help Maseo along with Taskforce X, to Sandra's distress. They approach Natas's fortress.

17 Miss Kane When the team return to Starling they discover the city is overrun by criminals and The Dragon is in charge of the drug world. As Oliver rests, Diggle, Thea, Laurel, and now Police Commissioner Lance call KGB Beast and all work together to attack the Dragon's operations. All the while Victor is undergoing similar torture as Oliver did and she reveals what HIVE's goal is. Lyla starts acting strange and rejoins ARGUS, putting stress between her and Diggle.


Flashback: Slade and Adeline now have children and live a happy life and are friends with Billy Wintergreen and his family. Everything changes when the Australian secret service ask Slade to go on a dangerous mission with Billy. They agree which shocks Adeline who goes off and runs into Damien Dahrk who offers her a job.

18 Cyber War Damein begins launching major hacking attacks which cripple many major businesses and agencies. Felicity starts fighting back and a Cyber war erupts. Oliver gets better and bonds with Diggle. Merlyn shows up and tells Oliver about HIVE's attacks on the League and how they lost Nanda Parbat to HIVE soldiers and that the League is fracturing. Oliver decides it's their opportunity to launch a counterattack on HIVE and retake Nanda Parbat.


Flashback: Oliver, Maseo, and the rest attack the fortress. Oliver battles Sportsmaster while Maseo takes on Natas. Oliver manages to win and kill Sportsmaster but Maseo is defeated and is almost killed but Boomerang interferes. Natas retreats and heads toward his private plane.

19 Counterstrikes Oliver teams up with Malcom to retake Nanda Parbat and free Nyssa who is revealed to be captured. Oliver takes Thea with him but convinces the rest to stay. They fight through Nanda Parbat, encountering Slade and Ravager yet again. Thea fights Ravager. and Malcom fights Slade. Oliver rushes to save Nyssa and manages to. Oliver realizes the only way to permanently stop Damien is to destroy the Lazarus Pit. Oliver goes after it but encounters Damien. The two fight. Oliver realizes he cant beat Damien's advanced tech so he uses his environment against Damien's tech which accidentally destroys the pit. The gang leaves with their first victory but now Damien is enraged.


Flashback: Nyssa grows up training brutally and competing with her sister, Talia. Their sibling rivalry increases and Nyssa drowns Talia and proves herself the better heir to Ra's.

20 Shining Light Oliver and his team plan their next move. Oliver was earlier told by Victor that he suspected Merlyn may have his own Lazarus Pit. Oliver decides he has to destroy that one as well now that Victor was captured. Felicity put's her skills to the test to discover it's location. Meanwhile, Slade whispers something to the recently revived Boomerang. Slade argues with Damien and it shows their partnership isn't the greatest as Damien acts like a superior. Victor walks in the room, now brainwashed. Damien decides to send Komodo and a taskforce to destroy Merlyn's pit instead of Slade. Slade wanders off and runs into Shado's sister. A huge battle takes place at the third pit. During the fighting, Oliver brings in some much needed help by using the pit to resurrect Sarah.


Flashback: Maseo and Oliver chase after Natas who runs aboard his plane which is armed with a nuclear bomb. They hop on and exchange blows with him. A fight ensues and Natas ends up stabbing Maseo in the chest. Oliver is forced to fight Natas alone.

21 Just a Pawn Damien plans a move to cripple Oliver and his friends. Merlyn leaves with a handful of assassin loyalists, outraged Oliver destroyed his pit. Nyssa reveals that the Merlyn's poor leadership has caused the League to fracture. While the team is relaxing in the Loft, HIVE soldiers attack and kidnap Felicity. They track her to the abandoned Queen Mansion. Damien is waiting, threatening to kill her. Suddenly a swarm of drones attack them. Oliver fights his way through and saves Felicity, revealing Damien as just a hologram. During the chaos, Slade enters and stabs Diggle through the chest. Later, Diggle wakes up in a dark room and Slade enters and he reveals he faked Diggle's death and that he plans to betray Damien Darhk. Meanwhile, the Flash, Firestorm, Vibe, and Atom show up to help Oliver just as an announcement of the television shows that HIVE took over city hall and are holding people hostage and demand the Green Arrow be delivered to them.


Flashback: Oliver awakens from the crashed plane in a large field. Soon he walks more until he finds Natas alive and with a blade to Shiva's throat. He can either save her or turn off the nuclear device. He chooses the latter and Shiva dies muttering how Oliver betrayed her trust. Oliver, in rage kills Natas for good. Soon Boomerang and the rest of Taskforce X show up, having defeated Natas' troops.

22 & 23 Making of a Hero, Parts 1 & 2 Oliver shows up to City Hall, standing in front as Commissioner Lance leads the police effort around the building. Oliver enters slowly, HIVE soldiers surround him. Damien approaches him and monologues. As Damien prepares to kill him, the Flash zooms in and knocks out the soldiers and knocks Damien back. Slade approaches Oliver from behind and whispers that all is forgiven brother. Slade pretends to be about to stab Oliver but actually swings at Damien. Damien then duels both Oliver and Slade at the same time as the Flash runs around and saves hostages and such. Oliver and Slade gain the upper hand but Damien disappears before them. Just then, HIVE soldiers attack the city from within, many of them just mindless drones that were integrated into HIVE. Oliver dispatches his team to stop the attack and all the heroes fight back. Sarah faces Komodo, Laurel fights Cheshire, Nyssa fights Ravager, etc. Meanwhile, Oliver and Slade try and find Damien. At ARGUS, half the agents including Lyla attack, prompting a civil war type thing. Lyla reveals to Waller she is a fake before killing her and uttering the word, "checkmate". Back at HIVE, Diggle is freed by the Huntress. The two of them also free Victor who's face is permanently damaged and also the real Lyla. They rush to escape and run into Damien's Assistant, who they kill. As they are leaving, Diggle notices a familiar eyepiece on a table. Back at Starling the fight continues. Felicity manages to hack into HIVE's integration web and deactivate it, causing many HIVE soldiers to stop fighting but a shadowy figure approaches her. Oliver and Slade go to Palmer Tower where Damien is waiting with Felicity once again captured and her league of assassin protectors dead around the room. Merlyn shows up with his Assassins and then a group of HIVE soldiers show up along with Adeline Kane. A fight ensues with Slade, Oliver, and Merlyn all fighting Damien. During the fight, Thea appears and joins in. Slade is badly hurt and knocked out. Adeline approaches him and looks like she will kill him but she drops the gun and instead embraces Slade. Damien notices Thea and fires a shot that kills her. Oliver and Merlyn are enraged. Damien knocks out Merlyn and Oliver has a perfect shot to kill him but he doesn't. Felicity approaches Damien from behind and disconnects some wires in his mech suit causing him to collapse before them. Oliver decides to spare his life which only enrages Merlyn who leaves. The Battle For Starling is won. Damien, Ravager, Komodo, Cheshire, and Sportsmaster are sent to The Island to be put in the prison. Slade volunteers to go back to the prison, saying it is the right thing to do. Adeline is offered a job as the new leader of ARGUS which she accepts. Everyone is happy (well except Thea she is deead). Oliver realizes he is truly a hero now and must honor his entire family's memory by continuing his fight for the city.


Flashback: Oliver is scarred by his actions. He delves into his self imposed despair. A figure is watching him closely. The figure approaches Oliver and offers him a drink. It is a dark haired woman. Oliver confides he wants to go home, where he might find forgiveness. Soon Oliver feels weird and realizes she put something in his drink. Oliver wakes up, strapped onto a plane with a lot of other tough looking people. Suddenly a monitor comes on and the woman appears, introducing herself as Roulette and explaining they will have to kill each other in a twisted game. When she is done the people are ejected from the plane one by one and when Oliver is, we discover they are at the Island.

Season 5

Starling City comes under attack by powerful evil forces and Oliver must use his new position as The Green Arrow to save the city.

# Episode Title Episode Synopsis
1 Awakening Ray Palmer has fallen on harder times and has sold part of his company to a businessman named Maxwell Lord. Oliver and Felicity are living a happy life just like the rest of the team. At day Oliver owns a business where teaches kids how to do archery. At night he suits up as the Green Arrow. Laurel has improved even more as a fighter. Diggle and Lyla live together. Victor Sage continues his conspiracy antics. Lance has rebuilt the police force. Sarah had left and joined the Legends of Tomorrow. An old villain returns to Star City, Richard Dragon and with him he brings his wrath.


Flashback: Oliver fights through the harsh jungles of the Island, trying to run from all the people he has to fight against. Oliver runs into one with a knife and Oliver disarms and kills him. He notices dozens of hovering drones are flying around, acting like cameras filming.

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